Most Useful Features of the Event Calendar Add-on

For keeping an online business interactive and engaging, one of the key elements is to provide quick information. Thankfully, an Event Calendar Add-on can assist you in sorting multiple event information easily. 

We always assume that the website visitor has a short span of time and we should have provided him exactly what is required in the first place. That’s how Google provides this support to visitors through Search Engine Optimization. Well, let’s speak in the context of an Event Management Website. 

On our website, we have plenty of things organized in a proper manner and we also know that no one is going to check in a way we have organized them. That is why we offer quick links and shortcuts of different pages on each web page. So that no matter where the visitor landed on the website, he or she can easily move towards the desired place. 

Managing events online is a pretty good thing that is beneficial for all three major actors which are organizers, participants, and agency. To make an event management website more efficient and to get the professional features, WP Event Manager Plugin is offering its services and recognized as one of the most popular plugins for event management websites. 

Event Calendar Add-on comes with numerous basic features and for advanced features, it has a variety of add-ons. Keeping the ease of visitors in mind, you might have been wondering for a feature that provides you, visitors, with information about the past events and precisely the upcoming events. This will help them to be aware of events beforehand so that they can plan for which events to attend. So, today we are going to talk about WP Event Manager Plugin Add-on “Event Calendar” which functions exactly what we have defined and consider that the customers might be looking for. 

WP Event Manager Plugin 

WP Event Manager Plugin is available at wordpress.org along with its executable file and the documentation which can guide you if you are installing it for the first time. IT comes with very handy and basic features that can complete your event management website. WP Event Manager Plugin has the trust of hundreds of users and its quite a user interactive and easy to operate, all you need is a basic knowledge of the WordPress dashboard. Go grab it before going down to know what a “Calendar Add-on” is offering and how to use it along with WP Event Manager Plugin. 

Event Calendar Add-on

The idea is simple and indeed a unique one to provide a visitor or customer with a calendar that has information about the upcoming and past events. This will increase the interactive behavior of the website by offering important information in a quite simple way. Presence of an event calendar on your website has numerous advantages including:

  • Provides a quick overview of upcoming events
  • Saves visitors times for searching of events
  • An interactive way to inform visitors about upcoming events
  • Interactive GUI can engage the visitor on your website

Event Calendar Add-on

Manually designing an event calendar for an event management website is a rough and tough job where before administrators the developers need to come up with an interactive and scalable design. Afterward, the administrator of the website or the staff needs to keep updating the calendar with new entries manually which can lead to the errors too. What is better than an automatic plugin add-on that will work smoothly with the preexisting settings of the website and with a little configuration it will automatically pick the date of different events and a small description and display all of it in a calendar. 

Event Calendar Add-on Features

Let have a detailed overview of the features that are available with the Event Calendar Add-on offered by the WP Event Manager Plugin. 

  1. Event Calendar Layouts

    As we always speak about interactive designs, there are three different layouts offered with the event calendar. Choose the one which you feel appropriate or you like. 

    Event Calendar Layouts

    The purpose of offering different layouts of the event calendar is to provide you with a sufficient number of designs so that you can adjust them according to your website theme. You can put the event calendar at any place on your website page. 

  2. Calendar with listings

    Now once you have integrated and configured the event calendar add-on to your website, you can see the event calendar as seen below. 

    As the figure demonstrates, the calendar will have an option to move to the next and previous months and years. Moreover, as the customer moves between months, there will be few dates that are marked blue that indicates there is an event listed. Now, this offers a unique way to check how many events are available on the site in a particular month and participants can plan to attend it at early stages.

  3. Quick Event View

    On a calendar, the events are added as the link to their corresponding dates so that by just one click the customers can redirect to the event page where they can read the other details too. However, we have made it one step simpler and let the user read the basic information on the calendar by just hovering the cursor to the specific date. By hovering cursor, the call will provide a little popup with some basic information that the administrator has already allowed to be viewed on the calendar.

    Quick Event View

    So, now by means of the calendar, the visitor can not only know about the specific dates on which the events are available but also the particular events that are going to be organized. 

  4. Available to put on the sidebar

    One of the best choices is to put the event calendar on a sidebar. This will help the visitor to use an event calendar no matter where he or she is landed on the website. The event calendar widget is available and can be activated through the settings form the admin dashboard. Not much of the work required as everything related to settings in the add-on is predefined and easy to control

  5. Easy to manage 

    Last but not the least, the ease of operating the plugin and add-ons is one of the most important features that WP Event Manager Plugin brings to its users. By going to the admin dashboard and all you need is to direct towards the widget options. After the installation of “Event Calendar”, you can see an option in the widget area. To use it on the webpage, all you need is to select the widget and drag it to the area where you want it to be seen to the visitors and boom! You are done. 

    Easy to manage plugins

Use Event Calendar Add-on Today!

If you have been running an online event management agency or even you are an individual or a business person who wants to let his customers or the general public know about the events that you will be held in future you need a bunch of features. If you are wondering what features? And how are you going to integrate all those features on your website? You do not have to worry about that because the WordPress Event Manager Plugin brings all under one umbrella. 

So, you got a widget in the form of Event Calendar Add-on that can solve the whole idea of manually working on the calendar to provide customers a customized and quick view of the event information. WordPress Event Manager Plugin brings a lot of such useful and handy features in all of its add-ons, which we recommend you to at least visit to see what else you can get. 

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