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List Of Important Details To Add In Event Website

Hosting an event website is the perfect strategy to grab the attention of people towards your business. Not only do these events websites prove to be useful, but they also help to establish connections and build an audience.

Hosting events can prove beneficial and productive for event managers when they provide the right amount of elaboration to your attendees. The best way to give this kind of communication to your attendees is through a website.

An event website is a cost-friendly way to advertise your events digitally. Even though you can digitally market your event through social media platforms, having a formal website is more preferred. It belongs to only one topic, as on social media, users can look at it just as a post.

To ensure your event website is persuasive and productive, here are ten details you should include.

List Of Important Details To Add In Event Website

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Impressive landing page

The very first impression the user is going to get from your event is the landing page. Make sure it is user-friendly and responsive. Correct and straightforward details should be well communicated in the middle of the page.

You can add pictures from your last year’s events in the background. If the landing page of your event website is visually appealing, then you can quickly hook the users into your event. Proper registration buttons should be visible.

Informative descriptions of

The most important part of the event website is the event’s description. You can explain the event’s agenda, why the attendees should come to your event, who will be the speaker, planned activities, and any promotions or offers you offer to the customers.

Add In Event Website

Company info and contact information

Adding necessary correspondence information to your event website is a must. You should include all of the company details – email address, phone number, physical address. This way, your potential customers can easily approach you.

Event schedule, time & location details

Many Event Managers don’t provide the proper events schedule to their attendees. However, transparency is the key. All of the plans should be well communicated. Provide location with parking details nearby, exact time, and proper event schedule.

Your company history

The most exciting part of your event website is your company’s introduction and achievements in the past. Make a concise description of what your company offers over the years. What new prospects they are going to bring in with the upcoming events.

Social media links

Social media is one of the most significant updates giving media. Your event website should have all the necessary social media account links related to your event and company.

You can introduce all the new updates, like registration updates, ticket sale updates, to your social media accounts to attract more audiences.

Add In Event Website

Easily accessible registration forms

Easily accessible registration forms play a vital role in collecting necessary information regarding the attendee entry. Your event website should contain these forms, but make sure the information on these forms is simple and precise.

Ticket purchasing procedure

Briefly explain the ticket buying procedure on your event website; you can add a video tutorial on buying the ticket. If there won’t be any convenient option to purchase tickets, most likely you’ll lose the clients, and the more you lose them, the less successful your event will be.

Speakers information

The keynote speakers give your event more credibility and attract even those persons who didn’t want to come in the first place. Don’t let attendees guess who will address them, and make the list of your speakers clear on the website. You may also want to include bio information, speaker session times, and their social media information.

Include visuals

Pictures can make the overall feel of your event website more attractive and appealing. Add the photos of your team and the venue of the event. Also, don’t forget to include previous events photos as well.


Putting good event website design is essential for event managers to maintain their online presence. Putting up all the details mentioned above in their WordPress website would maximize the potential of communication.

WP Event Manager

To add all these details to your events website, you must first set up your event website. For that you require the best event management plugin available for WordPress sites. For that, we recommend using the WP Event Manager.

Make Your Events Website Amazing

It provides all the functionality required for any events website. It also contains extra functionality like front-end forms, easy event classification, and an add-on calendar.

List Of Important Details To Add In Event Website
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