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Beautifully Turn Your Party into New Years Eve Party in 4 days

New Years Eve is getting closer, and the holidays are either ending or already ended. All of that may be how it is, but wouldn’t you want your new years parties to be jam-packed and fully crowded? Wouldn’t you want people to have a nice time on New Years Eve at your parties?

If your answer to both of those questions is yes, then hop on the bus and start reading on how you can increase the sales of your party tickets. It is a common fact that people make last-minute decisions when buying tickets for any party because they don’t want to miss out, so you are in for a ride if you are lucky.

So how do you make it happen? How do you get people to buy tickets to your New Years Eve party? Well, it’s simple, but it requires consistency. If you think you have what it takes, start reading below and follow those steps carefully.

December 28:

    Build the hype for Your Party into New Years Eve party

    The hype is everything. Any event you pick, a movie or a book launch, or any other event, the hype is what takes things over the edge. If you can build enough buzz around your event, people would automatically want to come and bring their friends too.

    Start building the hype around the event that is your New Years Eve on Facebook. You might be wondering how you can do it? Well, you can start by building interest in your Facebook event that you published so it can get popular and arrive in the timelines of people. You can additionally use our event marketing tips for Facebook.

    Use Facebook for maximum exposure and potential traffic.

  1. Use immediate marketing options

    Marketing is vital for any New Years Eve party that you are selling tickets for. Use the right marketing options. Use interactive music and images in your marketing options, that will make people want to buy tickets for your party.

    You can use platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram to conduct your event marketing.

    If you want to utilize more tools for your events and event marketing, use the WP Event Manager and its various add-ons. It will not only add to the events functionality but also help you in sharing all the events on platforms and inviting people. On top of all that, you have to pay no cost for the plugin itself as it is free. Setup your event calendar using the WP Event Manager’s Calendar add-on.

    New Years Eve Party

December 29: Make it easy for people to go to your event

The next step and most probably the most important one is to make it convenient and easy for people to buy your New Years Eve Party tickets. The easier it is, the more people will buy your tickets and be there at your party. Convenience may be boring, but it matters.

You can use the following methods to make it easier for people:

  1. Easy payment methods
  2. Convenient locations and discounts on transport apps
  3. Guide people

December 30: Last-minute scenes

We cannot stress it enough that you must give people the chance to see your New Years Eve party at the right time, which is exactly two nights before it happens. That’s when people will want to go and make plans with their friends because of the urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO).

You can generate urgent marketing techniques by introducing phrases like ‘Limited seats available’ or you can put the number of remaining seats available to let people know that the tickets are running out. Also, tell people that it is cheaper to buy tickets for your New Years Eve party tickets online rather than at the door.

New Years Eve Party 1

December 31: Last-minute discounts to sell out tickets

There are tons of people who don’t have plans for their New Years Eve. Give them options and give them plans. A lot of people are waiting to make a last-minute purchase when they find killer deals, so incorporate discounts for people who buy in the last few hours.

If the price is plausible, people will buy it.


So now you know how to win over New Years Eve parties at the last-minute and turn their feet towards your party. Make it easy and make it convenient for people to buy tickets and reach your events. Create hype and make it worth it for the people.

Beautifully Turn Your Party Into New Years Eve Party In 4 Days
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