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Using Ideal Events Calendar Plugin Add Event Items Instantly

The event management website is incomplete without the events calendar. There is no other appropriate way to let the audience know about your upcoming events. The news and announcements portion can be an alternative, but in today’s world, people prefer to have a graphical way of delivering information. Therefore we cannot choose the news and announcements section as an alternative for the events calendar plugin.

Using Ideal Events Calendar Plugin Add Event

How to add event items?

When it comes to the events calendar plugin, you will get a handful of options that you can use to display the information. The few important items that you need to fit into your Calendar which we are discussing in this events calendar plugin guide are:

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Front end design
  • Colors etc.

Installation is an easy step

You need to search for events Calendar plugin on the WP dashboard, where you will find numerous events Calendar plugin. Our recommendation is to use the WP Event Manager add-on named as Events Calendar, and here is why:

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Works with very little configurations
  • WP Event Manager Plugin has other important add-ons too which you can integrate later as per your need
  • Availability of shortcode for quick integration
  • Events calendar widget availability to be used on supported pages

For installation, once you have to find the WP event Manager Plugin, you need to install the package and activate it. The installation and activation process is generic for all the WP Plugins. Once you are done with it, you can access the Events Calendar Plugin through the dashboard.

Key things to remember about the items you add on Calendar

Remember the key objective of integrating the events Calendar Plugin on your site. There are few things to keep in mind while deciding what to display and how to display?

  • Place your Calendar at the right place where 99% of the visitors can easily reach it.
  • Use appropriate colors so that when the visitor lands on your website, eventually, the Calendar should be able to catch the attention.
  • Remember to display limited but very important information through the events calendar plugin.
  • Use an attractive pattern to represent booked days or days with no events.

How to use the event calendar plugin?

The event calendar is a perfect way to deliver very crucial and important information to your visitors. Through the event calendar, your visitors become aware of what events are coming shortly, and they can save reminders. So, in a case where your announcements or promotions cannot reach a specific targeted audience, they still got a reminder for a particular event.

How To Use The Event Calendar Plugin

You can put the events Calendar on two important places, the landing page and the sidebars of all other pages. There is a good probability that the maximum number of visitors will land on the main page of the website, so it’s a good practice to have an events calendar there.

Well, the visitor might be unable to pay attention to the event calendar on the landing page and maybe a move to other pages. In this case, WP Event Manager Plugin is offering a sidebar widget for the event calendar. Place the widget on those pages which are frequently visited by the visitors so that there is a very less chance that visitors miss seeing the event calendar.

The best part of the WP Event Manager’s Events Calendar Plugin

Here comes the best part which we must say is totally user-friendly and it’s a new compact design for any events calendar. Among dates on Calendar, users can easily find on which dates there are scheduled events as those portions are marked with different colors and patterns.

What else will the user do after knowing that there is an event on a particular date?

The user will seek the information like the title of the event, locations, timings, etc. and this all can be available by just hovering the mouse cursor over a specific date. By that, there is no need to visit the event page specifically for just a few pieces of information.

Once the user finds it of his/her own interest, he/she can visit the event page by clicking on the particular date on the event calendar.

Wp Event Manager'S Events Calendar Plugin

You know about the shortcode?

Shortcodes offer an easy way of integrating a specific section anywhere on the web. WP Event Manager Plugin offers a shortcode for every add-on it has.

So, there is a shortcode [events_calendar] that you can use instead of making complex configurations to show the Calendar to your desired places.

For instance, if you need to display the events Calendar on a new page, all you have to do is create a new page, give it a title, and on the content section write down the shortcode only and publish it.

Wp Event Manager'S Events Calendar Plugin

Frontend Events Calendar Plugin Layout

No matter how much you have added the important functionality to any plugin, if it lacks in having a proper and interactive frontend, we will say there are less than 50% chances for its success.

Keeping this in a view, the WP Event Manager Plugin offers you with some built-in frontend designs for those who are not so good at creating the interactive layout.

You can choose among the frontend designs after evaluating how you can grab the attention of the visitors.

Last Verdict

There is no need to emphasize the importance of having an event calendar on your website as we all know how much worth it is to have an interactive event calendar for the event management website.

There are a lot of options available in the market, but if you need the right one with the right functionality, then go for the WP Event Manager Plugin.

Keep remembering the tips we have shared with you about the main objective of having a calendar on your web.

Using Ideal Events Calendar Plugin Add Event Items Instantly
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