How to Sell Event Tickets Online?

The task to Sell event tickets online has become a necessity for many entities and companies that organize events open to the population and who want to charge money to offer this type of service. The offer of leisure activities is growing and the competition to get public is considerable. It is for this reason that limiting yourself to selling tickets “as you have always done” greatly reduces the chances of getting people to attend the event you have scheduled.

Currently, making future viewers can only acquire their ticket in a physical place and at specific and restricted schedules is not the best formula for them to end up buying a ticket you offer them. That is why online sales are indisputable support to facilitate the sale of tickets or register for an event. You can have the ticket office is open 24 hours a day and allow the customer to make a purchase from anywhere in the world.

So, in this article, we will explain the main advantages of sell event tickets online and how you can sell event tickets?

Are you ready let’s go there!

Selling Tickets Online has Advantages

  • Are you part of the Department of Culture of a City Council and do not sell enough tickets for the plays in your program?
  • Do you run a concert hall and it’s always half empty of spectators?
  • Do you belong to a movie club and you have dozens of tickets left in each screening you do?
  • Do you organize workshops regularly and want to register as many people as possible?
  • Do you want the sports activity of your population to have more participants?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it means that you would like more assistance in your proposals. Below we will explain the main advantages of selling tickets or registering online. It is the best way to get more influx.

  • Expand your potential audience
  • Facilitated payment to your client
  • The cost for the promoter is very low
  • Clear accounts
  • You don’t need to print the classic tickets
  • Enables centralized management of sales and assistants
  • Simplify ticket control
  • Internet sales complement the sale at the box office

Advertising on Facebook to Sell Event Tickets Online

With more than 2 billion active users (and serious recent data filtering problems), Facebook is the advertising platform that you cannot ignore. But if you want to sell more tickets or registrations, segmenting the right audience with Facebook advertising ads is key. In fact, good segmentation increases your number of conversions and reduces the amount you spend. People who are already interested in your event are 70% more likely to register or buy tickets for your event. The retargeting is how to achieve them.

  • Start small: Start testing your Facebook ads with a much-segmented audience. In this way, you can measure your performance and determine what is working before increasing your budget. Use Facebook Ads Manager to learn how Facebook ads impact your sales
  • Use A / B Test: The application of the A / B tests uses traceable and controlled differences to determine which element of an advertisement is making a difference in your generated click rate (CTR). The smaller the piece you are testing, the better it will be.
  • Create a link from your Facebook page directly to your ticket provider: Many ticketers account with applications for Facebook that allow an integration that makes it possible to “buy anywhere” that makes it easier to approach viewers when they are looking for information on Facebook either from the computer or on their mobile.

When we talk about achieving greater conversions, we mean specific actions that aim to boost the sale of tickets or registrations. These are:

  • Sell through all channels: as on the site of your event, on the Facebook fan page, in commercial stores or box office, and online platforms that integrate all of the above.
  • Offer multiple means of payment: In addition to being in all possible channels, you must offer payment options that fit what your participants need, such as credit cards or payment coupons.
  • Implement pricing strategies: this is why we refer to changes in the prices of your tickets or registrations according to different criteria such as discounts for advance payment, payment for several days of the event, or reduced prices for the number of tickets.

In terms of dissemination, the most important thing is to know where your audience is, which will allow you to choose the appropriate channels, in order to make communication more effective. There are free and paid actions when promoting your event. The most relevant free options are:

  • The email marketing (which requires a good database);
  • The website of your event and/or fan page on Facebook;
  • The positioning of your page in search engines (SEO).

The paid options we recommend are:

  • Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Choosing correctly in which people will see your ads on the networks and in the search engine will be the most important since this will depend on your message reaching potential participants and that it is an efficient advertising investment.

The last recommendation is to collect data from participants who register or buy tickets to your events. The advantages are:

  • You will be updating and growing your database
  • You will have a captive and highly interested audience to spread your next events;
  • It serves to optimize paid broadcast campaigns on Facebook and Google AdWords.

Selling Tickets through The Use of WordPress Plugins

As far as the plugins are concerned with selling tickets online, the most popular and efficient plugin you can use is the Sell Event Tickets. This plugin can help you to reduce a lot of effort for generating events and managing their tickets online. For managing the tickets you need to purchase the plugin’s add-on. This add-on can work with WP Event Manager Plugin and with other plugins too but we recommend you to have a WordPress event manager if you have a website that manages the events.

Taking Advantage of WordPress Add-on for Sell event Tickets

If you manage your event with WordPress website then you know how easy and simple it is to generate and sell event tickets online. For that purpose, you can use the most popular WordPress Event Manager Plugin’s add-on “Sell event tickets“. You can easily integrate the add-on with your WordPress website and start selling the tickets.

We are going to mention some tips that can help you to grab more audience while you are selling tickets online. When you are going to choose any way to sell event tickets online make sure you follow them and if you are going to choose any platform which is offering the services of selling event tickets online, try to check all of these before making the decision. As for our recommendation of using WordPress Event Plugin and its Sell-Tickets add-on, they are fully equipped with the tips we are going to mention below.

Simplify Ticket Sales

One in four online shoppers will not complete a purchase if they are required to create an account. One in ten buyers cancels the purchase for each additional field that is presented in the shopping cart. Additional fees that are disclosed at the end of the sale process can also cause potential viewers to close the window – instead of buying their tickets.

The easiest way to sell event tickets is to make the purchase of tickets easy for viewers, so eliminate any unnecessary steps. By ensuring that the process is as fast and easy as possible, it means that potential viewers can change their opinion of “thinking whether to attend or not“, to confirm their registration with just a few clicks.

Best practices for records:

  • Limit the number of steps that need to be completed to formalize the purchase.
  • Do not ask viewers to log in or create an account to buy tickets.
  • Clearly explain any additional fees before purchase.
  • Optimize the mobile process.

Wake Up The Full Potential of a Call-to-Action

The Call-to-action is a marketing technique that seeks to provoke an immediate response and is usually a strong engine sales when used correctly. Some believe that by putting a button that says “Buy Me” they have already done it, but it is not so. An effective Call-to-action requires a combination of four keys:

  • Benefit: You can have the best value proposition with the best speaker, the best agenda and a more than convenient address, but if you really want to maximize the number of entries for your event, a special offer must be offered. Something that makes people feel that compensates for buying tickets.
  • Urgency: You must create a sense of haste and urgency by shortening the offer period or making it more exclusive. This causes an impulsive decision in those who visit the website.
  • Risk reduction: You can offer a guarantee or a refund in case of cancellation. This is a key element that few event organizers come to consider, so doing so helps you stand out among others. If the event is really good and worthwhile, there is no reason to fear that all attendees of the event demand it.
  • It encourages action: obviously, the final element of Call-to-action cash is the same Call-to-action. With an imperative verb that says “Buy your tickets”, “Reserve your seats” or “Register” you get people, driven by these three previous arguments, click on the link.

So, Selling tickets online is easily done with the help of multiple ways. Pick your way today! 🙂