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Why Do Big Corporations Choose WordPress?

We are all familiar with WordPress and its versatile features that allow you to set up a website in a matter of minutes. WordPress is the number one go-to solution for small companies. It is affordable, easy to use, and does not require programming knowledge. However, something that you probably did not know is that large corporations choose WordPress as well. Why? Let’s dive deeper into this topic and find out!


Let’s go through some numbers of hiring a web design agency to build you a website with all the features you need and provide maintenance and updates at the same time. Web design can cost you anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $100,000 and more. That all depends on the complexity and your needs. Furthermore, website maintenance can reach the price of $60,000 per year, while website marketing can cost between $2,000 and $10,000 a month. That’s a lot of money.

Additionally, your corporate website will require new features and a lot of work from the website designer to keep it fresh and updated with the latest info.

Affordability Of Wordpress

WordPress offers a vast base of WP designers that can split the work and do it for less money. That’s why this CMS system developed so quickly. If you are interested, you can find interesting facts and statistics about WordPress to learn more about its progress and development over time.

WordPress is open source, and it is free!

There is no price necessary to use WordPress. Sure, you need to purchase a theme or pay the CMS designers, but that’s a small price to pay compared to what we covered in the first section.

And, with just a little effort, you can learn how to modify the website and make the changes on your own. It gives you the freedom to participate in the creative process.

Plugins and add-ons can help you rapidly improve your website

Every feature you want to add to your website will cost you extra money. One of the reasons why large corporations choose WordPress is that it grants you access to a huge pool of free-to-use plugins and the latest add-ons that will do the job just fine. And, if you wish, you can pay for the premium package and enjoy the additional features, full support, and any recent updates.

WordPress E-commerce platform is wildly popular

Even though it started as a blogging-oriented platform, WordPress developed in many other ways as well. Today, you can set up an e-commerce website in a matter of minutes, ready to process orders. Various add-ons allow you to include shipping, country taxes, create a shopping cart and a product catalog, and change its aspects.

This feature is versatile and flexible. And best of all, not at all expensive!

Every WordPress website is mobile-friendly!

Our increasingly connected world depends on the use of mobile phones. If a website does not support responsiveness, no one will want to see it on a mobile device. That’s a good way to lose money and customers.

Every Wordpress Website Is Mobile-Friendly

A huge benefit of WP websites is that they are, by default, mobile-friendly. You don’t have to worry about this feature or pay extra money to get it right.

WordPress heavily uses SEO best practices to rank you high!

Built-in functionalities and WordPress website structure are beneficial for improving SEO rankings. You can install plugins to optimize your website and get to the number one page on Google. The SEO process is extremely complex, and it requires a lot of work. However, the WP environment makes it easier to use and set up.

You can easily find a digital marketing company that will build you a WordPress website!

Large corporations must take care of their reputation in the eyes of the public. Having a functional and aesthetically pleasing website that provides all the necessary functionalities is the first step you need to take to improve your online image. Here is where WordPress excels. By using this versatile CMS platform, you will gain an advantage over your competitors.

Beat your competitors with speed and efficiency!

It takes time to design a website from scratch. This lengthy process can last for a few months, if not more. While you are working on your website, the competition is fiercely trying to take over the market. WordPress is a solution we all want, born out of the need to deliver service quickly and efficiently.

Beat Your Competitors With Speed And Efficiency Of Wordpress

Creating and setting up a WordPress website can reduce the needed time by more than half. In a business world of large corporations where time equals money, every second count.

Large companies that use a WordPress website

Just to show you that this isn’t empty talk, here are the names of some large corporations that use a WordPress website:

  • Vogue
  • The New York Times
  • BBC America
  • Tech Crunch
  • Sony Music
  • The Walt Disney Company

They have recognized the value of this useful and versatile CMS system.

Large corporations choose WordPress to make their lives easier, so why should not you?

Let’s quickly sum up the reasons why large corporations use it:

  • WordPress is a free-to-use platform. Paid content is way cheaper than standard prices that don’t include a CMS environment;
  • New add-ons and plugins are released every once in a while, and you can find pretty much anything and use it for your website. Furthermore, the majority of the really good ones are free;
  • E-commerce features are easy to set up and have a variety of flexible choices. Building an online shop has never been this easy as today;
  • Mobile-friendly optimization is a standard feature;
  • SEO is made easy with this. There are a lot of plugins that help you automate this process and rank your website high;
  • Creating a WordPress website is straightforward because of the CMS community, many programmers are looking for a job;
  • WordPress allows you to release your website quickly and get ahead of the competition.

With everything we covered, it is obvious why large corporations choose WordPress. If they can understand the benefits of an efficient and time-saving CMS system, why shouldn’t you?

Why Do Big Corporations Choose Wordpress?
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