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How to Organize a Successful Virtual Event in 2023?

It is an undeniable fact that in-person events are irresponsible but you can not ignore the popularity of virtual events as well. In fact, conducting virtual events have become a necessity for most event businesses. Since virtual events have become a trend and more and more businesses are adapting to the new trend, the competition is also high in this field. So how to organize a successful virtual event? Read this article entirely to get the answer.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the most effective ways of creating  remarkable virtual events.

Before getting into the topic, let us introduce you to the concept of virtual events.

Authentic Events Guide to Organize Spectacular Virtual Events

What is a virtual event?

Virtual events are the events that take place online. It is an entirely technology-driven concept where attendees can join from any corner of the world with the help of a mobile or laptop and an internet connection.

In a virtual event, you can easily connect with your attendees through video chats or voice calls. Due to the immense popularity of virtual events the market for dedicated virtual events platforms are also growing.

Virtual Event 2023

Organizing a full-fledged virtual event requires the same amount of effort as the in-person ones. The only difference between them is that virtual events are less expensive than in-person events. The biggest challenge in virtual events is to replace the convenience of a face to face interaction. However, the process has been simplified with the invention of virtual events platforms that efficiently take care of audience engagement through interactive sessions.

Types of virtual events

Types Of Virtual Event

Every type of event can be hosted virtually but some of the popular ones include the following:

  • Webinars. 
  • Conferences. 
  • Social virtual events. 
  • Networking events. 
  • Product launch. 
  • Job fairs. 
  • Shopping fests. 
  • Team building events. 
  • Fundraising events and more.

Hosting Virtual Event

Advantages of hosting virtual events

Virtual events come with a plethora of benefits and this is why businesses are rapidly adopting the new trend.

Some of the most prominent advantages of hosting virtual events include:
  • As virtual events do not require a venue and other related arrangements of in-person events, they are much more affordable than physical events. This helps small businesses with a limited budget to organize such events for their audiences. 
  • Online events are known for their ability to attract global audiences. It removes geographical boundaries making it easy for your global audiences to gather and interact freely under the comfort of their homes. 
  • As a host of an online event you can use the video clip of your event and use it in the future or share it on social media platforms to increase brand awareness. 
  • It can even attract well-known personalities in your industry to be a part of your event who might not have time to join in an in-person event but can easily connect with your audiences through a quick video call.

Advantage Of Virtual Event

How to organize a successful virtual event in 2023?

Follow the below mentioned tips to gain the desired results in your upcoming virtual events:

1. Identify your target audiences

Identifying your target audiences is the first step that you need to take to create successful virtual events. Make a detailed research on your audiences and ensure that you have the following information about them:

  • The age group they belong to. 
  • Their professional fields. 
  • The platforms they use. 
  • The platforms you can find them on. 
  • Their likes, dislikes and interests.

Target Audiences

The above mentioned information will help you create content that would attract the maximum number of your target audiences.

2. Build a solid event strategy

While building a strategy for your online events, you need to understand that virtual events are different from in-person events in almost every aspect including the medium you use, the way audiences interact and the technology used.

Consider the following points while creating your event strategy:

  • Note down your event objective, budget and action plan for the event day. 
  • Make sure you have a clear idea about the purpose of the event and what you want to achieve through it. For example you are hosting the event to expand your audience reach or generate revenue or spread brand awareness.

3. Choose the right tools

Having the support of the right tools is extremely important to enhance the human effort. If you are having a dedicated WordPress events website then you have a huge number of plugin options that you can add to your website to host your virtual events.

We recommend the WP Event Manager plugin which is an event management plugin for WordPress. It has a list of addons that take care of all types of events and event requirements.


The WP Event Manager addons that are especially designed for virtual events include the following:

  • Zoom

The Zoom addon is specially designed for users to handle webinars, online classes, conferences, virtual meetings and more.

The combined strength of WP Event Manager and Zoom takes your professional virtual meetings to another level.

It has the right features and functionalities that help you sell your Zoom events and also share the link directly on your website. The best part about the Zoom addon is that the meeting link on a user’s website will only be visible to the registered attendees.


To know more about such amazing Zoom addon features, discover the plugin now.

  • Expo Networking

The Expo Networking plugin simply redefines the concept of virtual events. It has such powerful features that help users create virtual events that are no less than in-person events.

Starting from a virtual reception to adding interactive sessions into it, everything can be done with the Expo Networking plugin.

The plugin allows you to create:

  • Live sessions.
  • Group discussions. 
  • Expo booths with customized logo.
  • Private backstage.
  • Live announcement facility. 
  • Live Q&A sessions. 
  • Screen sharing options.
  • Interactive lounge for participants and more.

Expo-Networking Plugin

To know more about the features of the Expo Networking plugin, discover the plugin now!

  • Speakers and Schedule

The Speakers and Schedule addon is another plugin that you can use to empower your virtual events.

The plugin allows you to display the list of the speakers who will be there at your event along with their schedule in your event.

4. Promote your virtual events effectively

Event Promotion is extremely important in reaching out to your target audiences. You can use the following methods to promote your virtual events.

  • Use social media platforms. 
  • Adopt email marketing. 
  • Utilize your website to promote your event by highlighting your upcoming events on the calendar. 
  • Sell brand merchandise.  
  • Initiate polls and surveys to get feedback about your event from your attendees.

Promote Virtual Event

5. Check audio and video quality

As the virtual events are completely technology driven, you need to ensure that you have made all the arrangements in advance.

  • Check your audio and video quality. 
  • Use a high-speed internet connection and always have a second option in case of any issue with the first one, you can always rely on the other option. 
  • Carefully check your microphone, laptops and other related instruments if they are working fine.

It is always good to be double sure about your instruments that you will require in  your virtual events.

Voice Quality

Wrapping up

Whether you are hosting a virtual or an in-person event you need to have a proper plan and efficient tools to make it successful. The secret ingredients to cook the perfect virtual event include a solid strategy, the right tools like WP Event Manager addons, effective promotion, clearly defined event objective and knowing your target audiences.

How To Organize A Successful Virtual Event In 2023?
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