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The Developer Bundle Package is exclusive for developers. Developers can access all the plugins, with one licence key for 5 different domains! They are set at a price you never want to escape from!

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List of Addons Bundle

Turn your WordPress website into an event management portal with just few clicks.
Start hosting detailed and beautiful event listings.

  • wp-event-manager-google-maps
    Google maps add-on allows you to find the event by location. The plugin facilitates collocation search on your website so that users get the exact location of the events.
  • wp-event-manager-calendar
    The plugin allows you to display an event calendar that lists the future events on your website. It is indeed the most expedient way to show all your events created on the dates.
  • wp-event-manager-registrations
    Registrations add-on enables the invitees of your website to register for an event as an attendee. When a user lists the event, you can see it through the dashboard and also manage the registered attendees.
  • wp-event-manager-sell-tickets
    Sell Tickets add-ons combined with WooCommerce, enables your event management site to sell tickets on the website. This add-on enables organizers to track tickets, selling schedules and multilevel pricing. Furthermore, it reduces dependency on developers and eliminates the need for coding.
  • wp-event-manager-stripe-split-payment
    Manage dynamic payments, collect commissions in a secure and compliant environment for organizers and admins for all your events tickets using Split payment. Split Payment by Wp event manager is an outstanding plugin that allows users to split order payments, using Stripe. Stripe is a payment company that complies with PCI and enables any user to pay by credit card.
  • wp-event-manager-attendee-information
    Attendee Information add-on will offer you with a compilation of attendees information which attendees has to fill during the registration for the event. This plugin has the layout to let the visitors register for an event on your website and then let the admin/organizer know that a registration has been made.
  • wp-event-manager-woocommerce-paid-listings
    The WooCommerce Paid Listings plugin manages the paid listing functionality run by WooCommerce. You can generate customised event suites which can be procured or cashed during event proposal. This plugin requires the WooCommerce plugin.
  • wp-event-manager-recurring-events
    The Recurring Events add-on allows admin or user to create a batch of similar events at the same time. The frequent events after particular time like day-to-day, weekly, monthly or yearly are automatically relisted. This saves time by allowing you to quickly build out events instead of creating each one individually.
  • wp-event-manager-alerts
    The Event Alerts add-on provides an option for visitors to choose if they want to receive alerts for their events. The users are also provided with the option to manage their alerts from a dashboard.
  • wp-event-manager-bookmarks
    Adding the bookmarks add-on to your website helps visitors to save their favorite events. The add-on modifies the website by adding a bookmark button on each event page and provides the user(registered) with a dashboard to manage their bookmarks.
  • wp-event-manager-embeddable-event-widget
    The Embeddable Event Widget eradicates the need for code to display event listings on your website from other places. The add-on is a powerful widget asking for a few pieces of information generating a powerful code in return. The widget can be implemented anywhere on the website.
  • wp-event-manager-colors
    Select the color of each event type and category of event listing. You can set text and background color of each event type and category.
  • wp-event-manager-sliders
    It provides you with an owl carousel that enables you to leverage your events with beautiful images. Make your event site more professionally attractive and approachable within no time.
  • wp-event-manager-event-tags
    The Event Tags add-on facilitates organizers in increasing their event’s chances to appear on search results. The add-on inserts a new field called “Event Tags” on the submission form to tag events with relevant keywords. The plugin also adds a filter based tags for your visitors.
  • wp-event-manager-export
    Backup is important and so is portability. Export events add-on makes sure that the events you add to your website are transferrable. You can export all the events on your website with this CSV exporter.
  • wp-event-manager-google-recaptcha
    Google Recaptcha is for protecting your websites from spamming. You can use the Google Recaptcha plugin for inducing more safety in your event registering site.
  • wp-event-manager-emails
    The Email add-on shall send notifications to event organizers for three scenarios: when an event is submitted, when an event is approved, when an event expires. The add-on shall greatly aid in enhancing your organizer/ stakeholders’ experience and trust with your website.
  • wp-event-manager-google-analytics
    You cannot manage what you don’t measure. Google Analytics add-on adds the unique Google Analytics code across your website to measure events and interactions on your website. As a prerequisite, you need to have a Google Analytics account from where you can get a code.
  • wp-event-manager-ical
    If you want to display the events of your events website on your google calendars (or any other calendar) you can use the WP Event Manager - iCal plugin. iCal generate ICS file with events listings.
  • wp-event-manager-zoom
    Seamlessly integrate zoom accounts, create and manage meetings & webinars, highlight events as virtual, track reports and control users directly from WordPress dashboard as well as frontend.
  • guest-list
    Organize and categorize your guests in different groups for your events so as to beautifully manage your guest with the Guest Addon.
  • wp-event-manager-contact-organizer
    The add-on creates a form of users to contact event organizers without any frustrations. The add-on saves you from writing code for forms and buttons and for email notifications to appear for your event organizers when they are contacted for queries.
  • wp-event-manager-sendinblue
    The Sendinblue plugin WP Event Manager lets you create mail lists by automatically syncing the registered event management website’s user data in your Sendinblue List.
  • wp-event-manager-mailchimp
    The WP Event Manager Mailchimp plugin helps you grow Mailchimp lists as it automates the Syncing process of the registered user data of your Event website in your Mailchimp list.
  • constant-contact
    Build your email network from your event WordPress site by combining the versatility of the WP Event Manager plugin with the powerful Constant Contact features!
  • active-campaign
    An active campaign by WP Event Manager offers a truly exceptional depth and breadth integration of WordPress event website registered users with an Active campaign list.
  • name-badges
    Name Badges plugin provides ease of an instant introduction allowing the guests to no longer appear as a stranger, by laying out beautiful and customized badges.
  • zoho-crm
    Engage website visitors through live chat, call prospects, send emails, and manage all customer communication from Zoho CRM with synchronization from your event management website.
  • hubspot-crm
    HubSpot enables you to expand your business more effectively. It aids in the conversion of visitors into leads, the nurturing of leads into customers, and the measurement of business growth.
  • salesforce-crm
    WP Event Manager integration with Salesforce combines the power of the world's top CRM system with a world's leading event management system.