6 Venue Marketing Tips To Quickly Increase Your Event Ticket Sales

Searching for effective venue marketing tips to boost your event ticket sales? We are here to help. Go through the article till the end without skipping to find out some result-driven ideas to improve your venue marketing skills.

6 Venue Marketing Tips To Quickly Increase Ticket Sales

Event management itself is laborious and time-consuming and it requires proper tools to be handled efficiently. Thanks to WP Event Manager, which has taken care of every event management need with its powerful add-ons. You can use them to technically do everything that is required to make your event successful, starting from building an attractive and interactive event calendar to selling tickets for the same.

However, if your business revolves around events or event spaces, you need to have a solid marketing strategy as well to reach out to your audience.

Marketing is an inseparable part of every business and when it comes to selling event space,  you must initiate proper research and have a problem-solving approach to create a successful marketing plan. To guide you in this journey we have shared some effective venue marketing ideas in this article.

Here are some of the effective venue marketing tips that will surely help you boost your audience reach and ticket sales.

1. Build a high-quality website

Your website represents the face of your brand that has to be striking in design, easy to use and informative.

When it comes to building your events website, always rely on developers with experience and excellence in this field.

Make sure that your contact details are correct including your address and phone number.

Optimize every single element on your website for mobile as a significant amount of traffic comes from mobile devices.

To offer your audience a clear picture of your venue, add visual elements as much as possible including photos, videos etc.

User-friendliness should also be taken into consideration. Make sure that your website is fast and it is performing well for your business.

It is better to optimize your website content and other elements through a dedicated plugin.

Build High Quality Website

Add Google Maps to your website to help people understand your venue location better. You can use WP Event Manager’s Google Maps add-on to include this feature on your WordPress Website.

Focus on implementing SEO principles as having a good position in the Google search result is crucial for every business to attract more people to it.

2. Choose an event calendar

Event calendars play a pivotal role in catching the attention of your visitors. If you still do not have an event calendar you must have one to boost your venue marketing efforts. We recommend WP Event Manager’s Calendar plugin for adding an event calendar to your website.

They have powerful features that will help you highlight your events in the most stylish and interactive way.

Choose An Event Calendar

Consider these tips:
  • Place your event Calendar on your page wisely and in an engaging way so that it guides your visitors toward your homepage. 
  • Adding a sense of emergence is an amazing marketing technique that always works. You can attach a countdown timer on your website to encourage people to click on it. 
  • If you have multiple event venues to sell, display them on Google Maps to let people know about them. 
  • Make a slideshow of events that have taken place on your venue to help your visitors get a clear picture of your venues.

3. Reveal important details of your venue

Maintain transparency with your  visitors by displaying all the necessary details about your venues on your website.

Reveal Important Details Of Venue

You can add details like,
  • Floor plans

Revealing your exact floor plan can be extremely helpful for the event planners as it lets them visualize their events at your venue.

  • Images

Images play a great role in convincing people to buy your product and the same thing happens when it comes to your event venue. Share high-quality, prominent and compelling images of your venue and highlight the areas that make your venue better than others.

  • Videos

Most event planners prefer to rely on venues based on their videos as it helps them get a clear idea of the venue and how they can utilize the space for their events.

4. Utilize the power of social media

Your venue marketing efforts are incomplete without social media involvement as it is the place where you can find most of your target audience. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram must be added to your venue promotion journey on social media.


With more than 1.5 billion active users, Facebook is an amazing platform for reaching out to your audience.


  • You can create a Facebook group and invite planners to join it.
  • Keep your group active with regular posts on not just your venue but also on relevant news, updates or tips etc. 
  • Showcase your venue images with useful information there.
  • Instagram is an image sharing platform and to stand out in this platform you need to focus on the aesthetic part.


  • Seek help from influencers to promote your venue as they have a huge number of followers and they definitely trust the influencers’ recommendation. 
  • Hashtags are also in trends that could remarkably increase your audience reach.

5. Use Newsletters to promote

Newsletters work amazingly when it comes to keeping your existing clients updated about your venue.

Create engaging, actionable and striking newsletters to grab the attention of your clients.

Newsletter With Regular Updates

Add useful links to your newsletter including the link to your content on other platforms and ensure that your newsletters are consistent with each other.

Share pictures of new developments on your venue or some other relevant things about it that you think can be interesting to your clients. For example- you can update them about the renovation work that you have recently initiated with pictures or the safety measure that you added to etc.

6. Encourage TripAdvisor and yelp reviews

TripAdvisor and Yelp are well-known platforms that are popularly used by consumers and planners to rate venues on the basis of their client’s reviews.

Both TripAdvisor and Yelp gather millions of reviews every month from consumers along with their opinions and experiences. That is why having your venue on their sites can remarkably increase your venue exposure and help you  gain the trust of your target audience.

Planners, to a great extent, depend on these reviews and ratings on TripAdvisor and Yelp.

You can also incentivize groups to write reviews on your venues.

How you can increase your event ticket sales through venue marketing

The above-mentioned tips will guide you in boosting your venue marketing skills but if your ultimate aim is to accelerate event ticket sales through venue marketing then you need to take it a step further. Besides following these strategies you also need to strengthen your event ticketing system. If you still do not have a powerful ticketing system on your WordPress Website, read our blog on how to set up an event ticketing systemto get proper guidance.

Here, it is to be mentioned that, WP Event Manager’s Sell Tickets Add-on can be extremely helpful for the health of your ticket sales. It has some powerful features that will surely take your event ticket sales to another level.

Summing up

We hope that these marketing tricks will help you improve your venue marketing strategy to a great extent. However, using these tricks is not enough to get your preferred result. You also need to find out the Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. These metrics inform stakeholders about the marketing efforts that are working for your venue business.

Having a solid and result–oriented venue marketing plan is crucial to surviving in these uncertain times. Making improvements in your advertising strategies based on KPIs can help you ensure when in-person events return to their position like before, your venue will be prepared to utilize the opportunity thoroughly.

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