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Increase Ticket Sales with Easy Registration Process

A longer registration process means fewer guest enrollment, and fewer signups mean less success. When you go on a webpage, would you continue to surf on that webpage if it triggers you to get registered with them or start reading you its terms and conditions when you try to log in? The most likely answer is no.

Admit it whenever you receive a form to fill it out. You want it to get filled automatically and be done with it, and close the page. People are most likely to leave the page if they need to go through a lengthy registration process.

The registration process tends to be the first meaningful interaction with your user. When your goal is to get as many signups as possible, you don’t want to put a registration barrier up-front.

Here we will make the registration process smoother and better.

Only Identify essential information

The best way to streamline the registration process is to take only the information that is vital and compulsory. Make sure you don’t ask too many questions. Even if the users leave the form in between, you’ll have the critical information already. By asking complicated questions will get you baffled, users might not take the time to answer that honestly, and you’ll have the wrong data.

Make The Registration Process Smoother

Break Registration process into stages

Breaking up into different sections is the first step towards creating an excellent registration process. When applicants see a lengthy form, they get frustrated and might leave it in-between, so make sure you break it up into different sections. Once the users get engaged, you can put them through more areas of the form.

Automate Registration process

In the online world, people expect things to happen in the blink of an eye. So getting to open the next form pages automatically will bring the user to move through the process smoothly. Nowadays, when you are entering information on forms, auto fill in adds the necessary information automatically.

Show the progress of the Registration process

Having a completion or a progress bar to show the users where they are is a good idea to have on a registration form. It tells the user how farther they are into the registration process. A good graphic on top of the page showing the progress in percentage will get people motivated to complete what they started.

Enable registrations through multiple channels

Bring the registration process to your attendees, not let the attendees come to the registration form. Just like they say, thirsty go to the well, not the other way around. Since you’re the thirsty ones, and you need that signup. Make sure you’re available on multiple platforms for the users to get registered, not only your website. These other platforms can be Facebook, Instagram where you set redirecting links to your registration forms. Also, you can create urgency by asking them to register now to get an early bird discount.

WP Event Manager for Simplified Registration process

To create a simple registration process, you need to create a website first, and what better way to do it than using the WP Event Manager plugin. It has customizable templates and multiple views that can be altered according to the needs of the user.

Make The Registration Process Smoother

Not only it’ll make your website pretty, and it will cover all your bases as well. With its technical functionality like front-end forms, you can set up your registration forms with simplicity. You are provided with a calendar addon to manage your tasks, and with its event classification functionality, you can have the best event management website.

Wrapping Up

Making your online registration process smooth and fast means potential attendees can go from thinking about attending your event to confirming their attendance. By using these techniques, you will receive accurate applications in less time.

Increase Ticket Sales With Easy Registration Process
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