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10 Awesome Virtual Event Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Are Virtual Events Difficult To Host?

Hosting a virtual event is typically a difficult task for many people, especially those who are unfamiliar with them. At the same time, thanks to the global pandemic, it has now become the new normal

Since the outbreak, activities have moved online, and even seasoned event planners have had to get inventive to switch from in-person to virtual events.

However, face-to-face conversations are impossible to duplicate, even with the greatest video conferencing technologies. In a world where Zoom fatigue is rampant, an invitation to your virtual conference may feel like yet another obnoxious online gathering.

However, event planners have discovered inventive ways to create unique experiences for their clients by using the power of social tools and by developing interactive online experiences.

10 Awesome Virtual Event Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind Away

This list of ten creative ideas will work if you are weary of the same old experiences at virtual events and still struggle to come up with new unique ideas.

  1. Free Virtual Courses Events

  2. Do you want to provide anything other than a box of treats to your guests? Instead, send them free courses! Virtual event attendees can surely benefit from these courses.

    Classes can be pre-recorded videos that your attendees can view, or you can host the class live, allowing your participants to interact with the course’s instructor.

    Cooking, drawing, photography, and exercise programs are just a few of our favorites among the many free virtual courses available.

  3. Opportunities for Networking

  4. For virtual attendees, networking is essential. Because they won’t see the other visitors in person, alternate ways of interacting with them must be established and supplied. Implementing a chat option is a common technique to encourage attendees to network.

    Your virtual event should also offer networking sessions that provide people private time to get to know other participants. Using a specific online event platform, you can even enable networking and socializing chances among all attendees, regardless of their location.

    Another technique is to assign a member of the organizing staff to each of your virtual meetings to the live discussion. This individual will be in charge of ensuring that the conversation continues. The individual will respond to any platform or technical questions and remind the audience how to use the chat function.

    It may appear to be a minor element that is entirely free to adopt, yet it significantly impacts the attendee experience.

  5. Live Q&A sessions and illustrations for virtual events.

  6. Virtual Events Ideas

    A live Q&A session allows your audience to ask questions. As questions are posed, switching between the in-person and online groups is a great approach to bring the audiences together as a single unit, regardless of geography. You can even broadcast the communication on stage so that everyone can see what’s going on

    Additionally, some virtual events allow you to invite the in-person audience to join the online conversation. Furthermore, bringing on a real-time illustrator is a terrific approach to engage your audience with magical new content.

    Live illustrators can be used to create the most imaginative and entertaining online event. Hiring an illustrator to create artwork while the virtual meeting is taking place creates a visual interpretation of the presenters and takeaways that is fun, instructive, and, most importantly, widely shareable after the event!

  7. Activities for Health and Well-being

  8. The majority of people have been suffering from physical and mental health problems due to the pandemic. Keeping this in mind, including health and wellness-related activities into your virtual event is a great way to mix things up.

    It will also provide attendees with unexpected value. You may, for example, schedule a quick workout or even a meditation break in between courses, depending on the arrangement of your event.

    Another alternative is to create a separate stream for such tasks. Your attendees can listen to such broadcasts throughout the virtual event for a change of pace and enjoyment.

  9. Virtual Concert

  10. Virtual Events

    Bringing your event online does not imply that you should neglect entertaining. There is a vast list of virtual event ideas that can be easily adapted to your event. Musical performances are one of the most popular and enjoyable options.

    That offers a lighthearted aspect while still keeping the audience interested. Concerts and other in-person events are missed; however, use this to your advantage and include a virtual performance to provide entertainment to the audience.

    Furthermore, the accessibility of virtual concerts is unrivaled, as it allows fans to watch the show from the comfort of their own homes. Virtual concerts may reach audiences of all demographics and sizes, implying that performances are no longer bound by geography.

    Furthermore, because participation is simply a click away, more people, especially those with disabilities, are encouraged to engage. Chose the best performer so that he can help you build anticipation for your event and increase the number of people who want to come.

    Additionally, ensure that you hire performers that can quickly and confidently perform for virtual audiences and ensure that your video broadcast captures the entire performance.

  11. Live Games

  12. Virtual Events Ideas

    Live games are another crucial component to consider for your next virtual event. Including various games in your virtual event platform can boost engagement by drawing your audience further into your virtual event while also providing some entertainment.

    It can be as easy as establishing a social media photo competition relevant to your event’s aims or even forming in-person virtual teams to compete in quizzes depending on conference content. Providing awards, rewards, or other incentives in exchange for participation boosts engagement and profitability.

    If you want to conduct a virtual event and enjoy the full participation of employees, this is an innovative approach. Furthermore, such activities will keep the audience returning to the event’s social media pages to see who won.

    Trivia is one of the most classic virtual event ideas. Additionally, doing stuff online is extremely simple. People enjoy showing off or sharing their random information, so a little genuine competition is never boring.

    You can create a theme to set the tone for the event. Furthermore, you can divide attendees into teams ahead of time to increase their excitement. They will know who they will be playing with and who will be their opponent in this manner.

  13. Movie Night for the Group

  14. You can have participants vote on a movie option and then hold a movie night with everyone. One of the most innovative ideas for virtual events is to watch the movie together, even if attendees are not physically present.

    Since going to the film is another COVID-19-banned activity, a team movie night will satisfy the need for a fun movie night with employees or friends. All you have to do is invite everyone to a virtual event platform, from which you will stream the movie.

  15. Photo Booth for Virtual Events.

  16. Virtual Events

    A virtual photo booth is a fun activity for the entire audience to participate in. It can be included in games, events, and contests. Incorporating a virtual photo booth into your event can increase participation and drive social media sharing.

    It enables attendees to discover the pure joy of an online photo booth. With simply a swipe and a tap, you can customize the appearance you want for your images. Download and share your photos right away to dominate social media.

    Using virtual event photo booths enables attendees to be creative. Such photo booths give attendees the joy of making their virtual backgrounds, borders, filters, and stickers and create a unique experience for themselves.

  17. Organize a Giveaway

  18. Giveaways are always fun and a great way to get people involved. They can be a great way to spice up your virtual event. Although this isn’t one of those straightforward virtual event ideas where the gift is just handed to the participant, you may provide some virtual treats. Additionally, you have the option of sending real incentives to your attendees after the virtual event.

  19. Virtual Donation

  20. One of the most authentic virtual event ideas is demonstrating that all donations are essential, no matter how small. You can invite people to join you in this virtual event to give up something and donate money to the cause.

    Conclusion For Virtual Event Ideas

    As organizations come to terms with the effects of COVID-19 on events, virtual events will become increasingly common in 2021. Fortunately, the ten suggestions stated above will assist you in hosting a virtual event that your guests will enjoy. The following are the key takeaways:

  • In many ways, the best virtual events are similar to in-person events. Many aspects of in-person events can be converted to a digital environment with the correct virtual event tools
  • Make an effort to deliver unique experiences by including entertainment and gaming and customizing the attendance experience through session tracks and other means.
  • Make sure that all of your sessions are taped and available for viewing later. This will allow attendees to see the stuff you’ve created.

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10 Awesome Virtual Event Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind Away
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