The 10 Reasons We Love Kinsta’s Managed WordPress Hosting

It goes without saying that the world of IT is a fiercely competitive arena. Whatever tool, gadget, or service you may want to use, there are plenty of options available. Of course, this makes the job of IT tools and service providers ever more challenging and complicated. The same is the case with Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting. We will be talking about this amazing hosting provider and why we love it in this article.

With so many players out there and the user spoilt for choice, service providers often have their work cut out in order to stay relevant. The same is the case with managed WordPress hosting facilities. They are pretty much a dime a dozen.

However, if there is a reliable and robust web host available that provides wonderful performance and ultra-fast speed, then that is priceless. It is not the easiest to manage a WordPress website with thousands of visitors. If your hosting plan does not work out, then you may end up spending money on an unresponsive website. Ultimately, it will result in a site that is of no use either to you or your target audience.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Benefits

Bad hosting is often likely to lead to connection bottlenecks, slower speeds, and causing other websites on the same server to go offline. These issues can be avoided with managed WordPress hosting and Kinsta is one of the best providers of it by far.

We have used Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting plan a fair bit in recent times and can confidently say that it has many positives. That would be an understatement. Our team has pretty much fallen in love with it. For instance, Kinsta hosting works amazingly when you are creating and running an event management website by using WP Event Manager. In this piece, we’ll talk about why that is so.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Benefits

Reliance on Google Cloud

This is one of the biggest reasons why we are so fond of Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting services. Using Google Cloud Platform enables Kinsta to provide the same infrastructural access to users as the one used by Google for YouTube, Google Search, Google Hangouts, and all other products.

Moreover, Kinsta utilizes the Premium tier network. It doesn’t go for the relatively cheaper Standard tier. This means that there will never be any compromise on the quality of service available. In Google’s own words, the Premium tier “utilizes the company’s widespread global network with unmatchable service quality.”

Improved Hosting Options

Kinsta is a very flexible medium with the ability to accommodate the unique and somewhat irregular features of your website. Furthermore, Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting provides server rules and optimizations for WooCommerce stores. Same goes for the Easy Digital Download stores.

User-Friendly Dashboard

User-Friendly Dashboard

If you are not new to hosting your website and have used a cheaper hosting in the past, you are more than likely to have experienced the control panel.

Honestly speaking, cPanel is not that bad when it comes to functionality and does its job. However, when it comes to user-friendliness and customizability, it lacks behind greatly.

But worry not, because with Kinsta you can bid your farewells to cPanel as Kinsta offers its users a highly interactive user-friendly dashboard that was built from the ground up with WordPress site owners and developers in mind.

In simpler words, you don’t need to be a web wiz to use Kinsta’s dashboard to its full potential. This particular quality makes it a great hosting for newbies.

Thorough Security

When you’re talking about the digital domain, no matter what it is, you can’t ignore the threat of being hacked. And if we look specifically at WordPress for a minute, we come to realize that it’s used by more than 34% of all websites; making it quite susceptible to malicious attacks and malware.

But if you choose Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting, you can take a sigh of relief because of its serious approach against hackers and malware. Apart from hardware firewalls, Kinsta has designed security measures specific to WordPress.

Furthermore, Kinsta has also set in place strong login security for both WordPress and Kinsta accounts. Not only does Kinsta has a two-factor authorization it imposes strong passwords and bans IPs after six failed attempts to log in.

On top of that, you’d be happy to know that it also offers a hack fix guarantee. In layman terms, that means, even if after all those security measures some harmful malware or hackers can pass through, you’ll get your site cleaned and back to work; that too, for free.

It should be duly noted that none of this means that you are free from any responsibility, whatsoever. One should always have personal security measures set in place.

Exceptional Customer Support

How often have you found yourself stuck in the middle, unable to perform a task because of some unfathomable issue in the background? It is quite irritating and exhausting.

