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How To Get Event Sponsors For Your Amazing Event?

Event sponsors ensure that your event has financial backing. Event sponsors are critical in funding you with resources and, in turn, increasing your customer experience. You need to think beyond brand awareness and create profitable opportunities that help sponsors achieve their goals.

Before you get to work to find potential event sponsors, keep in mind four critical factors. First, why will people attend your event? Second, your sponsor’s needs and how your event can meet them. Third, the brand activations will bring it all together. And the problems they’re experiencing.

Event sponsors can be the driver of additional income and revenue. Getting event sponsors requires a specific strategic plan. As the event industry’s future is concerned, event sponsors no longer want mere exposure and generosity bonuses but are now associating with the possibilities to find interactive ways to connect with event attendees.

How to find sponsors for your events.

 How To Find Sponsors For Your Events

Devise a list of event sponsors that align with your interests

When you put together an event proposal, the first step is to write down all the potential companies of your interest. The kind of event sponsors will benefit mutually with your events.

Create categories, prepare an excel sheet to manage all the researched information and their contact information. The potential event sponsors are likely to be those that observe that your audience is a direct benefit to their company.

Pitch previous successful events

You can talk all big, but eventually, you can lure potential event sponsors by showing them the example from your previous successful events. You can show different graphs and demographics to share success.

Event sponsors want to know what the upcoming event will look and feel like; it will give them a clear concept. Illustrating through examples will increase their interest. Paint them a picture so they can visualize it.

Come up with a unique selling pitch

You need to prepare for your event sponsors just like you ready to sell a product or a service. Craft an exclusive and unique selling proposition with your event sponsors. Pitch them things like the event’s mission, vision, the value it offers, and differentiate you from other events.

Tell them the size of your audience and their key characteristics. Tell them how it can be a long-term relationship owing to the sponsorship. It may feel like a lot of work, but it should be short and persuasive as it is the initial communication with potential event sponsors.

Showcase your brand image

You can put up a great proposal, but event sponsors will evaluate you by first checking your website, reviews, and social media presence. If you’re famous and legitimate, then it’s all good. So, test your website thoroughly for any bugs or redirects.

 How To Find Sponsors For Your Events

Think from the perspective of your potential event sponsors, like what they would want to align with your brand. So, spend some time to make your brand look professional before you reach out to get sponsorship.

Identify the offerings that be would in the interest of event sponsors

As you are acquainted with your potential event sponsors, give them more specifics to get more clarity. Talk about things in detail, the services you are going to provide in return for their sponsorships.

Tell them about the size and characteristics of your target audience, logo placement opportunities, online marketing, giveaways. Don’t commit more and maintain transparency with the sponsors.

Correspond professionally through email

For already sponsored events, it may be acceptable to be a little informal, but in your initial communication, make sure you correspond professionally through email. Sponsors want to do their homework on you first, so it is better to communicate online to give them some time.

Make your approach personal, and let them know why you reach out to them specifically. Be direct and concise and provide all the necessary information to the sponsors.

Customize sponsorship packages

You would need to customize your package and negotiate with every sponsor on its individual needs. Don’t go with your previous sponsored event package. One size does not fit all. Find out what makes them relate to your business.

Once the agreement is done, prepare details so there may be no disagreements later. Clarify each and everything to them how they will get featured and promoted during the event, social media, or any other marketing way.

Maintain relation Post-event

Appreciate their support after the event. Make sure the sponsors are involved throughout the process. Tell them how you both mutually benefited from the event and how a future partnership will be successful as well.

Share the event data regarding the return on investment. These include event outreach, attendee event survey, website traffic, donations, leads, sales, revenue generated.

WP Event Manager

One way to lure good sponsors is by having a great event website. WordPress offers an event management plugin just for that, WP Event Manager. It provides you with customizable templates that can be customized according to the user’s needs.

 How To Find Sponsors For Your Events

It offers multiple views and themes. Along with that, it has easy event classification, front-end forms, and an add-on calendar to manage your schedule. With millions of active downloads worldwide, get this event management plugin to get yourself a sponsored event.


Event sponsorship can generate leads for a company, help you produce valuable content for marketing, develop a business relationship and even provide attendee insights. If your sponsored event has good sponsors, it can also help you in improving public perception.

By applying these eight tips, you’ll surely nail-down an improved return to investment and get yourself a sponsored event in no time.

How To Get Event Sponsors For Your Amazing Event?
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