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Why Website Design is Super Important in Digital World

It takes users 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your website, according to the John Kramer Marketing website’s 2019 statistics. This is why website design managed poorly can communicate an unprofessional and unappealing impression.

Your website’s UI/UX, responsiveness, loading speed, and aesthetics are all part of its design.

It should not be difficult to answer why website design is one of the essential investments that new businesses make. They understand that web design for customers is a crucial way to minimize click-off rates and increase customer retention!

To help you understand the importance of website design, here are 7 reasons why website design means so much to customers:

Why Website Design Is Super Important In Digital World

Your website design helps customers form their first impression of your brand

Wondering why website design is the bedrock of successful businesses and online stores?

It is because your website is the first thing people will look at when they interact with your brand. Your company’s brand identity and brand image reflect through your business website. It is how customers know what you do and how you do it.

Customers subconsciously absorb and remember all the web design ideas that you have implemented. Which font and color palette are used? How are the widgets arranged? What is the text to image ratio? Are all the website elements consistent throughout all pages?

Your website design helps customers navigate through pages

One of the most critical web UX tips is to construct a website that is simple and easy to navigate through by incorporating the following:

  • Access to the home page from all other website pages
  • Clearly labelled items and elements
  • A listing of all pages at the top (header) or on either side (sidebar)
  • Handpicked pieces of information instead of lengthy paragraphs
  • Color coding and font formatting to highlight essential web elements

The reason why website design is such a pressing concern is that it exposes customers to information about your brand. High-quality web design for customers helps people find useful information quickly to contact your brand or place an order.

By focusing on your website design ideas such as layout and structure, you will entice customers to stay on your page for longer to browse and explore.

Website design helps build business credibility

According to John Kramer Marketing Blog statistics, 75% of consumers reported that they judge the credibility of a business based on its design.

Website Design Build Business Credibility

If your website is clunky, boring, and has outdated information, then customers will be incredibly hesitant towards availing the services of such a company, why is why website design is so overriding!

You want your customers to trust you? You need to earn their trust by implementing the latest website UX tips and tricks to show that you care about their user-experience. Doing so will help you improve your chances of converting leads into sales.

The ultimate goal of your website is to share brand information and build business credibility.

It is how customers can reach your brand representatives

Your website is a piece of the internet that customers can use to contact you.

The ‘contact us‘ page or ‘leave us a message‘ call-to-action allows website visitors to ask about your products before placing an order, which is another reason why website design is crucial, especially for e-commerce stores and businesses.

Make sure your website ‘contact us’ includes the following:

  • Contact number
  • Business email
  • Social media links

Customers will be unwilling to engage in business with a company they cannot reach out to!

It is one of the quickest forms of brand promotion and marketing

Another reason why website design is so important is that it can help you promote and market your company’s services to curious buyers.

The importance of website design lies in creating brand awareness by promoting your company’s mission, vision, values, and services offered (all in a few seconds or minutes). If you can pull off this marketing well, customers will keep returning for more.

Website Design Brand Promotion And Marketing

However, do note that emphasis on websites being ‘quick marketing.’

John Kramer Marketing Blog statistics report that 39% of people will stop engaging with your website if the images and text take too long to load. Meanwhile, 47% of website visitors expect your website to load successfully in 2 seconds or less!

These expectations set the bar high, but you have got to do your best to meet them!

Invest in fast and responsive website design ideas. The online world is all about lightning-fast retrieval of data. It is a race you cannot afford to lose out on. Slowing loading websites have cost retailers 1.73 billion pounds in business, according to Econsultancy reports.

Helps with CRO

CRO is short for Customer Rate Optimization. It is a measure of the number of people who visit your website and follow through with desirable actions in your company’s best interest.

Your website can boost CRO by:

  • Adding lead flows to your website
  • Introducing text-based CTAs to your website design
  • Optimizing high-performing blog posts

Letting visitors turn into buyers is why website design can be a turning point for any business.

It helps you stand out

Finally, each company or business needs to have its unique selling point.

This reason is why website design helps let brands stand out.

You get to choose the design, structure, and overall layout of your website in a manner that contrasts against your competition.

Customers are always interested in exploring new, original, and innovative business ideas!


Hopefully, this quick read helped you understand why website design means so much to customers.

Remember that successful website design is always customer-centric.

Why Website Design Is Super Important In Digital World
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