How The Registration add-on Is Useful For Your Events Business Website

Event Registration is a process that needs to be convenient for both event organizers and attendees. Handling it manually can be laborious, time-consuming and at the same time error-prone especially when you have a huge number of attendees. That is why using registration software is always recommended.

If you have a WordPress site, you have plenty of options in terms of WordPress plugins. In this article we have picked up the Registration add-on offered by WP Event Manager and explained how it helps manage your event registration process.

How Event Registration Add-on is Useful for Events Business Website

What is event registration software?

An event registration software simplifies the entire event registration process for attendees and event organizers. It automatically handles registration, manages attendee data for organizers and sends confirmation emails to the attendees.

As mentioned above, WordPress offers an endless number of event registration plugins and each of them carries different features. An event manager should always go for the one that is reliable and suits his or her business requirements. So how to choose a good event registration software? Well, besides fulfilling your requirements, there are certain qualities that every good event registration software carries. You will learn about these qualities in our next segment.

Qualities of a good event registration system

1. Security assurance

Security assurance is a crucial part of event registration as huge data related events always bear the threat of hackers and data theft. An efficient event registration system understands the importance of security and keeps an event manager’s security related worries at bay.

2. Easy event registration

A good event registration software simplifies the event registration process through a customizable form that an attendee needs to fill in while registering for an event.

3. Audience engagement

During the registration process, attendees share their contact details that you can utilize to stay in touch with them and keep them informed about your present and upcoming events. This ultimately boosts attendee engagement.

4. Reports and analytics

Event reports and analytics help organizers measure the success of their events and also let them identify the areas where they need improvements. While searching for a good event registration platform, you need to ensure that the one you choose offers the details of revenue number, qualified sales leads per exhibitor, the level of attendee engagement, top performing subjects, speaker involvement and more such related things.

5. Secure event ticketing

This is another important aspect of a good event registration system. After registration, the next step that people take is buying tickets. So an easy ticketing system is also needed along with the registration process. So make sure the event management system you select for your business provides you with an easy ticketing solution as well.

Good registration software will always carry these qualities.

Considering the above mentioned points, we recommend the Registration add-on offered by WP Event Manage.

The Registration add-on

  • It allows your attendees to register for your events easily through a form in which they need to add their details. 
  • The form is fully customizable which means you can personalize form fields based on your preference. 
  • It also provides you with a registration dashboard to simplify the process of managing bulk registration. 
  • Helps organizers control the registration status (confirmed, waiting to confirm and canceled)  of the attendees. 
  • Allows you to handle the attendee list for your events by filtering attendees on the basis of their registration time and status. 
  • Informs your attendees about the registration confirmation through email messages. 
  • Makes user data transferring easy with CSV files
  • Gives you the right to restrict multiple attendee registration with duplicate emails. 
  • Allows you to set a limit for bulk registrations and more.

Advantages of having the Registration add-on for your events website

The Registration add-on is designed to add multiple benefits to your event management website. It makes the entire process easy for all including organizers, admins and attendees.

Here are the notable advantages that you must be aware of before adding the registration feature to your website.

It lets you:

  • Keep track of the audience

With the Registration add-on,  the organizers can keep track of the audience by checking how many people are responding to which category of events. This helps them measure the popularity and interests amongst people about the event.

  • Save time and money

The Registration add-on from WP Event Manager automated the registration method and removes the boring and time consuming process handling your guest lists and check-ins. 

It is convenient for your potential attendees as well. They can register easily for your event through a form. 

One of the biggest advantages of the Registration add-on is that it reduces your burden by doing everything without manual support. Once an attendee registers for your event, it updates the database with the details instantly that help you find and export attendee data as per your need.

  • Manage data easily

As the add-on gathers all the registered attendee details for you including their names, email ids and more, you can easily access them at your convenience. 

In simple words, you can get all the attendee data at one place that you can organize the way you want. 

Besides this, the Registration add-on allows you to make changes to the list of registrations as per your requirements through the registration dashboard. You can add, edit or remove people from the list effortlessly.

  • Decrease errors

As the add-on automates the entire process, it reduces the chances of errors significantly. In addition to that the add-on comes with a feature that restricts duplicate entries in the registration which is also very useful.

  • Detailed reporting

It is crucial for you to measure the success of your events which you can do with the help of useful insights. 

The registration add-on offers you detailed information about the total number of people who have registered for the event, the number of people who have purchased tickets and the people who are coming back in for your future events.

  • Customize event forms

The registration add-on gives you the scope to customize the registration form fields so that you do not have to deal with any unnecessary information. By personalizing the registration form you can get the exact details that you want from your attendees.

  • Build customer relationship

The details about your attendees that you gain through the registration add-on helps you understand them and their tastes and preferences. This ultimately helps you get closer to them. Through this data you can build your promotional strategy and give your customers what they are looking for.

How to get the registration add-on?

WP Event Manager provides a very reasonable and flexible pricing structure for their premium add-ons to make them available to businesses of all sizes.

You can buy the Registration add-on individually or in bundles. The company has divided all its premium add-ons into four categories.

  • Event Manager Plus: covers the featured add-ons.
  • Event Manager Pro: covers the Event Manager plus + Ticket selling add-ons. (You can get the Registration add-on in this bundle) 
  • Virtual Event Manager Pro: covers the Event Manager Pro + Virtual event add-ons.
  • All Events Manager Pro: covers Virtual Event Manager Pro + Marketing event add-ons.

Wrapping up

The registration add-on of WP Event Manager is designed to fulfill all the requirements that you have for your event registration. Starting from adding a customizable event form to managing attendee data and ticket sales the Registration add-on is a compact solution. If you are struggling to manage your event registrations flawlessly or you want to switch to a better event registration solution, try the Registration add-on from WP Event Manager and experience the difference.

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