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A TEDx event is a native get-together where onscreen TED-like discussions and videos formerly taped at TED sessions are shared with the public. TEDx events are completely scheduled and organized impartially, on a community-by-community source. The subject and pattern of each TEDx event is exclusive and renovated individually, but all of them have elements in common.

To let your users know about such events, you need to have a powerful event manager plugin on your events website. With the help of this light and open-source plugin, you will be able to get more user engagement. The plugin is quite dominant enough to promote your event on various platforms with the help of the WP Event Manager’s add-ons. It will help the interested viewers to register on your website as well as give them timely reminders for any such events taking place in the future.

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So, now you can create and endorse your TEDx events with WP Event Manager plugin. You can not only estimate your promotion efforts but also receive payments. It is always a very challenging task to organize and manage such events; but not anymore with our plugin. You can utilize WP Event Manager’s portal to advertise and plan your TEDx events methodically. The only thing which you are supposed to do is to download this free plugin and get going with your plans of organizing and letting people know.

You will also require the add-ons to make your event more successful as these add-ons will help you to add more functionality to your TEDx events. Some add-ons are free while some are not. But the pricing will not at all burden your pocket as the users will render more profits from the events by using the various add-ons.

With the help of the WP Event Manager plugin, one can create an event listing for their different type of events like TEDx shows, sessions, conferences, and much more, and that also for FREE [with few add-ons]. The event listing with only one of its kind URL is one of the greatest ways to promote your events. The most interested invitees can register as attendees and you can handle the attendees right from your dashboard.

In addition, there is also the simple and useful contact the organizer form through which the guests can contact you. You will be able to sell the tickets, control and utilize the marketing tools as per your provisions.

What you have to do to organize a TEDx event?

Before your event goes live for promotion, you have to purchase a few of our add-ons which will help you in making your event a big success. The cost might be nominal, but the result will be tremendous. So you can get a few of these add-ons for making your TEDx show a great event:

  • The Emails add-on will notify the user regarding any new notification to send for the event.
  • Google maps add-on allows you to find the event by location.
  • Registrations add-on permits the invitees of your website to register for an event as an attendee.
  • Sell Tickets add-on allows you to sell events tickets on your WordPress events website powered by the FREE WP Event Manager plugin.
  • Attendee Information add-on will offer you with a collection of attendees’ info which attendees have to fill up during the registration for the event.
  • Event Alerts add-on allow the listed users on your website to get event alerts based on the search (keywords, location keyword, category, etc.).
  • Attendees, the user or anyone can bookmark events and planner can bookmark attendees/user using Bookmarks add-on.

Tedx Events by WP Event Manager 2

Build your event folio

By installing this smart WP Event Manager plugin, you can publish your event for free. Just sign in to your event listing party website’s account and insert proper pictures and explain your TEDx event as it should be with the accessible fields. The fields allow you to generate a webpage that works like a website to endorse your event.

Acquire some Social adoration

Social media is an influential platform in today’s era, and we completely understand the importance of social media in promotional campaigns. Social media offers you the final control to reach larger groups. Thus, the WP Event Manager plugin permits you to sell tickets via Facebook too.

Protected operations

WP Event Manager safeguards every transaction of your as it supports many authorized payment modes. So, you can vend tickets and receive payments with no trouble.

Use the application

Your event management system is now at your fingertips. Download our app and verify your visitor lists and registration. The WP Event Manager app makes everything very easy for you.

Connect resourcefully

WP Event Manager plugin has an engrained feature to preserve guest list and direct emails. So, now you can send communications right through our website. Keep your attendees up-to-date with the notices and newest updates. You can also make concession codes and allow your invitees to avail of the advantage. Our add-ons like Event Alerts, Sell tickets and Emails will assist you in accomplishing the task of organizing a better TEDx event.

Set a price

The WP Event Manager plugin is open to use if advertising is all you want. Generate an account for free and send your event citation. If you want, you can sell your free tickets without giving a penny to us. You only require to recompense for the estimated tickets that are vented through our platform.

Tedx Events by WP Event Manager 3

Evaluate the presentation

Besides all the features and promotional benefits, using the plugins analytic add-ons, you can measure the performance of your event. You can track the traffic coming to your page and implement the improvements accordingly.


WP Event Manager’s powerful plugin is invented to assist you anytime, be it pre, throughout, and post-event.

SO, let’s Get started in less than 60 seconds. Try us out for free.