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11 Best Event Manager Tips To Arrange Eco-friendly Events

The need for sustainable and eco-friendlier events is more than ever, with the news of environmental crisis and climate change clouding the media. In times like these, event organizers need to adopt eco-friendly event manager strategies to fulfill the need of the present and future. Here are some of the changes we can make in our events to improve sustainability.

Revolutionary Event Manager Tips To Arrange Awesome and Eco-friendly Events

Are you looking for ways to make your event eco-friendly and sustainable? Well, here are best tactics you can deploy to make your event green. Share on X

1. Choose a green eco-friendly venue

Choosing eco-friendly venues should be the priority in an event manager’s mind. Environmentally friendly events not only make people fresh and upright, but it also aids creativity. Ideally, the source will be an excellent location for your guest’s transport, running off green energy, and could provide sustainable local food, thus cutting the carbon footprint.

2. Reduce Transportation

Event managers should keep distance in mind; how far maybe the venue from recommended hotels or the airport? Is the location accessible to the guests on foot?

Suppose your event is far; set up a group transportation ride. Carpool and shuttle services will not only save resources and overall cost but will be eco-friendlier.

Best Event Manager Tips

3. Minimize potential waste

Don’t hand out individually wrapped items to your guests. Devise a proper recycling plan. Choose entertainment or games that produce little or no waste. Purchase wisely. Pre-Plan to donate leftovers. Look for nontoxic cleaners, avoid buying cleaning products that are made with hazardous chemicals. Educate your event manager and guest about wastage.

4. Cut down water consumption

Eliminate the use of bottled water from your event. Event Managers should add different hydration stations at convenient spots all around the venue. Ask your event manager not to ask carters to pre-pour water glasses.

5. Cut down energy consumption

Ask your event manager to try and accommodate your event outdoor. If the weather is harsh, too cold or too warm, look for suitable hours. If you still have to organize an indoor event, use solar panels. Keep your heaters and AC to a minimum. If your event requires sound and lights, use LED lights since LED lighting is the most energy-efficient and cleanest way of illumination.

6. Opt for sustainable food

Getting sustainable food in your plan is not just about reducing your carbon footprint-eventually, it’s about taking the responsibility of providing your guests with healthy food. So, if you’re serving food at your event, consider local and seasonal options for your menu. Beef, lamb, and chicken carry a high environmental cost as compared to the local vegetables. Keep your food miles to a minimum.

7. Eco-friendlier Toiletries

The event Manager should make sure along with the water basins, hand sanitizer dispensers should also be present, which will cut water use. If possible, make use of portable toilets.

8. Recycle

Event Managers should make sure recycling bins are present at convenient spots and large in number, so it’s easy for them to recycle. Also, offer attendees compostable containers for food waste. If there is leftover food at your event, consider donating it. Also, donate unused materials. Things like poster boards, signs could be repurposed. Most importantly, make sure the contents of the recycle bins are appropriately recycled, not thrown with the regular trash.

9. Reduce food waste

Make food waste reduction part of your event manager plan from the beginning-order food after estimating and tracking your event’s attendance. Offer hydration stations instead of individual water bottles. If there is still some leftover at your event, donate it.

10. Go plastic-free

Going plastic-free has been a hot topic lately, with the environmental campaigns depicting its horrors upon humanity. Most plastic materials are challenging to recycle. Figure out recyclable alternatives used at an event, from straws to plastic forks.

11. Get digital & go Paperless

Quite possibly, the most suggested green event and shockingly disregarded is to use an event management website. It will help wipe out any requirement of handing out flyers or pamphlets. WordPress provides you with WP Event Manager to set up your event website. WP Event Manager provides you powerful tools to manage your events. It’s super easy to use, is developer-friendly, customizable templates and front-end forms. It has it all.

Best Event Manager Tips

Take away:

Some Event Managers believe hosting an eco-friendly event is a tough ask, but applying just a few positive changes, and you’re good to go. Implement as many ideas as possible. By going green, you can have a positive impact on the environment and people’s health.

11 Best Event Manager Tips To Arrange Eco-Friendly Events
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