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Definitive Solutions To Access WP-Admin Smoothly

To access the WP-Admin page is to access your entire website. If you can’t access the WP-Admin page of your site, that could mean a lot of trouble.

You will not be able to make any kinds of changes to your WordPress site. You cannot fix any errors. In the worst-case scenario, access the WP-Admin error means that someone else has taken control of your website; it can be a hacker.

Most people around the globe opt for the WordPress platform for building their blogs and business websites. This platform provides a variety of features from easy content creation because of multiple plugins available. For every WordPress website out there, it is crucial to access WP-Admin.

In the admin panel, the admins can create different posts, install themes, and style their websites using various plugins with additional functionality even though it is one of the most fun and reliable platforms. One of the things that can make you sweat is realizing that you can’t access wp-admin, and therefore, you can not access the dashboard.

You don’t need to panic, because this problem is quite common and fixable. So, you can put your mind at ease now and follow our guide to see how you can access wp-admin in no time.

Common access WP-Admin issues

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Your login credentials might be incorrect

One of the most superficial reasons you can’t access wp-admin is that your login credentials might be incorrect. It may seem pretty basic, but it has happened to all of us at some point. Another user on the site may have changed the password, you may have forgotten your password, or someone may have guessed it and then changed it.

So, let’s get you a new password access WP-Admin. For that, you can use the built-in feature of WordPress of Lost your password. They will redirect a password-setting email to your email address. Even if you can’t reset it this way, you can do it manually as well.

Common Access Wp-Admin Issues

You can create a new WordPress admin or change the password by editing your database with a tool called phpMyAdmin.

Security plugin might be blocking you

If you’re using a security plugin for your site, you might be unintentionally blocking your access to wp-admin. Many WordPress security plugins offer a feature to limit the number of login attempts by a user if you entered your email and password combination wrong.

It will temporarily ban you from using the website. You have dual choices; either you can wait for a while because it will usually block for some time. Or you can deactivate the security plugin manually.

To deactivate your security plugin manually, you can use FTP.

URL link changed

One of the universal security tips for your website is to change your login URL. You can easily accomplish it using different plugins. It is an excellent technique until you forget the new link and can’t access wp-admin.

To fix this, you can follow the same steps that you follow to deactivate your security plugin manually. Connect to your server via FTP. Go to the plugin’s folder that is changing the URL of the website. Disable that plugin and login via your original WordPress login URL.

You can then again set your custom URL to access WP-Admin, but make sure to remember it this time.

Error screens

Till now, we have assumed that your WordPress website has been functioning correctly without any error. However, the common reason you can’t access wp-admin is that your website is experiencing some error. That can be of two types, the white screen of death or the internal server error.

When you see a white screen with no content at all when trying to login in, it means that you might have auto-upgrade issues or maintenance mode is stuck. It can also arise when there is a problem with your plugins or themes. Going above the memory limit is also another option.

A 500 internal server error on your screen could mean anything because there is no clear indication about what caused that error, to resolve that, you have to turn on debugging, deactivate all plugins and themes. Increasing the memory and checking .htaccess file is also an option.

File permissions

A problem with the file permissions on your server doesn’t usually occur. If there is wrong permission for login PHP file or admin PHP file, that can make you unable to access wp-admin.

Common Access Wp-Admin Issues

In general, all the WordPress files should be 664 except for the config file, and all the folders should be 775. To check the permissions, you can log in to your server via FTP and cross-check the permissions’ values.


Sometimes it can be really easy to access WP-Admin and sometimes it can be really stressful. Either way, it is nothing to worry about as you will be able to access WP-Admin unless something really bad happened.

Being locked out of your account and can’t access wp-admin is never fun. But with the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, you’ll resolve your issue and get the access back into your account.

In any case, be prepared for situations like these, and make sure to make regular backups. 

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