Powerful Ways of Managing Zoom Via WordPress Dashboard

Zoom has become pretty much popular since the beginning of 2020 for virtual events in many sectors. Businesses now realized the worth of online presence and online events. Therefore, a huge portion of the community is developing business websites for an online identity by managing zoom as per their need.

WordPress is a highly recommended framework that has been utilized by more than 63% of the community to develop their websites. One of the reasons for its popularity is the availability of hundreds of plugins for additional functionalities.

Managing Zoom Via Wordpress Dashboard

For event management websites, especially dealing with the virtual events, WordPress and the Plugins offered by WordPress is playing a vital role due to the additional services.

Well, most of the virtual events are managed over Zoom, and let’s see how you can manage your Zoom directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Zoom is the ultimate option for virtual events

Creating an online meeting room, connecting people for discussion, online classes, and much more is easy to manage with Zoom. You can accomplish the task through a user-friendly Zoom interface available with the WP Event Manager Plugin. Now, managing Zoom with your WordPress website is simple and quick.

With the Zoom on WordPress, you can conduct and manage online conferences, meetings, and lectures. There is no need to download a separate application for all the operations. Simply go to the WordPress website dashboard for managing Zoom connections.

Managing Zoom from WordPress

Are you looking for the simplest way to manage Zoom? So, do it with the WP Event Manager Plugin available for easy management and operating Zoom. It is not a random video conferencing software or plugin for the meeting. WordPress Event Manager is a popular plugin for online meetings and conferences with multiple features and serves as one for all the functionalities of virtual events.

As we know, the idea of online meetings and video conferencing is applicable around the world. WP Event Manager Plugin has a vast use in educational institutions for online lectures or courses. In the companies, it is widely now used for the conference, consultation, and to create an interactive working environment.

With managing Zoom through WordPress, you can simplify the use and enjoy multiple features.

WP Event Manager Plugin Features

Managing Zoom With Wp Event Manager

1. Video conference on Zoom through WordPress page

You do not need to install or download the application to join the live conference or session. The plugin provides the facility to directly login and joins the meeting from the link available on the WordPress website page, which makes WP Event Manager Plugin a very handy tool for managing Zoom.

With the plugin, you can give the link for the Zoom application to attend the meeting. The user will only click on the provided link, and that will drag directly on the Zoom landing page.

2. Countdown for meeting

It is easy to schedule the meeting on Zoom with the WordPress Zoom plugin. You can add the Zoom link shortcut on the website page and set the countdown for the meeting through the dashboard. The visitor can see the countdown by clicking the link before the meeting begins.

3. Managing Zoom video conference features

By using the WordPress plugin for managing Zoom, you can set the multiple features of video conferencing. It includes the enabling of:

  • Video conference joining through mobile phone
  • Limit the number of participants for video conference
  • Manage the participants in a live session
  • Remove or add the participant in a live meeting
  • Mute the live chat
  • Allow group or private chat
  • Manage the screen sharing with participants to limit the sharing

4. End or resume the live session

With the plugin, you can manage the live video session. It allows you to end, stop, or resume the meeting from the dashboard of WordPress website. If the manager end, pause or resume the meeting at any stage, the participant will only see the notification on the screen.

5. Meeting password setting

When you are creating the meeting through the WordPress plugin, it allows you to create a meeting room with the selective participant or for the random. You can set the meeting password for the Zoom video conference, and only the participant having a password will join the live session.

Moreover, you can check the enforce login option through the dashboard while managing Zoom. It allows the login user to join the meeting and restrict others.

6. Recording of the live session

WordPress plugin for Zoom offers the option to record the live conference session and manage it with the dashboard. The feature will help to share the recording of the live sessions on the website. It will be beneficial for those who are not available at the time of the meeting and join in the middle.

The users can watch recorded videos anytime for past meetings or live events. You can restrict the recording sharing by limit the users.

7. Sync the Zoom events with website

The WP Event Manager Plugin offers easy managing Zoom facilitation through the dashboard like you can sync the Zoom application directly with the web interface to manage and share the events.

By using the WordPress plugin, you can connect the Zoom to the event calendar and manage it directly from the dashboard. Simply you need to create a customized Zoom account and connect it with WordPress by authorizing it. By following the simple steps, you can view and manage the Zoom events right from the WordPress dashboard.

It allows protecting the Zoom link by allowing the devices through which it is accessible. You can share the hidden login button for the Zoom event. Moreover, avail the opportunity to set up a Zoom meeting on the webinar and share the link with different channels for live streaming.