WP Event Manager’s Zoom Addon may be a full solution for WordPress users that gives robust tools for zoom events, hosting, and zoom account management straight from the WordPress dashboard.

How convenient it might be for all the organizers who want to conduct virtual events to directly optimize their page with links that might redirect their users on a platform where organizing and conducting meetings, seminars, conferences, or Livestream are very easy with just a couple of clicks!

With the mixing of the Zoom plugin with the core plugin, the organizers can save their and user’s time by automatically displaying Zoom links for all online events.

Zoom and WordPress both are different products and not owned or managed by WP Event Manager. the worth of the plugin doesn’t include the worth of a Zoom Subscription. Please visit the Zoom site to understand more.

How to Install

Automatic Installation:

You’ll install a plugin from the backend of your WordPress. Click Here to ascertain how you’ll do the automated installation.

Manual Installation:

You’ll install the plugin manually using SFTP or FTP tool also. Click Here to ascertain how you’ll do a manual installation.

Setting up your Zoom application by JWT(Obtain API Keys)

  1. The initial step to Zoom integration is obtaining API Keys.
  2. Sign up or check in to Zoom – Signup to your zoom after entering your email id and password on the zoom website.
  3. Visit Zoom App Marketplace – Visit Zoom App Marketplace here, and check-in with the account that you simply have previously created on Zoom.
  4. Create your App – Once you’ve got entered the marketplace click on the Develop button and choose the Build App option.
  5. Choose your App type – On this page, you would like to settle on the primary option JWT. Click “Create” and provides your App a reputation. Enter the name and click on “Create” once more.
  6. Basic Information – In Basic Information add a name, and in Developer Contact Information add Name and Email address and click on “Continue”.
  7. App Credentials – After the essential information has been filled, you’d receive API Key alongside the key. This information you would like to stick to Wp event manager settings so as to attach the plugin together with your Zoom app.