Now Going Remote is Simpler For Developers In 2021

Going remote is a necessity these days. In 2021, with the transitions to modern technologies that have made remote working easy and accessible, many developers have taken this route and made it fruitful. With Work From Home being now a reality, everybody needs to get comfortable with that if we are going to make the most of what we have.

Remote developers who have adapted to the new reality are having a blast as they can adjust everything from home, but for entire teams going remote, it’s not a walk in the park. With remote working, there are no facial expressions or body language to notice. There is no tone unless a virtual meeting is going on, and sometimes there are a few things that get lost in translation.

Luckily, WP Events Manager is contributing to providing help for everyone going remote by providing a virtual platform and so much more for WordPress sites. With the history of a remote team spread across continents, we know how hard going remote can be and how to overcome all of it. In our years of experience, what we have learned is that there are always solutions.

Today, we are going to share the most effective tips that we have learned and came across.

Let’s dive right in and make going remote easy.

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Write completely detailed and clear messages

Remote IT support teams already know how to work around this because they are used to it. But for developer teams about to work virtually, you need to wrap your head around this. In offices and physical environments, we all know that we are used to just getting over to our colleagues and telling them what the simple message means in detail.

But if you are going remote, the option to travel to your colleague’s desk does not exist anymore. Therefore, it is vital to write completely detailed messages that are clear, and the context is known as well. Steer clear of generic messages. Mention all details, and it will make it easy for everyone.

Sure, writing detailed messages can sometimes be a pain, but if we are to make remote working effective, it’s essential. It will be helpful for life.

Keep demoing, keep iterating, keep improving

Meetings are the worst part for any developer who just wants to keep progressing, and an extra meeting can be hectic, but what about virtual meetings?

Virtual meetings for remote developers and teams is something you should definitely look into. Using WP Event Manager’s Zoom Addon, you can arrange virtual events and virtual scheduled meetings to make your process a little easier. You can use WP Event Manager’s Zoom Addon to schedule Zoom meetings or any other meetings to share the code review, QAs, and general task checks.

Going Remote  is Simpler by Zoom Add-on

When transitioning to going remote, a few extra meetings are key to managing the entire workflow of your team efficiently. This will give developers to know what they have to do and to arrange demos for what they have done at specific points in the project to gather feedback. This will only ensure you can improve by taking that feedback and putting it to use.

Check-in daily for standup meetings

Going remote does not mean that you are free from all the daily things that you used to do at the office. The daily standup meetings are the synchronization that everybody brings about their tasks, what they are working on, what they have completed, daily progress, and any problems that anybody is facing.

Any tool can be used to perform the daily check-ins for which video calls are a better fit. Use tools like WP Event Manager’s Zoom Addon to schedule professional Zoom meetings to help yourself and your developer teams.

Track issues and bugs, keep tracking them

When you are a team of virtual developers or even non-virtual, the vital thing to any problem is to track the issues. Bugs and problems don’t come with a schedule. They are always surprised and uninvited, so it is essential to track them and see what’s causing everything.

In team projects, one bug can wreak absolute havoc, and that’s when one developer can cost entire days to the whole team because of one unattended problem. GitHub is the best platform to collaborate codes and do it together. We recommend using a central repository setup for project code, so there’s always a proper quality control mechanism in place alongside the development versions and communication going on.

Get comfortable with WFH

We are no strangers to WFH anymore, but there are still a lot of developers who are not comfortable with it. But WFH has a lot of advantages alongside the obvious disadvantages. Since there are no other options right now, as a remote developer, you should start getting comfortable with everything.

Set up things, however, you want. Take as many breaks as you want. Nobody is there to judge or observe you. Stretch in between tasks and rest your eyes from all the constant strain. Create a nice balance that will help you with going remote.

Going Remote  with Zoom Add-on

Patience is the key

Going remote has a few tricks up its sleeves. The first key to making remote working acceptable and effective is to ensure that there is a nice communication channel going on where everybody feels comfortable, and there are no barriers. The second and final key is to be patient since it’s already stressful and challenging.


Going remote can be equally rewarding and challenging at the same time. It’s not something that is all rainbows and colors, but it’s not all thorns either. With the right mindset and the right tips, you can make it effective and rewarding.

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