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How to Transform Virtual Events into Valuable Communities

As you’re probably well familiar with, virtual events have taken off this year, with COVID-19 impacting all the aspects of our professional as well as personal lives. Pandemic has forced everyone to halt in-person gatherings; businesses had to refocus their strategies.

A move to virtual events has been done, rather than postponing them. Both tech and non-tech businesses are hosting virtual events. As events are moved towards virtuality, supporting online communities plays a significant role in engaging the audience.

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Online communities worldwide have seen rapid engagement and user growth since virtual events have started happening. People turn to their online peers to ask different questions like troubleshooting issues or even simple advice.

A robust online community for virtual events enables organizations to support their employees and customers in staying engaged. So, here are five ways in which event managers can develop their online community.

How to Transform Virtual Events into Valuable Communities

How To Transform Virtual Events

Strategize beforehand

What does a strategy look like for virtual events community building in practical terms? A comprehensive virtual events community strategy will encourage user participation and support the long-term growth of your community.

Brainstorm the ideas about what you want users to gain from your community and how you can ensure that you acquire them and deliver a successful and satisfying experience.

Pre-Event, the event managers can create an advisory board for the event’s registrants. During the live event, the event managers can create a welcoming activity to explain the format and exciting features. After the event, event managers can capture key moments from online events and make them evergreen.

A subscription models

There has never been such an excellent opportunity to turn a single event into a series where the attendees continuously remained connected. This strategy for online events opens up a way for subscription-based content.

Virtual events remove the constraint of events limited to once a year. The event manager doesn’t have to rent out locations, provide food, or work on the ambiance. Many companies are building their subscription model because it has the potential for revenue generation.

Greater accessibility

Most of the popular tech conferences are expensive and exclusive. Virtual events remove this constraint. Virtual events adjust a broader audience in a virtual room. There is no limit to the numbers that can tune in.

It is an opportunity for tech industries to make their information more accessible and open. Companies can make their videos public to the audience. The purpose of the online events is served the same as in physical events; it delivers engaging digital customer experiences.

How To Transform Virtual Events

Diversity of thoughts

Online events do not have any geographical restrictions. Virtual events have a diversity of speakers and audiences. The live events now can bring an assortment of thoughts into play. People having a different opinion can share their thinking around another community.

Facebook previously introduced different accessibility methods for the users to correspond via live events. They expanded features like Messenger Rooms, WhatsApp calls, and Instagram Live. It makes live events access easy and from anywhere, even with limited data.

Grow your user base

Online events provide you with the opportunity to extend your network. You can reach out to users via email subscriptions and social media following. You can invite them to join the community and participate in the stuff you are offering.

Maintain this customer’s recruitment approach throughout the year to enhance the value of a community. Virtual events do not include any restriction of limited seats and spots, and you can add anyone. When you get more numbers, you get more exposure.

Growing the user base for virtual events is an excellent opportunity to get more business. Social media marketing is the key. Incorporate these marketing strategies to get more advertisement.

WP Event Manager

Before setting up your event, you need a reliable website. For that, the WP Event Manager is the recommended option. It provides you with customizable templates having multiple views and themes. Users can customize their interface according to their needs.

Users also get functionality like easy event classification, front-end forms, and an add-on calendar for managing their daily tasks and schedule.

Transform Virtual Events With Wp Event Manager

Take away

As you experiment with virtual events, think of the convenience of personalizing your content and schedule. You can engage more audiences in virtual events due to its location flexibility. Virtual events will help us stay connected in new ways. Even graduations are broadcast live on different channels.

How To Transform Virtual Events Into Valuable Communities
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