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Stripe Split Payment

The Stripe Split Payment helps users distribute the ticket revenue between the website owner or admin and event organizers.

Installing the plugin

The installation process is the same for all the addons, offered by WP Event Manager. They can be both installed automatically and manually.

  • Automatic Installation: You can install the plugin from the backend of your WordPress. Click Here to see how you can install the plugin automatically.
  • Manual Installation: You can also install the plugin manually using SFTP or FTP tools. Click Here to see how you can install the plugin manually.

The Stripe works with country restriction. This means that. For the split payment to work with Stripe, The Stripe account of Admin and Organizer should belong to the same country.

Watch the entire video for better understanding.

Connecting with Stripe

You need to connect your Stripe account with WordPress to work with Stripe.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to connect with Stripe:

  1. Enter your login information at https://dashboard.stripe.com/login.
    Connecting Stripe Login Information
  2. Now, enable the option “View test data” on the side panel if not set to enable already.
    Connecting Stripe-View Test Data
  3. Click the API Keys menu option on the side panel. Here, you will see the Publishable key(API Publishable Key).
    Connecting Stripe-Api Publishable Key
  4. Now, click the “Reveal test key token” to get your Secret Key(API Key).
    Connecting Stripe-Api Publishable Key
  5. To get the Client Secret key, click on the “Settings” option & navigate to the product settings & to the “Connect” option.
    Connecting Stripe- To The “Connect” Option
  6. Under Connect settings scroll down to the Integration page & here you can find the Client ID.
    Connecting Stripe- Find The Client Id
  7. For redirection, you need to click on + Add URL.Set the Website URL as http://www.example.com/

    Connecting Stripe-Set The Website Url
    Connecting Stripe-Set The Website Url 2

Note: Please set a default URL among the various URLs set by you for redirection.

Connecting Stripe-Set The Website Url 2

This will not further create confusion for where the user has to be redirected.

Here, you have two keys for the client_Id that are to be used according to the mode –

  • Development mode – This client_id is to be used when your site is in the testing mode.
  • Product mode – This client_id is to be used when your site is in the live mode.

Settings at the Admin panel:

After setting up a Stripe Account and obtaining the Keys, an admin needs to add these details to the Admin Panel.

To perform the task, here are the steps that need to be taken:

  1. Go to Wp-admin >> Woocommerce >> Settings >> Payments.
  2. Enable: WPEM Stripe Split Payment, and configure it by clicking “Manage”.
    Settings At Admin Panel For Split Payment
  3. Set the configurations as mentioned below:
    • Enable/Disable – With the help of this option, the admin can enable or disable this plugin.
    • Stripe Gateway Title – Enter the title that a customer will see at the time of checkout.
  4. Enter your display details:
    • Description – The admin will specify the description which the customer can see on the checkout page.
  5. Stripe API configuration:

    • Test mode-This will enable the test mode of Stripe, using the test API keys.
    • Test client_id – Enter Stripe Connect Test Client Id.
    • Test secret Key – Enter the API Stripe Test Secret Key generated within the Stripe Payment gateway.
    • Publishable Key – Enter the API Stripe Test Publishable Key generated within the Stripe Payment gateway.
  6. Other settings:

    • Enable Shipping Address- If enabled, the shipping address will be sent to stripe.
    • Logging- Save debug messages to the WooCommerce System Status log.
    • Save changes.

Connecting Stripe for Organizers

My account on the frontend now comprises a section: Connect Stripe, in the options at the left-hand side.

Here are the steps, organizers need to take to connect:

  1. The organizers need to connect their stripe account by clicking on “Connect”.
    Connecting Stripe For Organizers
  2. After clicking on the “Connect” option, the organizer will be redirected to another page where they need to add a few details.
    Connecting Stripe For Organizers 1
  3. After filling in the details the organizer needs to click on the “Authorize Access To This Account” button after which he or she will get the “Payment Description Or Payment Id“ button.
    Payment Description Or Payment Id
  4. The button will take the organizer to the “My account” page where he or she can view a message that states “you are connected with stripe”.
    You Are Connected With Stripe

Setting Fees By Admin

To set up fees, here are the steps an admin needs to take.

  1. Go to: Admin >> WooCommerce >> Settings >> Fees.
    Setting Fees By Admin
  2. Manage the following settings:
    • Enable fee processing:You will find a tab for each installed payment gateway. By default, additional fees are disabled for a payment gateway, so you need to enable it for each gateway and select what should be automatically added on checkout.
    • Default Fee: It is the fee charged irrespective of any new rule inserted.
    • Default Fee label: It helps you to set a custom text for the fee description. It is displayed as “Item Description” in the order item table on the checkout page.
    • Maximum Fee: This option allows you to deactivate additional fees for a selected payment gateway if the total cart amount exceeds a certain amount. If you do not want to charge an additional fee when the user purchases $200 or more, insert “200” into the text field.
    • Default Fee Type: Choose from fee per ticket or per order to calculate the fees accordingly.
    • Type of additional fee offers Two options:
    • “Fixed amount” – adds a fixed fee to the total cart value. If you enter 10 into the “Value to add” box, the plugin adds $10 to the total amount. (Note that $ is an example, as fees are based on your selected currency). If the cart total is $200, the total amount with the fee is $210 ($200 + $10).
    • “Percentage” – adds a percentage-based fee to the total amount. If you enter 10 into the “Value to add” box, the plugin adds 10% of the cart total to the total amount. If the cart total is $200 the total amount is $220 ($200 + $20 ->10% of $200).
  3. The Admin can also set restrictions or a new rule, by determining the amount of fees that need to be charged based on the Country Code.

    Payment Process by Visitors

    After the event tickets are added to the cart, users on the checkout page need to select the Stripe Connect option to make payment for a purchase.
    Payment Process By Visitors

    They also need to add the the card details details that include card number, choose a card type as

    – Master, Visa, or American Express from the dropdown list, Expiry Date, and the CVV details and simply tap on Place Order.

    Stripe Money Transfer

    • The admin and the Organizers need to log in to their Stripe accounts using their respective login credentials.
    • Both can see the details of their payment (commission) which is displayed under the Payments option.
    • The Organizer’s commission details will be present in the admin’s Stripe Account.

    Please enable the View test data option to view the details of the payments received and paid, respectively by Admins and Organizers.

    For example, the Transaction amount is $204 which is displayed under the Payments Section.

    • The Organizer, after logging into his or her Stripe Account can view the payment (commission) under the Payments section Payment’sfor instance, $204.Stripe Money Transfer

      Here, he will get all the details of the price break up including the fees, tax, and Net that he would be getting.

    • Similarly, The admin can check the fees collected by them by navigating to Payment >> Collected fees.

Here for example he gets $4 as the commission.

Example How Gets The CommissionExample How Gets The Commission 2

Stripe only works by adding credit card fields on the checkout and then sending the details to Stripe for verification.

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