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5 Tempting Ideas to Throw and Host a Fantastic Virtual Party

Bizzabo has reported thousands of virtual parties and events in the past few months. Knowing how to party virtually is not as tricky as it sounds! Whether it is a birthday party, company celebration, an anniversary, or a hangout with friends, you need to know how to throw a virtual party seeing how everyone is currently stuck at home.

Throwing a virtual party online on video chat can be a lot more fun and exciting than you would expect it to be. Keep reading to learn more about 5 ways to throw a bomb party.

Plan out the details

If you want to throw a virtual party, you will have to take out the time to plan your online party ideas and execute them accordingly.

Plan Out The Details For Virtual Party
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Make a guest list

Whichever video conferencing platform you use, there will be a limit for the number of people who can connect to your virtual party without latency issues kicking in. Simultaneously managing too many people’s audio and video streams can be confusing!

According to Epicurious, the party planner’s rule is to invite at least 30% of people more than you expect to turn up.

Try WP Event Manager’s Attendee Information add-on which offers you a compilation of attendees information which attendees need to fill during the registration for the Party. This plugin has the layout to let the visitors register for an occasion on your website then let the organizer know that a registration has been made.

Find an appropriate time

To throw a bomb party, you need to choose a suitable time that most attendees will be comfortable with.
Send out your virtual party invitations at least a week or two in advance so people know how to manage their time for that day.

Use a tech-friendly platform

Instead of choosing a venue, a virtual party will involve choosing an online video conferencing platform. Keep in mind that not everyone on your virtual party guest list will be tech-savvy, so pick a platform that is easy to work with.

It is recommended that you inform your guests beforehand about which online platform you will be using for your virtual party. Doing so will help them come prepared!

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Costume party

A costume party is one of our favorite enjoyable online party ideas! It can help keep people engaged and keep things festive for your virtual party.


Watch out for those monsters, aliens, and fairies! Guests love to dress up for a virtual party with a theme.

One of our virtual celebration ideas is to choose a theme that everyone will be able to dress up for without trouble. Keep in mind holidays that are around the corner such as Halloween or Christmas to make your decision.


As the host trying to throw a bomb party, you will be responsible for decorations. Add an anesthetic banner, blow balloons, put theme-relevant props in place, and get a couple of your close friends attending your virtual party to do the same.

Virtual celebration ideas are all about putting in the effort to help people escape the pandemic for a relaxing and enjoyable time with friends, family, and colleagues. Putting up decorations is a great way of showing that you care about other people having fun.

As the host, your job is to awaken the spirit of a virtual party celebration!

Entertain your guests

Want to know how to party virtually? Keep your guests entertained at all times.

Entertain Your Guests For Virtual Party

Shared activities

One of the most important virtual party celebration ideas is to make sure that everyone is involved and engaged in the party’s activities. Choose a shared activity that everyone can join in like party games such as charades, guess-the-sketch, or two truths and one lie.

Before your virtual party starts, make a list of shared activities that you and your guests can enjoy. If any activity seems like it isn’t working out or doesn’t have a majority of your audience excited, you can move onto the next.

Be open to virtual celebration ideas from your guests too!

Offer entertainment

Depending on why you are hosting a virtual party, you can offer relevant entertainment.

Hire a makeup artist to teach guests how to do party makeup, or get a local musician to play live for you and your guests.

Choose careful entertainment ideas to add structure to your virtual party.

Don’t forget food and drinks

Want to know how to throw a bomb party? Offer your virtual party guests delicious food and drinks. Yes, it is difficult, but it isn’t impossible.

Of course, it will be tricky for you and your attendees to eat together at the same time, but you can overcome virtual limitations by hiring an online delivery service to drop food at your guests’ houses.

Not sure what your guests enjoy eating? Don’t worry! You can offer them a meal stipend so they can order whatever they like to eat. Going the extra mile with food and drinks for your virtual party will have people talking about it for the next few months!

Guests For Virtual Party

Don’t hesitate when asking for help

This year’s coronavirus pandemic has taken everyone by surprise, so it is fine if you are struggling to plan and manage the details of your virtual party. If this is the first time that you are throwing a virtual party, then let your guests know.

If you are a company, then you can hire a professional event planner. However, if you are on a budget, then there is nothing wrong with asking friends and family to lend a helping hand.

Finally, to manage the nitty-gritty details of your virtual party, it is recommended that you use the WP Event Manager plugin to make your life easier.

WP Event Manager will let you create, customize, and host your events in a hassle-free manner.

5 Tempting Ideas To Throw And Host A Fantastic Virtual Party
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