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For an event management agency, the best way to organize events and to boost their business market is Sell Event Tickets online and store information of Attendees. Due to the online presence, more people can reach a particular agency and marketing will become effective. Moreover, the online management of the events is much easier and smoother than the traditional one. So, coming towards online management of events, we have to integrate a lot of features on our website to perform better functions. If you have developed your online event management website on WordPress, you can get a lot of features under one umbrella. 

For an event management website, WP Event Manager Plugin provides a full pack of services that an event management website should have. Including all the basic to advance features, WP Event Manager Plugin offers different add-ons to provide extra features within the plugin. In this blog, we will demonstrate the difference between our two major add-ons that are “sell tickets” and “attendee information“.

Let’s dive in. 

Sell Event Tickets Add-on

With the basic features of WP Event Manager Plugin, you can get extra add-ons. Among those add-ons, the one which is of extreme importance is “sell tickets“. 

If you are wondering, how to sell ticket add-on can provide you benefits then keep reading. While managing the events online, making sales and estimating the revenue are the common goals. Now, when you have advertised an event but you are not able to know how many people are there to become an attendee then you are always stuck in between wondering with no idea of estimated revenue until the event ends. Moreover, if you are unable to know how many participants you will have at your events, you cannot make proper arrangements. Either you will fall short of the facilities or you offer extra facilities which only costs you money and nothing else. Do you want to get rid of such situations? 

Sell Event Tickets Add-on

Yes, you can. Purchase the sell ticket add-on and integrate it with your WP Event Manager Plugin. By doing that you can make your sales online providing a facility to the users to pay through their master cards and immediately book tickets. Moreover, by calculating the sale you have a good estimation of what amount of participants will be there at your event. You can easily arrange the facilities according to the number of participants. Store information of Attendees to avail more advantages like. 

Advantages of information of Attendees Online

You already know the importance of using the sell ticket add-on but let’s have an abstract view of the pros that you can have.

  • Lets you make online sales as you Sell Event Tickets online
  • Easier for customers to purchase tickets instantly
  • Keep a track of sales
  • Estimates the number of participants
  • Estimates the revenue generated
  • Estimates the facilities required
  • Easy to install and use
  • Allows you with numerous valuable features
  • Allows you to control your sales through the number of tickets

Attendee Information Add-on

As for the business point of view, information about the customers and the potential market is a valuable asset. For online event management, the agency has to advertise the events to reach those people who are most likely to attend the event. This could be done much easier if the agency has a history of the customers.

Attendee Information Add-on

Keeping this in view, the WP Event Manager Plugin offers Attendee Information add-on. This add-on will let you save the attendee’s information and his/her interests. On the basis of the customer’s data, through data science, we can narrow down the potential market and with a short and cheaper marketing strategy, we can bring a lot of interested potential customers with a generation of handsome revenue too. 

Registrations add-on can be used for the same purpose with a limited amount of information. However, if you really want to build a database where you have an excess amount of information about the customers then we highly recommend you to go for the Attendee Information add-on


It’s been clear that the attendee information add-on offers a long term benefit to the event management agency. Let’s have a quick overview of the pros that an attendee information add-on brings. 

  • Let you gather basic to advance information about the customers
  • Build a database to store the information which can be required to do market analysis
  • Easy to perform event successful rate and analysis based on the users’ presence
  • Allows to narrow down the marketing to reach to the interested customers
  • Provide easy access to the information of attendees

Difference Between Sell Event Tickets and Attendee Information

As both the add-ons are specific purpose-oriented and cannot be used in place of one another. The major difference between the two add-ons is “sell ticket” allows the agency to make online sales of the tickets and provide an easy mode to the customer to book their seats at events.

Sell Event Tickets and Attendee Information

While “attendee information” allows the agency to collect and store the All the information of attendees during the registration process which can be further utilized in different market analysis and marketing strategies. 

Conclusion of Collect & Store all the information of Attendees Online

Having an online place to manage your events requires some basic to advanced features that let the administrators manage more smoothly by Collect & Store all the information of Attendees Online. WP Event Manager Plugin is one of the best and popular online event manager full packaged plugins that comes with a lot of add-on including sell ticket and attendee information modules. Both these add-ons help to build a professional online event management website along with advanced features that surely help the administrators to make effective strategies for attracting more and more interested people towards the events.

Without the help of these add-ons, manual work is a hectic process and full of errors to collect & store all information of Attendees. These add-ons make it easier to manage the full event information and sales automatically and precisely with no errors at all.

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