Creating a Revolutionary Event Name Badge: 10 Promising Tips

Having a hard time with the Event name badge? Well, welcome to corporate event planning. You are going to have a great time worrying about these badges but if you can follow our tips, hopefully, you won’t have to suffer through these headaches of event essentials.

You might think that an event name badge is not a big deal, but oh boy, you are wrong on that thought. What seems like a minute event detail turns out to be a massive problem if not done correctly because everybody who is going to host a conference requires these name badges that are for attendees and staff.

The first question many people ask is, do you really need conference badges for your attendees? The answer is yes, every single time. Any experienced organizer will tell you to create event name badges for your attendees and rightly so.

You may have given it quite some thought but having considered all the pros and cons, we believe, from our experience, that the benefits of event name badges are vast and vital to any conference, hence counting as one of the event essentials. If you are looking for reasons to know the importance of an event name badge, here are a few notable reasons.

Event Name Badge

1. Easy to know and remember names from badges

The event name badge makes the job easy for everyone to know and remember names since they are there on the badge. One of the vital conference tips is to get a clear and neat event name badge made for every attendee to increase the ease to know everyone through these.

2. Conference badges = conversation starters

It’s easy to communicate and start a conversation with the conference badges since they have a bit of info on them. People can easily start a conversation picking up from the organization name or any information available on the event name badge.

3. Speaks of professionalism

An event name badge sets the tone of your entire conference to a professional one and oozes personality. Any professional conference must have these badges.

4. No more awkward greetings

Because of these badges, there are no more awkward greetings to ask names or where they work. Ever had one of those moments where you have had a great conversation with somebody but didn’t know their name? Yeah, us too.

5. Easy to connect using the event name badge

Event name badge makes it easy to connect and communicate with anyone because the name and the occupation of the person are already available on the badge. That is the basic intro which makes it easy for anyone to talk.

Here are 10 tips you should use to avoid event name badge issues

Now that we have established the importance of an event name badge, let’s dive right into the most effective tips to avoid name badge issues that you may have been facing.

Event Name Badge 10 tips

1. Set a template

Select a nice template of the information that you are going to put on the event name badge. Gather the information from the attendees through the ticket sales process and incorporate that detail on the badge.

2. Ensure high-quality of the event name badge

The type of conference badge that you choose speaks a lot about the attention to detail that you provide for your event. Ensure that the name badge is a high-quality one with maximum attention to detail and nice use of the space at hand. Make sure the materials don’t damage anything and go along with the theme of your entire event.

3. Brand your badges!

Print your company logos or event information in the slightest but prominent position of the brands. We cannot stress this enough for it is responsible for your brand’s recognition. Boost your brand’s awareness using this neat trick.

4. Keep it neat and clutter-free

While our tip above might make you think that you are going to clutter the event name badge, there are always ways to keep everything neat and keep it clean for everyone to see. Choose simple fonts with a large font size to make it clear and prominent.

5. Select themes for various people

For various tiers of people, choose different color codes or graphics to differentiate between attendants of different levels or different parts of the events.

6. Incorporate social media information

Social media is vital these days. If possible, add social media information such as Twitter handles or LinkedIn Profiles of the attendees to make connecting easier for all people.

7. Keep the collection process of the event name badge experience easy

We often see that there are huge lines that you have to stand in to collect your event name badges at any conference. Make sure to make the process easier for people by dividing lines into multiple lines and allowing the guests to find their own badges.

8. Place name badges properly

Ensure that the name badges are placed perfectly on your person to increase visibility for any person who wants to connect with you. It will also help make things less awkward.

9. Use recyclable materials

This may be unrelated but it is vital for any event’s and company’s image for the general public because it speaks volumes about how much you care about the environment. Use recyclable materials in the name badges so nothing goes to waste.

10. Print extra badges

Print extra badges or use quick printers on the spot to print badges for people who couldn’t make it in the formal registration process. There are always important people who you want on the spot.

event name badges Tips


Using these 10 tips, you can avoid all the hassles concerning event name badges of any conference. No matter what anyone tells you, event name badges are event essentials that you must make use of correctly.