Import Facebook Events Into Your basic WordPress Events Website

The task to Import Facebook Events to your event website plays an important role in event marketing. Here is everything you need to know about it.

The Importance of the “Event Promotion” Phase

If you have in mind the realization of a business event and you decide to carry it out, certain guidelines are essential for this event marketing to be a profitable investment in the short-medium term. One of them is the key to promoting an event.

These activities are a really effective way for both the entrepreneur and his company and its services to reach a target audience in an absolutely direct way as well as ingenious and entertaining. In these cases, the function of the image and the memory plays a fundamental role. Since it will be what determines that those possible assistants and contacts who have attended their event become potential clients.

How to Promote Business with Facebook Events

  • Mailing

    It is advisable to send a mailing to the contact base you have, both to the subscribers of your website and to those who are already potential customers of your company. This is a really effective way to foster relationships, as it is giving you exclusive information. It is also profitable because the information reaches a large audience through a free event promotion tool.

  • Platforms for the promotion of the event

    In addition to the website and its database, you must use other tools that help you reach a target audience, the one for which your company is still unknown. It is a way to reach potential customers, spreading not only your brand but also the event that is organized.

    This is the case of platforms dedicated to the promotion of Facebook Events, such as integration of WP Event Manager Plugin with WordPress website, in which the promotion of Facebook events can be done using several add-ons with a lot of beneficial features.

  • Payment campaigns

    The option of payment campaigns is usually really useful since it can reach a specific audience and with it to potential customers, due to the segmentation they allow to do. Tools of this type can be:

    • Google AdWords. Sales tool for any search. It allows amazing accuracy because it always responds to a search that is absolutely related to what the interested party wants to find. It is advisable for a more objective and specific audience.
    • Facebook Ads. Although the range reached by Facebook is lower, it also means less cost. Segmentation is done for the interests of users. It is advisable for wider audiences.
    • LinkedIn Ads. It is effective to locate people related to the sector you need for your event.
  • Import Facebook Events for event promotion

    This social network offers numerous options to make the event promotion as effective as possible.

    Event statistics appear: number of people who have seen a link to the event page on Facebook, those who have seen the event and those who have interacted with the event – have confirmed their attendance, perhaps attended or have saved it -. Therefore, you will have the possibility to know how many users you are arriving and the acceptance you are having.

  • Import and Export of Events to and from WP Event Manager Plugin

    Integrating your Event WordPress website with Facebook to import/export events has a very significant advantage for the promotion of the events. Facebook is a very useful tool to promote the facebook events to the targeted audience and the WP event manager plugin is, on the other hand, a very interesting and beneficial plugin for the event management website. Combining these two important and useful modules together clearly depict how much benefits it will bring for the event promotion.

    Import and Export of Events

    For both that are importing facebook events, exporting facebook events from websites using WP event manager plugin can be done through the available add-ons. WP event manager plugin comes with a number of handy and full of features add-ons which can be integrated with the plugin for extra functionalities. Each add-on is a paid one with an easy to integrate and simple and understandable working feature.

  • For importing and exporting the Events between Facebook and the WP event manager plugin there is a different add-on for each of them. To export the events from the WP manager plugin to Facebook the add-on “Embeddable Event Widget” offers the best functionality. Similarly, to do the reverse thing, that is importing events from Facebook to WordPress website, there is an add-on available with the WP event manager plugin.


The basic feature of the Import Facebook Events add-on is to show your Facebook events on the WordPress website. Along with the basic feature, here are some other beneficial things that you might consider before purchasing it.

Import Facebook Events Into Your WordPress Events Website

  • Easy to use. (documentation is available on how to use particular add-on)
  • Fast and adaptable. (Quick management settings are available and you can have multiple options to adjust the appearance imported events)
  • Error-free. (Due to its simplicity and availability of the documentation explaining each and every aspect of how to handle the add-on, there is a very low probability that you stuck somewhere (at any error even).

Why purchase?

For an event management business, it’s important that you have modern tools to advertise and attract the target audience to your events. It’s a digital era, and technology is evolving at a great rate. Websites for event management are currently considered as the best way to promote and manage events.

Therefore, in doing so business, you must have two things that are a very handy and beneficial tool for the management of your events which we have offered through WP Event Manager Plugin. Another one is a tool that can help to promote the event across different platforms which again can be done using the WP Event Manager Plugin Add-on to promote events across Facebook and WP website.

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