Trends for 2021 | A Complete Roundup for Exciting Social Media

Over the last decade and a half, social media has taken over everything in the world. The internet, businesses, jobs, favorite time-pass, entertainment, you name it and social media has it. The Social Media trends for 2021 highlight what is in store for the upcoming year and what could be the way to go viral.

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and most recently, TikTok have been game-changers. They have completely changed the idea of entertainment by churning out fine details and bring the audience something unique and class-leading. Other applications exist too and they have done well for themselves as well.

But the fact cannot be ignored, the trends for 2021 will bring some new things and some of last year’s refined things. Social media marketing is also boosted as social media trends get more viral and capture more audience. Marketing requires an audience and currently, there is nowhere in the world which has more traffic or potential reach than social media.

Trends For 2021

Trends for 2021

Social media trends for 2021 hold some amazing new emerging trends that could potentially help you go viral. Whether you participate in the trends for 2021 or just enjoy them is one thing, there’s no denying that social media is an emerging force that will only increase in viewership and following.

1. Short Videos

Short videos are possibly the future of social media, especially after TikTok, Instagram, and Likee took over the last year with the idea. The most effective entry on the list of trends for 2021, short videos are effective and entertaining if you are a consumer.

If you are the producer, they are challenging but time-saving and amazing. You might be thinking that true, a short video is good and all, but brands aren’t using it, and it’s not lucrative. But that is untrue. Nowadays, TikTok is one of the highest paying and revenue-generating social media. Everyone, from the most ordinary to the most extraordinary people, is earning from it.

Short videos are truly one of the best trends for 2021 for social media.

2. Social Commerce

Social commerce is the new emerging trend that a lot of people are utilizing to engage an amazing amount of traffic and deploying innovative tactics. Almost half the world uses social media. The reach is virtually unparalleled.

Social Commerce Trends For 2021

Using social media to conduct business is only logical. One of the best trends for 2021, social commerce has taken off. Even the largest eCommerce stores are generating billions through social media. It is truly the epitome of utilization. Online shopping and social media are two giants who when combined can turn the world.

3. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one of the upcoming trends for 2021. An emerging trend that has the potential to take over, augmented reality is quickly developing into amazing and entertaining technology. When combined with social media, AR can quickly become a top trend.

For those who don’t know what AR is, it is similar to virtual reality but it takes it one notch up by employing the already built world but incorporating new characters, filters, and entire objects into it. It is an exciting innovation that could totally turn everything around.

The vital thing with augmented reality is that it is backed by tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more. It really takes it to the next level when you have such an impressive portfolio of companies.

4. Personalized Marketing

With more and more inflow of businesses on social media every day, there’s always the question of authenticity and personalization. Users are selective when it comes to buying from new businesses because of the lack of reputation and reviews.

Many brands have already taken on this approach in their social media marketing strategies to increase their reach and authenticity to be outstanding. Every brand that wants to succeed realizes the value of personalized social media marketing knowing how important it can be.

Personalized marketing is not a new concept though. It has been there forever but it has taken a new turn now with an introduction to social media. It’s surely going to be one of the top trends for 2021.

5. Going Live

Going live has unparalleled benefits with an unmatchable potential for possible reach. When you are live on social media, you can gain a great amount of traction by using catchy lines and whatnot. Live videos are going to become one of the most engaging platforms if they are not already.

Going Live Trends For 2021

Almost all social media allow the option to go live for anybody. That’s what makes it so common for everyone. The stats are crazy such as 1.1 billion hours of live video were watched in 2019 alone. All platforms and major organizations are using social media live sessions to gain an amazing reach and engagement with their audience.

6. Self-Aware Marketing

Self-aware marketing is another marketing technique that is going through the roof currently for social media. In today’s world, every person using social media is constantly exposed to thousands of ads daily. Even though you might not notice it enough because they are blended in so seamlessly, you really do go around 3000 – 7000 ads per day.

That is an insane number. To stand out and go out of the box, you deploy self-aware marketing. Self-aware marketing mainly revolves around satirical or ironic ads that make fun of themselves or the brand. It draws attention to it by deploying smart strategies. One of the best examples is when Hardees, the burger joint chain, poked fun at themselves by making funny posters around their burgers back in 2018.


Social media is booming right now. It may not even have hit its peak yet but the attention and reach available on the platforms is insane. You can go viral in a matter of minutes by deploying the right tactics. That’s what makes this list of social media trends for 2021 so special. Deploy these trends for your benefit and see your sales increasing rapidly.