WordPress for Event Listings Website – Is It A Perfect Choice?

The debate on whether WordPress for Event Listings is a good choice or not has reached a verdict that stands in favor of using WordPress for Event Listings websites. WordPress powering 35% of the world’s websites in 2020 (a total of 455 million sites), which has grown to 42.1% in 2021 (a total of 708 million sites). It is a great platform for any event management website. It would be a huge miss not to consider WordPress for your next venture. 

Here are some Interesting Statistics

WordPress comes a long way to get this level of popularity. It was 2003 when it was launched and here are some interesting facts about WordPress in 2020.

  • Referening to the CMS market, WordPress owns a 60.8% of shares
  • Among the Top Websites, 14.7% are WordPress Based.
  • Overall WordPress is powering around 42.1% of websties around the world

Here Are Some Interesting Statistics

Can WordPress for Event Listings be a smart choice?

For website development, you have plenty of options available in the market. All of the available platforms are offering unique and customized features.

One way is to develop a website from scratch through coding. However, this may not be the smart move because you don’t need to invent the wheel again rather use the existing one

Website Development Frameworks

If you have an option to design and develop a website much quicker than coding all by yourself then you must go with that option. So, leaving behind the self-development of the website we have still a lot of options available like Wix, Joomla, and many more too. 

Among all of them, the one which is a very popular and recommended framework is WordPress. Let’s review quickly the reasons why WordPress is a smart choice.

Reasons why you should use WordPress to build your website

  1. Easy to Use

    WordPress is easy to learn and easy to use, even if you are totally unfamiliar with it right now, still you can create a website with a little effort. The important part is that a huge variety of themes is available free and paid both which can accommodate any type of designing needs.

    For functionalities concern, as for the event listing website, the users need specific types of features like registration, event listing, and event calendar and so on, there comes a handful of plugins in WordPress.

  2. Free to Use

    The most important concern, that WordPress is totally free with all its features. You have to pay nothing for the framework.

    You might be conscious about the fact that whether you will have control over your website or not? Obviously, WordPress is just a framework enriched with a variety of options and features that you can customize as per your needs. You can transfer the website at any moment with all your data.

  3. Keeps Growing

    The best thing about WordPress is that with every new day something new is coming and adding up the features either new themes are introduced or new plugins to add up the technical features etc.

    Due to the fact that WordPress keeps growing is what attracts the people and that is the main reason for its popularity. 

  4. Variety of functionalities

    Keeping the framework generic and lightweight the functionalities can be adopted through various plugins that perform particular functions. So, by whatever feature you are looking for you do not need to develop it; rather, you can just get a plugin either the free version or paid to add particular features to your website.

    For instance, if we are looking for a registration feature on the event listing website, we can get that through plugins. Along with many other plugins, WP Event Manager Plugin is offering a variety of add-ons that can add extra functionalities to your event listing website. 

How to use WordPress for Event Listings?

You might be at times hosting a number of the events while using WordPress to give power to your current website, but you should also know that you can create an event listing website or convert the website made by WordPress to a complete event management portal just by using the event management plugin.

What you need for Event Management Website?

Whenever you start to create your event management website, there are going to be a number of features that you most likely will be willing to include while making your site so that it gives better performance and is more attractive.

You would want to add features that must include forms for registration, a form for submitting information of the events.

There are number of ways that should be used to display and manage the complete information for the users and then sell event tickets, also there should be a calendar that should be appropriate and exact, while with WordPress plugin you can add all these features and more of it with extra add-ons.

What You Need For Event Management Website

For further, all you have to do is install the plugin and there you can showcase and sell tickets that are meant to be for your upcoming event, not just that the WordPress plugin will help you in managing your whole events and then charge you accordingly for what it is meant to be.

WP Event Manager Add-ons

Furthermore, all the advanced options are meant to be in the add-ons which are going to let you add more, expanded features of your website like creating alerts, sending tickets, and helping users to search the events accurately location-wise, and a lot more.

With the WordPress Event Manager now you can create your very own WP events listing site using backend and frontend submission forms that are going to be used for your event, and don’t forget these frontend and backend is for free

Preview Your Events before Publish them

All the people who are organizing their events can make their listing of events go the life and they would then know how the listing looks when it is published. You should also know that there would be no difference in the preview or when you publish the listings. All of the organizers of the event can correct or edit their listings until the time they are satisfied with its look and publish it when they are ready to do so. This is how they will know that it works the way they wanted and without a doubt makes it look grand after it is published.

WP Event Manager Plugin

Wp Event Manager Plugin

Download Now

About the WP Event Manager Plugin, it is a scalable, lightweights yet a full-featured event manager plugin that is used for contributing for event listing to your very own WordPress website.

The shortcodes it lists down have all the events mentioned, also it can be compatible and so can work with any of the themes, after which you can customize or setup any theme of your choice. The page of your settings helps you to select in what way you would like your event to be displayed.

You should also know that you don’t always have to spend money while doing event listing as WP comes in both forms of a free version and a paid version to be precise.

Scalability of WP Event Manager Plugin

The WP Event Manager plugin includes a lot of shortcodes that give the output of events in a number of formats, and as it is made up of Custom Post Types you can easily extend it furthermore to the themes. As told before the WP plugin is free and so it covers a number of functionalities that are considered core by us, and through which a simple event listing site can be created.  

Scalability Of Wp Event Manager Plugin

Moreover, there are many other features present in the advanced functionality through the option of add-ons. These add-ons are very useful for the core plugin and also they help you to fund the support and development of the core.  This is not all as there are more Pro Add-ons plugin features that may interest you, they may include;

  1. The Calendar for displaying the event date for all the upcoming events.
  2. The Google Maps that may let you know the exact location of your event.
  3. The Registration allows the people to register for your events.
  4. The WooCommerce Sell Tickets are able to sell tickets live and so you can even keep a track of it.
  5. The Attendee Information allows you with a compilation of attendees information which attendees has to fill during the registration for the event.
  6. The Zoom allows you to Control Virtual Environment, keep traffic right on your site by embedding Zoom Livestream, and WooCommerce to sell your tickets.
  7. The Recurring Events allows you to create and customize the frequency of occurring events at once, rather than recreating them.

If you want to know more about other plugins, then please check here.

Pro Add-ons

These might just be some as Pro Add-ons plugin features also include event alerts, bookmarks, embeddable event widget, sliders, organizers, contact organizer, email, event tags, google analytics, and logs. I know all these options might make you drool as it is a complete package.


On the whole, the WP plugin is easy to install and is very easy to operate and so it will not at all give you a hard time while you are working on your website.

Also if you are an event management agency or want to come up with an event management website then WordPress plugin is a full and final option for you that is at no cost going to let you down in what you want to do.

It not just gives you options but gives you its best and complete features on the go while you save your time and so you don’t have to look for any other options here and there apart from the WP plugin.

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