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12 Best Known Strategies for Virtual Events Marketing

Are you among those who always get fewer attendees than they aim to get even for Virtual Events? The obvious thing is, it’s not going to work for the long term if you are always getting less attention. Have you considered why you always lack in getting more attendees?

Let us point out the problem for you! And that is, you lack in promoting your event. So, how does precisely as an event management agency you can promote your virtual events effectively? Here we have provided 12 must-know strategies through which you can easily promote events online.

It’s a digital era now, and technology is playing a very vital role. Using effective marketing strategies for virtual events can increase the chances of its success by more than 50%.

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Let’s start,

Marketing Strategies For Virtual Events

Here Marketing Strategies for Virtual Events

1. Develop Attractiveness

For virtual events to be promoted efficiently, you need to grab the attention of the audience. For that you want to give a brand new identity to your events, you can consider highlighting it with the following ideas:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Themes

All these must be in accordance with the needs and desires of the prospective audience. Also, take care of how it will arouse and engage the emotions of people that will be associated with it. As this is the first step towards your virtual events, you must give you full focus on each aspect.

KEY: The best idea is to consider yourself as one of the audience, and then you will know how your audience will think. Put yourself in their shoes and think better.

2. Always Work To Improve Marketing Strategies

You must know

  • Your goals
  • Needs of your audience
  • How to fulfill those needs
  • Brand styling

Knowing these, you will be amazed that you can accomplish a lot without putting a large budget for upcoming virtual events. Now think about channels that you can avail. Also, think about the extent each of these can be leveraged to hit the target audience.

Most common of these marketing strategies are:

  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Emails
  • Partnerships
  • Paid media: if your budget allows you to do so, this is quite a very effective way to promote virtual events.

The benefits of using these platforms are accessible to a broader audience that is outside your existing database. These are also helpful in retargeting website visitors for your remote events

KEY: try to take benefit of social media as this can work best to create awareness about your event and also be a contributor in its promotion.

Marketing Strategies For Virtual Events 2

3. Build A Landing Page

For an event to be successfully promoted, digital platforms should be used effectively, as you can think about creating a dedicated website. Once you are ready for a website/page, style your web presence as per your brand by including the following to event marketing:

Essential information like event name, location, date, call-to-action, etc.

  • Agenda
  • Pricing
  • Sponsor information
  • Speaker bios
  • What audience should expect
  • Resources to get the audience to prepare for the event. These could be articles, books, or any other relevant information.

KEY: Add a link to such resources to facilitate the audience.

4. Use Keywords For Boosting Search Potential

Keywords are the key to rank business websites at top positions. This will help you know about the most searched keywords that can facilitate your website rankings.

  • Write words and check for options as following:
  • Autocompletes
  • Results for peoples-also-ask
  • Searches relating to at page’s bottom
  • Such results help you know about other keywords that can assist you in event promotion.

KEY: You can take benefit of keyword planning tools, for example, Google Ads in this regard.

5. Ask Sponsors & Partners to Spread Word about Virtual Events

An exponential promotion can be done by your sponsors and partners. It will benefit all stakeholders. Sponsors can notify their followers and contacts about virtual events. Affiliate links, social media page links to other publications are all ways for promoting the event.

KEY: add hashtags on social media to give prominence to your remote events.

Marketing Strategies For Virtual Events 3

6. Ask People To Tell Their Friends

People telling others about happenings is a great way to spread the word about your virtual events. This strategy encourages people to share information and also increase registration:

  • Provide affiliate links for event marketing with sign up details so that registered persons can share it with friends, co-workers and their peers
  • Ask your known people to use social media hashtags for the event when talking about the event/their anticipation
  • Add offers about exclusive discounts and perks for everyone who brings specific numbers of people to sign-up.

7. Sending SAVE-THE-DATE Email

Another aspect of effective event management. Send this email even if your plan is not up yet. It is good to make a start to promote your virtual events soon.

8. Get Social

Keeping in view your marketing plan and timeline, start sharing details of your virtual events on social media.

KEY: Take initiative by announcing details of date, time, and location.

9. Announcement Of Programming

Get sure about notable speakers. Save this list for your potential event announcement. An example is to have lists like list A. this list must be announced at least one week before the pricing for the event goes up. When you do this, you will have notable names and the ticking clock, which will get you a ticket for success.

KEY: plan for sharing these announcements via email, ads, social media, and website as part of marketing strategies.

10. Find Ambassadors and Leverage Event Speakers

Here you don’t have the chance for a mistake. For successful virtual events, you want your notable speakers to shout out from rooftops. You must be looking forward to them for effective speaking at your event. As they must be having busy schedules, you need to facilitate their presence.

KEY: prepare graphics to be used on social media. They can give a message that they are speaking at your event, including details of time, date, and website for registration.

11. Do Not Forget Day Of Your Success

Finally, the day of your final efforts has reached in the form of virtual events you planned so hard. Check everything day before event day, so that things seem working correctly. Even if you have sold your tickers and the event has started, your marketing is not yet done.

KEY: keep promoting your event even on the day of its happening. You can also take advantage of adding highlights about your future event on this day.

Marketing Strategies For Virtual Events 4

12. Keep Conversation Going

The end of the virtual events should not mean the end of the conversation. Post-event plans are also part of the marketing plan.

Prepare a follow-up email for attendees with promotions announced during the event. Also, add ways for accessing your team, access to event recordings, etc.

KEY: Add a survey to get feedback about the event. Keep posting on social media for a few weeks.

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