WP Event Manager – Creating New Year Party Events

WP Event Manager – Creating New Year Party Events

We all are aware of what WP Event Manager Plugin can do for us in various event fields. Creating events has really become stress-free and simple with this smart plugin. In this post, we will be telling you about how to create a new year’s party event with our plugin. We will help you from the starting till the end and make your event a great success while you will be planning for other important stuff.

For any such parties, the first thing you need is the well-designed website to attract users and next to the event manager plugin to promote your occasion on various platforms. So, if you have a website, the only thing you need to do is to download and install our WP Event Manager plugin which is a lightweight, open-source, and easy to use a plugin for WordPress websites.

Creating New Year Party Events

Features of our WP Event Manager plugin:

  • Fully Responsive
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • SEO Friendly
  • Submit an event
  • Preview before event goes live
  • Events by types
  • Event categories
  • Event dashboard
  • Event widgets
  • Developer friendly
  • Frontend forms

Ajax based filtering and search elements added via shortcodes to safeguard that your callers find the listings of their interest instantly

The most difficult task for any event website is to promote it on the desired platform, and this most arduous work will be handled by the most powerful plugin of ours i.e. WP Event Manager. So, plan your party and let our plugin endorse your event. WP Event Manager plugin is fully automatized to make your job easy. The process will start on its own when you will enter a few details about the party by creating your account and adding the event.

All you have to do is –add your event description, venue, and pictures. Make use of the venue section to add a citation for your area and the particulars, and allow the co-ordinators looking for the venues to find you and get in touch with you. For these arrangements, you have to purchase various add-ons that will assist you at every step of event creation and listing.

Which all add-ons will help you to make your new year party a big hit?

  • Google Maps add-on to allow other to find out the event by location.
  • Registrations add-on allows the invitees of your website to register for an event as an attendee.
  • Sell Tickets add-on allows you to sell events tickets on your WordPress events website. You can show it on your event platform and let your invitees get tickets for those events easily.
  • Attendee Information add-on will offer you with collection of attendees’ information which attendees has to fill during the registration for the event.
  • Event Alerts add-on let the listed users on your website to get event alarms based on the search (keywords, location keyword, category, etc.).
  • Contact Organizer add-on lets your users to contact the event planner.
  • The Emails add-on will inform the user regarding any new notification send for the event.

With WP Event Manager you can:

  • Add up an event record to endorse your New year event
  • Generate various tickets
  • Receive costs for your tickets
  • Generate and allocate marketing codes
  • Despatch email notices/invites
  • Administer your visitor lists
  • Let the riveted invitees contact you

We actually figure out how nerve-wracking it is to propose, arrange, and succeeding events. Particularly a new year’s occasion when there’s very little time and you have got a big list of things to do. Our plugin WP Event Manager is intended to help you put up your event in the best possible way and assist you in selling the tickets.

So what stuff are you expected to do?

All you are required to do is- download our WP Event Manager plugin and the needed add-ons for your event website. Some add-ons are free, while others might charge you a nominal account. But the price is worth the result you get by publicizing your event on various portals.

Next, sign in to your WP Event Manager account and insert an event listing. Describe your event accurately and add up relevant and eye-catching pictures.

Now, generate various tickets and fix the price for the event. WP Event Manager allows you to create and offer various kinds of tickets for the event via its Sell tickets add-on. You can receive payments and handle your attendees easily via our event management plugin.

Get some community affection

Get some community affection

Endorse your events via social media. The event cataloging will have the social sharing controls, so the guests can share your event page to their social media. You can also send tickets for your event via Facebook!

Generate categories of tickets

Generate categories of tickets

Make several groups of the tickets via Sell Tickets add-on. The “First-class ticket”, “VIP ticket”, etc. and advertise them at different costs. So, your invitees will be able to select their ticket category and purchase the one they will be interested in.

Get in touch

Get in touch

Retain your attendees and send them the communications associated with the events via Email add-on. you can remind your attendees about the event via Event Alerts. The best part is that you can do it straight from the WP Event Manager dashboard.

Possess a location?? Lease it off

Possess a location?? Lease it off

Not only the WP Event Manager plugin is simple to use, but in case you need any assistance, the team of experts is always there for you. WP Event Manager has a squad of an accomplished and glad to help client support team of people who can facilitate you with the arrangement as well as troubleshoot your teething troubles.

What will be the responsibilities?

In addition to event listings, WP Event Manager likewise allows you to include listings for event locations. So, if you possess a place suitable for any such event, you should list it at WP Event Manager’s Event add-on. it is just the best and excellent way to be discovered by those who are looking for such events. The organizers are in continuous touch with your event website when you have our plugin installed.

The Events add-on will assist your event website in all possible ways so that the organizers can find venues for their events. And if someone will take interest in your venue, they will get in touch with you via the contact form accessible with the listings. Other add-ons will also help at various stages to make your event a big success. Hence, start endorsing your venue and let the planners and event organizers find it very easily with our WP Event Manager plugin.

All Set To Get Your Online Event Up And In Succession?

WP Event Manager’s event registration procedure is planned to assist you before, throughout, and after the event. So download it today for your event website and let the success of your parties reach the sky.

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