How Unique Video Ideas Help In Effective Event Promotion

Videos are a guaranteed draw for event promotion on social media. Video clips are a unique way to reach and engage with attendees by invoking emotions. A well-designed clip can even make the most distracted internet browser check your event page and eventually buy tickets.

Videos do promotion by showing, not telling. If your event video makes a good connection with the audience, the shareability increases, and eventually, the advertising. The icing on the cake, if your video goes viral, you can boost your ticket sales.

If your audience feels the connection between you and your brand on a personal level, then ticket sales become a by-product. A well-thought-out video marketing strategy won’t just help you drive ticket sales but can make a name for you in the community during the promotion.

Even if you don’t have a background in video editing, no problem;

Four of the best idea to get you started with Event Promotion.

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Video Idea For Ticket launch

Events promotion begins from the ticket launch. When you have booked your venue, even though details are still coming in, that is the time to start your promotion- the time to let everyone know that your event is happening.

The ticket launch announcement video drives awareness, encourages registration, and starts to drum up excitement about your event. For the promotion, you need to incorporate eye-catching visuals and combine them with initial textual invitations.

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Collect logos from sponsors and interview speakers for promotion. Look back for the best photos and video clips from events you’ve thrown in the past. Then put it all together into a visually attractive teaser for your event’s promotion.

Distribute it to everywhere you can on social media, email, your website. In short, exploit promotion.

Video Idea For Pre-event announcement

Promotion before the event should be continued with different announcements as marketing. As you proceed towards the events, there will likely be new details to share with your attendees-things like announcements for the keynote speaker, new sponsors, vendor additions.

Your pre-event announcement video shares these details and helps convert the viewer who may be on the fence or merely stalling. Use it to convince your audience that your event is the place to be this year. Your Promotion shall make the audience realize that they don’t buy tickets or sign up now, they risk missing out!

Video Idea For Event reminder with FAQs

You want your attendees to have the best experience at your event. But if no one reads your FAQ page, that experience could be ruined before it even begins.

Sure, you told everyone not to wait to pick up their badge until the hour before their conference or that only clear bags are allowed at your festival. But some people are visual learners and won’t read through your FAQs no matter how many places they’re posted.

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So set the whole crowd up for success with a quick FAQ Event’s Promotion video that answers the most critical questions right up front: what time the doors open, where attendees should check-in, what they should bring. This video marketing, shared just before your event happens, also serves as an event reminder to make sure no one decides to back out at the last minute.

Distribute it all over via email.

Video Idea For Event recap

Event promotion does not stop even when the event is over. It is the time where you start building up for your next event. Create the best possible event video to show people who couldn’t make it to your event.

You can put some event video clips in your year in a review video. Your event recap video is a nostalgic jewel. Still, it’s also going to become your most potent marketing asset next year, letting those know what it was like who did not participate.

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The first thing you need for the events promotion is an event management website. For that, the WP Event Manager has got your back. The WP Event Manager has customizable templates with multiple views and themes.

The plugin provides you things for the interface and also incorporates technical functionality like easy event classification, front-end forms. And for managing the schedule, an add-on calendar.

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Take away

Promotion goes like simplify your planning, grow your event, and impress your attendees. If you’re able to do your marketing effectively, ticket sales are just a by-product. Your event video clips are the key to your promotion.