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15+ Questions to make your Virtual Event Survey useful

Everybody likes to know what kind of job they did. No? If there’s a positive response, Bingo. It’ll boost your motivation. If not, then criticism is valuable for you too. It’ll help you grow and to be better. But how can you get the public’s feedback? No points for guessing; Survey is the answer. Similarly, any event needs a Virtual Event Survey to know about the likes and dislikes of the attendees.

Following an event, apart from getting the applause and water, the most important thing is to get feedback from your attendees. There’s very little to no difference between Virtual and physical events, except for obviously the applause. So, how is the psyche behind Virtual Event Survey questions and physical event survey questions any different?

But now the million-dollar question is, how do you get the audience to answer your virtual event survey honestly? No worries, our recommended virtual event survey questions will assist you.

The ideal thing for you is to ask them for event feedback right away. Researchers suggest that the best thought-keeping span for humans is 20 to 30 minutes. The simple but necessary trick is to keep the virtual event survey brief.

Ask the general straightforward and indulging questions to quickly start your audience. The type of questions in your virtual event survey could vary, with two categories to generalize it all.

Virtual Event Survey 1

Add Rating Questions on Virtual Event Survey

Yes/No questions or Multiple-choice questions. These sorts of questions should always be present in your virtual event survey. It proves to be an incredible method to hear a crowd’s opinion on your event.

Regardless of whether you have them rate you on a size of one to 10, out of five stars, or some other rating framework, you can utilize this criticism to get a more extensive vision of crowd fulfillment.

Virtual Event Survey: Flexible Open-Ended Questions

Flexible, open-ended questions do not contain a static yes/any answer. These are phrased statements that should be present in your virtual event survey and could vary from person to person. These can be very helpful in dishing out the honest opinion but could easily divert interest. So, they should be kept in a lesser quantity and at the end of the virtual event survey.

Now to get your virtual event survey kickstarted, we’ve enlisted some of the sample questions.

Virtual Event Survey Multiple Choice Questions:

These questions will contain multiple answers and rating scales that can either be 1-10 or 1-5.

1.How would you rate our session overall?

Simply add a general rating for your event as a whole in the Virtual Event Survey. It should be a nice and easy question to get your audience going. It will test the satisfaction level altogether.

2.How would you rate the quality of delivery?

On a basic level, it will test what the person was expecting to how it was actually delivered.

3.What was your previous knowledge about the topic?

This question can be asked to be rated on a scale of 1-5 to judge a person’s prior knowledge before learning new information.

4.What is your current knowledge about the topic?

This question will judge what knowledge a person has accumulated in this event’s timespan.

5.How would you rate the pace of the session?

This question will test whether the speed of delivery was too slow or too fast to keep up for that person.

6.How might you rate the length of the session?

This question will test whether the session was a drag or too short of conveying all the information.

7.Yes and No questions:

This is the way to go if all you need is a straight Yay or Nah. There can be an optional space left for the person to explain his answer if he wants.

8.Are there chances of your future participation in our events?

This question will test whether the person enjoyed the session to rejoin it again in the future. Will they take a rain check on you, or will they support you?

9.Were the expected goals met?

This question will query them on whether the goals they had in mind were established or not.

10.Was the quality of content tempting/attractive?

This question will answer whether the quality of the content intrigued them about the topic.

11.Did the event help in enhancing your knowledge?

This question will answer whether there was an increase in their knowledge, or they already knew it all.

12.How accessible was the virtual event platform?

This question will answer whether the source used was easy and simple or whether you should use any other platform in the future.

Virtual Event Survey 2

Virtual Event Survey: More options for Open-Ended Questions

These are subjective opinions the audience will give in your Virtual Event Survey. Some of the questions for which you can receive a subjective response are sampled.

13.What were your expectations from our session?

This question will answer what expectations the attendees had from the session. If the expectations were higher than what was delivered or lower or up to mark.

14.Was the content relevant to the topic of the event?

This question will answer whether the content that was put on display or spoken about in the event was relevant to the topic of the event and how the event was advertised.

15.What did you dislike about our event?

This question will answer if the attendees disliked the event, anything about the event, or faced any problems.

16.What is your biggest takeaway from the event?

This question will answer what did the attendees find the best about the event or what their takeaway was.

17.Where did you hear about our event?

This question will answer where did the attendee come to know about the event.

18.Would you wish to recommend or add something to the content?

This question will answer if the attendee would want to be better in the event, whether content-related or anything else.

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If you have a WordPress Events Website, you must check out the WP Event Manager. All the resources that you need to organize a virtual event and create a Virtual Event Survey are present on WP Event Manager. A scalable, fully-featured event management plugin, it’s incredibly simple to use. It will help you not just with planning but also with other aspects such as ticketing, calendar, venue management, and all other aspects. You can also choose from different templates and styles to create a Virtual Event Survey.

Virtual Event Survey 3


Event engagement is so much more than selling something. A survey does not just enable you to upgrade yourself, but it also gives you the answer to the most important question, “How can I make my event more successful?” A couple of disappointed crowd individuals probably won’t be the greatest warning. Nevertheless, when it turns into a common theme, it’s an ideal opportunity to roll in certain improvements. Now that you know what to ask in your event survey because of the virtual event survey questions we suggested, don’t let this invaluable insight go to waste and make your event awesome.

15+ Questions To Make Your Virtual Event Survey Useful
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