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6 Amazing Way Use Event Calendar To Promote Your Events

People generally do art for pleasure and aesthetic purposes. To show the world or the crowd whose crazy matches their crazy, they need the reach. And how to get that reach in the 21st century? Simple, make a website and add an appealing event calendar on it! So, WordPress is an inevitable name that will come to your mind when you’re making a website, just like Thanos says he is. Not a Marvel Fan?

WordPress websites give you endless themes that feature visuals, utilizing great graphic designs that are wonderful to highlight artworks, photographs and that’s just the beginning. You can do more with event calendar integration.

For all that, the WordPress Event Manager is the best plugin you can get to install an event calendar for all your art pieces. It has everything in it. Having that, you can make changes to appearance, widgets, menus, background, and themes.

It very well may be precarious to sort out some way to display events on your site. Let’s say on the off chance that your site has numerous events pulling up. Maybe one day it’s a Photography event, the following day it’s a Metal Arts Sculpture event or an advanced art event. To make each one prominent, you can’t have just one generic view of your website. Monitoring events across their categories can begin to turn into genuine cerebral pain.

Yet, there’s uplifting news. There are heaps of approaches to exhibit events using the WP Event Manager’s calendar. When there are tons of widgets, themes, and backgrounds, the events the variable need is catered. Promote it differently every time. You can take your schedule from disordered to welcoming in the blink of an eye with a couple of snappy stunts!

Now, we’ll share some of the event calendar pro tips for making your online calendar stand out.

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1. A search bar with filters

A prominent search bar stands out in the middle of the page with lots of filters, Simple and user friendly. Since Event councils host a massive category of events. Just like everyone has a different taste in music. Everyone has a different taste in art. With the types, everyone can search the events according to their own interest from the event calendar.

The next thing you can bring up is the dates in the filters. Then location, a compulsory filter that should be present on your event calendar.

Keywords act as a key to a code. Keywords are significant because they are the crucial part between the thing individuals are looking for and the content you are laying out to fill that need. Keywords are as much about your crowd as they are about your content since you may depict what you offer in a marginally different manner compared to specific individuals who request it.

After searching for the event, the results should take the central part of the screen, and a search filter bar with the same number of filters should be moved to the corner of the screen. Make sure that your event calendar follows these guidelines properly.

2. Highlight/Feature the main attractions on your homepage

The spotlight should be on the main attractions. Those main attractions deserve the spot at the top-once of a lifetime, Events with the must-see artists or a big-time sponsor.

Now for the featured events to be prominent, you need to put in colorful images, colorful graphics, a brief description that explains why the event is extraordinary and apparent things like date and location.

In this way, people won’t need to look for the special event on your event calendar. It’ll be right there.

Way To Use Event Calendar

3. Let artists submit their own events.

The arts council will, in general, host loads of events from various artists, exhibition halls, and event organizers. Utilize a basic, intuitive structure to make occasion association simple on yourself and your network’s accomplices.

Your event calendar should be a magnificent route for individuals to present their occasions to their calendar effectively. Utilize the Community Events module to make publicly supporting events significantly simpler.

It should be publicly supported and embeddable. Postings should be free and seen by a large number of individuals all through and past locals. The schedule should be on your event calendar.

4. Events Updating/Cancellation

Sometimes there is a change in schedule or the location. Tons of problems can arise. Even though currently, the Recurrence of events are not happening due to the COVID-19 emergency, you can’t ensure that in-person occasions recorded in our schedule are guaranteed.

In case of cancellation or update, content managers should update your listing ASAP.

5. Help artists in submitting their events

Include a help page link on your event calendar website on how to submit their events. Not everyone is well informed. They may have to work their way out on the event calendar. So, as informative it may be, it’ll send a positive message that they welcome their inclusion.

6. Make it a work of art.

Utilize pictures for event postings, which consequently will populate your event list. Add more and more visuals. The Discover an Event and Discover a Venue should be in the sidebar but don’t look too ratty while serving a practical need.

Highlight your featured events anyplace on your site-not merely on the homepage. Add a solitary posting or full schedule to see on any page, or utilize a widget to make a clever event commencement. The event calendar is a representation of your brand. Make sure you hit the sweet spot!


Now by spicing up the event calendar with graphics and images. Putting up a numerous filters search bar. Soothing out the cycle for crowdsourcing. You’ll invest less energy assisting users with discovering events and tinkering with your site and more time finding better approaches to advance your nearby art.

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