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Amazing Guide To Write Event Sponsorship Proposal

Behind every successful event, some sponsors are allowed to make it possible. If we have to put it straight, event sponsorship is the key to any event’s survival let alone success. If you want to establish an event brand that is known for its greatness and effectiveness, your event sponsorship will be the main element behind that.

But how do you impress your sponsors? How to win the best event sponsorships? How do you create that magical connection with your sponsors? The answer is the perfect event sponsorship proposal. First, let’s talk about the key elements that will make your event sponsorship proposal great, and then we’ll discuss the template.

Main elements of your event sponsorship proposal

An event sponsorship proposal is a layout on which you will share all the details, terms, conditions, data, and any other item with which you could persuade sponsors to work with you. Like any other business client, any sponsor needs to be impressed by your proposal before they will work with you.

So, here are the 6 key elements of your event sponsorship proposal that will help you land the sponsors.

Event Sponsorship Proposal

1. Data

Any proposal is incomplete without data that is supporting the argument that you are presenting. Make sure to use any data, tables, graphics, and diagrams that could help your cause. Also, try adding statistics and concrete data. That will help your proposal become a winner.

One of the best ways to get such data is to use WP Event Manager and its add-ons on your event’s site to gain access to analytics.

2. Images

Photos and images are some of the best items you could use in your event sponsorship proposal. The main thing is to ensure that you could incorporate as much content as possible that could help your argument. Use photos of your previous events, the equipment you use, the technologies, the sponsors, and the results of your events.

Add 1-3 pictures in your proposal and you are good to go.

3. Videos

Videos, like photos, are a highly engaging testament to how your event performs. This could be anything that could speak about your event.

Sponsorship Proposal Template

Now, we come to the event sponsorship template that you need to use to unlock the most lucrative clients that will help you make the event greater. If you want to get the attention of any potential sponsor, you can learn by deploying this template and using it to the best.

Page 1: Intro

The first page is of course for the introduction. You need to write an inviting yet simple first page that will include a great image about your company, your company’s name, the sponsor’s name, date, and any other relevant detail you would like to mention.

This is the page to introduce why that sponsor will have value when working with you and why they should work with you. Do your best to write a persuasive application on the value that you add to your event and why they should sponsor you.

Page 3: Data

This is the page for adding data that will help your cause. Remember we mentioned data above? You could use images, statistics, analytics, videos, or any other form of data that will help you persuade the sponsor.

Event Sponsorship Proposal

Page 4: Your team

Here, you will talk about your team and each member who has done a great job. You need to impress the potential sponsor about how good your team is and how they will add the appropriate value.

Page 5: Sponsorship Tiers

Time to get a little extra professional: Add any sponsorship packages or terms that you need to put out there.

Page 6: Terms & Conditions

An event sponsorship proposal is incomplete without terms and conditions. You could add a few pages on this as you will require to put official dates, deadlines, and sponsorship terms.

Page 7: Ending greetings

Now is the time to say greetings and demonstrate your gratitude by thanking the potential sponsor. In the end, you must add a place for your potential sponsor to sign, so they could put pen to paper.


Now that you know how to write a fantastic event sponsorship proposal, you can start writing ASAP and nail as many great sponsors as you want.

Amazing Guide To Write Event Sponsorship Proposal
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