5 Killer Ways to Use Facebook for Event Marketing

Needless to say, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms in today’s world where people from all over the world gather to build connections and stay connected to their known circle. Well, initially the platform was only used to make new friends but today business interactions including buying and selling are also done here making it a great place for marketing as well.

5 Killer Ways to Use Facebook for Event Marketing

The concept of Facebook events are not new especially due to its huge audience base. It offers an amazing way to generate leads, boost business credibility and stay in touch with your audience. In this article, we are going to share some effective ways of using Facebook for event marketing.

One of the biggest advantages of promoting events on Facebook is that you can boost the number of registrations and ticket sales for events for absolutely free. The tricks that we have shared with you in this article are not going to cost you a penny.

1. Create a Facebook page for your event

Having a separate page for your event on Facebook is crucial for you to share the details of your events. A Facebook event page also empowers you with some additional options that include the following:

facebook event

  • Links to buy tickets: Facebook does not offer you the option to sell your event tickets directly from their page yet but you can certainly mention the link of the external page from where your attendees can purchase tickets.
  • Event type and Host: while building your event page on Facebook, you can specify the type of event you are hosting. You, being a host can also add the link of your business page. There is an option to add multiple hosts as well in case your event has more than one host.
  • Invite button: Facebook offers invite buttons to its event pages which is one of the most useful features of such pages. It allows users to invite their friends and families to your event with a simple click.

2. Facebook Contests

Facebook contests are truly interesting for your friends and followers. They are not only engaging but also make your attendees aware of your events. You can initiate various types of contests on Facebook like a contest for inviting maximum number of people to like your page or sharing a photo or posting comments on your page and more such games. You just need to make sure that whatever you do for the contest is relevant to your event or event topic.

3. Keep posting relevant content

Creating an event’s page on Facebook is not enough to spread your event awareness. You need to keep the page alive and active by posting content on a regular basis. This is because not all of your target audience will see your first post. To reach out to the maximum number of your target audience you must post regularly.

Adding regular status updates can be a useful trick over here. All you have to do is to ensure that your status updates are relevant and engaging to your target audience.

Consider the following points while adding a status update to your event page:
  • A small video clip as a teaser.
  • Information related to event sessions or speakers. 
  • Any last minute announcement. 
  • Event related articles.
  • Q and As. 
  • Survey reports. 
  • Ticket or registration related announcements.

Create your event updates in such a way that it appears to be interesting and thought provoking for your audience. It is good to attach useful links, high definition branded images and customized text with your updates to make them attractive to your audience.

4. Publish videos

Research says Facebook videos reach more than eight billion people daily and the biggest surprise is that Facebook Live videos attract more audiences than the regular ones. So it is pretty clear that video content attracts people to a great extent and you must utilize the opportunity to promote your events.

  • You can initiate live sessions from your event page on topics related to your events. 
  • You can also add short videos on behind the scene activities.
  • Short video clip of last year’s event and more.

You just need to maintain relevance in the videos and make them meaningful to your audience.

5. Add high definition photos

Just like videos, images also play a great role in attracting viewers towards your events. While creating a striking Facebook page, make sure you add an exceptional cover photo to it. Besides the idea behind the image and its quality, another thing that needs to be paid attention to is the information added to the image. Anyone who lands on your event page would see the cover photo and that is why you need to make sure that it contains all the details of your event.

Add the following details into your image,
  • Event Name.
  • Date.
  • Event venue or location. 
  • Call To Action or know more button.

The space allotted to Facebook cover photo can be used to promote your events in various ways. It is a versatile means of promotion where you can promote any type and size of events including big conferences, annual events to workshops and classes.


Promoting events on Facebook needs proper planning and a checklist like this article provides to streamline the entire process. Starting from creating an events page to adding relevant posts, videos and images everything needs to be given proper attention.

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