What’s more irritating is when you seek professional help from customer support, and they can’t seem to comprehend or diagnose the issue; thus, leaving you hanging there helpless while they contact their superiors.

Kinsta users don’t need to worry when it comes to customer support as it is by far the best because they deliver what they claim. And that is:

  • A team of experts that is ready to help you solve your issues
  • Prompt replies
  • 24/7 availability

You can ask for help through the Intercom live chat widget that can be found at the bottom right corner of the screen. Intercom chat is better than the conventional method because:

  • It does not open up a separate window
  • You can switch windows while still chatting to the support team
  • Your chat history is stored so that if you need to revisit some instructions, you can easily do that

Staging Environments Made Simple

Staging Environments Made Simple

If you are just starting to work with managed your WordPress site, you might not be familiar with the term staging environment. Talking in simple terms, a staging environment is a dummy website that you can use to test and perform other tasks that would be unsafe to perform on the actual website.

Some of these unsafe tasks might be:

  • Testing out a new theme to see if it works, looks good, is user-friendly, or not
  • Testing out new features and to check their functionality before incorporating them in the original website

And once you are convinced that the new additions or alterations are good to go, you can transfer them to the live server.

But the problem with most of the shared hosting providers is that they have a complicated and time-consuming process for the addition of the new features tested on the staging site to the live server.

Fortunately, Kinsta has a one-step staging option that lets you transfer the new updates on the live website with just a click.

Kinsta goes a step further and automatically creates a backup of the original site (the one before the alteration) so that if there’s a change of heart, users can easily restore the previous version.

Automatic Backups

Automatic Backups

You’ve probably lost something really important at least once (it’s probably way more than that) while upgrading to a new window, factory resetting a smartphone, or doing something else.

After experiencing such a trauma, you clearly understand the necessity of having a backup. And it is even more essential to have a backup when your income depends upon it.

Kinsta clearly understands this need and provides a daily automatic update to its users; that is saved for 14 days. However, if you require more frequent backups, you can pay extra bucks to get automatic updates every hour of the day.

Alternatively, you can also save a backup manually. You can save up to 5 manual backups, consecutively. These manual backups will also remain saved for up to 14 days.

Using the drop-down menu, you can restore any of the backups either to the live site or to the staging site.

Making Migrations Easier

Making Migrations Easier

Most website owners are content creators with little to no knowledge of technical hosting stuff. This comes to light, especially when you have to move your website between hosts. Not only is it technically tricky, but it is also extremely risky and time-consuming.

However, if you’re in such a situation of biting your nails off in worry, take a break. We are glad to inform you that Kinsta helps migrate the websites of new accounts.

All you need to do is provide Kinsta all the required credentials. And the experts from Kinsta will migrate your website from your existing hosting to your managed WordPress hosting while you sit back and do what you’re great at, i.e. content creation.

There’s more to it

We’ve already established the fact that setting up hosting and getting your site ready with Kinsta managed WordPress hosting is not only easy but is also super fast. But there are situations when the standard features are not enough, and special add-ons are required.

For example, Kinsta offers support for:

  • Bedrock/Trellis
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch
  • Cloudflare Railgun
  • Nginx reverse proxy

Easy Scalability

Easy Scalability

Imagine that you are getting more than your usual amount of visitors on your site. Quite a happy thought, and why shouldn’t it be? More traffic means more sales. However, with more traffic comes a burden on the site, which hinders its optimal performance.

For a website to function at its fullest in times of higher traffic needs to be scaled accordingly. Such a task can be quite problematic when you are using shared hosting.

Alternatively, Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting uses Google Compute Engine servers. Hence, Kinsta is best option to scale your website according to the requirement automatically. Moreover, other managed hosting providers are limited to up to 6 CPUs per machine. Whereas, Kinsta can scale up to as many CPUs as required without any issue.

The Takeaway

Having gone through all these reasons, we presented, we hope that you understand that although a bit expensive, it is the best-managed WordPress hosting provider in the market.

Get it today!