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How To Sell Event Tickets On Your Website With The Sell Tickets Addon

The Sell Tickets Addon is one of the most popular addons in the family of WP Event Manager. The WordPress ticket selling plugin has the right features that make it easy for event organizers to sell tickets.

How Sell Tickets Add-on is Useful for Events Website?

It is one of the finest WordPress plugins that allows you to sell your tickets directly from your website without being dependent on a third party tool. Third party tools are expensive and might put financial pressure on organizers who are running on a tight budget.

Using a plugin not only saves your money but also expands your audience reach and gives you the scope to make most of your website. 

In this article we have explained how the Sell Tickets addon can help you sell tickets for your events on your website.

Before describing the Sell Tickets addon and how it helps your events business let us unveil a few facts about ticket selling plugins.

What is the best way to sell tickets?

Lets face it, the traditional method of selling event tickets has become outdated. It is laborious, error prone and time consuming at the same time. Selling your event tickets through an online ticketing platform like the Sell tickets plugin from WP Event Manager is one of the smartest ways to manage your event ticket sales. It automates the entire process and ensures security to each transaction with WooCommerce.

How to sell tickets to people online?

To efficiently sell tickets online, you need to have proper strategies along with a powerful WordPress plugin like Sell Tickets.

Consider the following points:
  • Create an attractive landing page for events. 
  • Strengthen your SEO game to get a higher rank on Google search results. 
  • Use social media platforms to reach out to more people like Facebook, Instagram etc. 
  • You need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and built with a responsive design.
  • Use a plugin that ensures secured payments and protects your customer data along with multiple payment gateways.

To get an in-depth knowledge about the tricks and tactics of selling tickets online, read our previous blog How to sell event tickets online.

Why should you choose a plugin to sell your event tickets?

1. Saves money

As mentioned above, you do have an option to use third party tools to sell tickets for your events but that is going to cost you much more than the amount you need to pay for a plugin.

Secondly, starting from paying the ticket printing costs to opening ticket booths and appointing a team to manage and track ticket sales, it takes a lot of effort and money to sell tickets in the traditional way instead of the digital one.

2. Save time

Making arrangements to sell your tickets manually can be laborious and time consuming as well. You can easily save this time by switching to an efficient plugin like Sell Tickets that automates the entire process for you.

3. Convenient for attendees

It is said that the fewer clicks, the more purchases. 

Today, people prefer digital platforms much more than the traditional ones as they do not need to go anywhere or pass through any complicated process to purchase and make payments for their event tickets. This can only be possible if you use a ticket selling plugin on your website.

4. White label ticketing

This is one of the biggest advantages of selling tickets through a plugin that people do not need to be redirected to another website to purchase tickets for your events. The entire process can be done on your website itself.

5. Strong support

A good ticketing plugin is always backed by a sincere support team who are always ready to help when you are in need. If you are having any kind of issues during selling your event tickets, you can seek help from the plugin’s support team to solve it.

6. Marketing insights

Knowing about the people who have purchased your event tickets, how many tickets you have sold and many such related details can help you improve your marketing strategies for your future. An efficient WordPress event ticketing platform offers useful insights about your event ticket sales and attendee data that you can utilize to improve your event performance and ticket sales in the future.

Introduction to the Sell Tickets Addon

The Sell Tickets addon is created by WP Event Manager which is one of the leading WordPress event management plugins. 

The addon comes with some amazing features and you will learn about them in our next segment. 

It takes care of everything right from attendee data management to offering useful insights on your event. In simple words, it automates the entire process of selling tickets. 

To use the Sell Tickets addon, you need to have the registration installed as well. The Registration addon is another extension that lets you manage the registration process through a customizable form. 

WP Event Manager has a dedicated section of knowledge on its official website where you can find thorough guidance on how you can use the plugin including the installation process.

Features of the Sell Tickets Addon

The Sell Tickets plugin:
  • Allows you to sell your event tickets securely with WooCommerce integration and protect the confidential data of your attendees which they provide during the ticket purchasing process. 
  • Your attendee can also enjoy the facility to pay through their preferred payment gateway as WooCommerce offers multiple payment options. 
  • Lets you sell three types of tickets including donation, free and paid tickets. 
  • You can also add taxes on ticket prices with Sell Tickets. 
  • It provides you with a ticket setting section where you can specify the ticket fees, tickets per order and more. 
  • You can add all the major details of your tickets to the ticket details segment of the plugin. 
  • A ticket registration area is also there in the plugin where your attendees can add the necessary details at the time of buying tickets. 
  • You can access the details of the registered attendees through a detailed registration dashboard. 
  • With the Sell Tickets plugin, you can send e-tickets to your attendees in PDF forms that they can print as per their preference. 
  • You, as an admin, have the right to set a limit for your ticket sales, to prevent overselling. 
  • It also allows you to showcase the number of available and sold tickets to your attendees and maintain transparency. 
  • Event Organizers can easily handle event check-ins and check-outs through mobile QR code scanning facility. 
  • The plugin gives you the scope to design your event tickets just the way you want using the customizable ticket templates. 
  • Send confirmation emails to those who have bought your event tickets. 
  • You can offer discounts on your tickets to your audience to encourage them to purchase your event tickets. 
  • The plugin also allows you to customize the registration form fields that your attendees fill in during the registration process. 
  • Give your attendees a smooth way to enter your event through an event ticketing application. 
  • Get a detailed report on your event tickets including the number of tickets available, sold and their types.

How it can help you sell your event tickets online

  1. The first thing that the addon does for you is it removes your dependence on any third party which saves your time and money and keeps your attendees glued to your events website. 
  2. As a user of the addon, you get the opportunity to sell different types of tickets which again increases your ticket sales. 
  3. It also removes the chances of errors in your event ticket sales management. 
  4. You get all your attendee details in a centralized location which not only helps you access the details but also helps you strengthen your marketing strategies. 
  5. Offering a secured payment facility increases the credibility of your events website. People will have no worries of sharing their confidential data with you while purchasing the tickets. 
  6. The addon ultimately simplifies the process of ticket selling for you and purchasing for your attendees. 
  7. It also allows you to share the event tickets with your attendees through mails in PDF form which is modern as well as convenient for your attendees. They can print them any time based on their requirements. 
  8. Your customers would also appreciate your business for offering them an easy way to purchase tickets for your events. 
  9. The best part about the addon is that it offers a detailed report on your ticket sales. This helps you get a clear idea about the number of tickets sold, which type of tickets were sold, the number of tickets left and more such details. These details are extremely useful for you as you can plan your next event based on that.

How to use the plugin?

To use the plugin you need to purchase and install it into your system. To use any premium add-on offered by WP Event Manager, you need to have the core plugin installed at first. Keep in mind that the Sell Ticket addon works with the Registration addon which means you need to have the addon as well.

With every purchased add-on, you will get a license key that you need to activate.

Once you purchase and install the addons, you are ready to work with it.

Wrapping up

The Sell Tickets Addon is nothing but a trustable partner for your events business that manages and automates the entire ticket selling activities for you. It keeps your transactions secure and ensures that your attendees do not have to go anywhere else to complete the ticket purchasing process. With Sell Tickets, you not only enjoy a white label ticketing method but also get the scope to attract more audiences and increase ticket sales. In a nutshell, you can take the entire control of your event tickets in your hands.

How To Sell Event Tickets On Your Website With The Sell Tickets Addon
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