Amp Up Sports Marketing by Creating The Right Content for Sports

Did you know? According to global market size statistics from Statista, the sports industry’s market size has grown from $324 million in 2011 to $471 million in 2018. With a boom in the market value of the sports industry comes the need to create content for sports.

For digital creatives, sports promotion and creating content for sports is about keeping track of changing trends in the industry, consistently engaging with sports enthusiasts, and adapting to new platforms.

Presented below are the top sports marketing tips:

Understand the challenges that exist in sports marketing Content for Sports

Sports itself is an industry that is continuously reshaping and developing. What is hot and what is not in sports promotion will never be constant.

The legendary team that was all the rage yesterday may be forgotten by tomorrow. As a sports content creator, you need to appeal to the emotions and sentiments of fans strategically. Hype up fans about upcoming sports events!

The next problem? The sheer massiveness of the sports audience! Sports enthusiasts belong to an incredibly varied demographic. You cannot put them in a box, keep churning the same content, and expect them to be interested each time. Get your creative juices pumping!

Creating content for sports can get repetitive and monotonous. You need to be able to cast a creative light on the same sports content but from different angles. Are you stuck in a rut? Go back to the basics! Honest storytelling through sports that strikes a chord with your audience.

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Stay on top of sports marketing trends

The secret to effective sports league marketing is to take advantage of sports trends that are already popular or are becoming popular.

For reference, listed below are sports trends that were popularized by social media:

  • The continued growth of esports
  • Increase in fans who are women (represented by female athletes)
  • Introducing game mechanics to sports environments
  • A demand for more engaging and immersive content for sports

Note that the sports culture is generally shifting to become more inclusive and entertainment-oriented as opposed to strictly competitive activity. When creating content for sports, remember that sports fans religiously follow their favorite teams as a lifestyle choice.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars with sports events for the year!

Innovative use of technology in sports league marketing

Advancements in digital technology have spilled onto the marketing realm to allow sports fans to feel like they can participate more in sports events. The goal is to use technology to offer a more personalized experience when fans are consuming sports content.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with using technological twists in sports promotion!

The Drum reported that harnessing the power of augmented reality technology, FC Bayern fans can now take a screenshot picture with Bayern stars. How cool is that? Immersive experiences like these set the bar for sports promotion to be high.

Focus on video content

According to sports marketing statistics from Rock Content, 30% of sports fans said that their time online is spent reading sports content instead of watching a video. These results indicate that your sports promotion should be geared more towards visual content for sports.

Title sequences, slideshows, trailers – focus on creating impactful video content!

Here are a couple of things you will need to pay attention to as a visual content creator:

  • Start with a high-quality template
  • Invest in professional video editing software
  • Stay organized and expand your storage capacity for video content
  • Do not underestimate the importance of meaningful music

Using stunning video and audio can have a moving effect on your audience. Use sports league marketing to get their adrenaline pumping! As a quick sports marketing tip, note that most of your marketing efforts should be concentrated before the big game.

Why? Because fans love being hyped up! Rock Content discovered that 72% of fans prefer to engage with exciting pre-game content. Get the momentum flowing by timing your content.

Social media channels

Marketing is incomplete without the inclusion of social media marketing. The sports industry is not an exception to this golden rule. Sports promotion thrives on social media.

Content for sports made available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is recognized and received well by fans. The live environment allows quick updates to be posted which brand sponsors take complete advantage of in their marketing campaign.

Clothing brands such as North Face have partnered with renowned athletes to promote their line of products on social media. Additionally, they also create content for sports on their Instagram page to encourage wellness and physical activity.

Sports athletes are not too different from celebrities. Lionel Messi has an Instagram following of 164 million! If international sports players take their social media game seriously, then you need to rise to the challenge!

Don’t forget esports

As a digital creative seeking to create content for sports, it will do you well to remember that there is a growing esports market too!

According to NewZoo reports, global esports revenue is expected to reach $1.1 billion in 2020. Additionally, at least three-quarters of this market revenue comes from sports marketing, media rights, and sponsorships.

As esports activities continue to grow online, your sports marketing efforts cannot afford to spare creating content for sports without catering to this fraction of the demographic. It is an exciting opportunity to take advantage of a growing sports market!


Sports marketing is a fast-paced industry, but it is also equally exciting and adventurous.

Creating meaningful content for sports requires connecting with your audience. Bring something fresh, new, and original to the table!

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