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5 Amazing Event Check-In Ideas to Improve Guest Experience

Guests at your events are like gems, and it is a matter of fact that without attendees check-in, your events go like a waste.

Well, as an event manager, we already knew this thing, so there is nothing new about it. However, the point to consider and talk about is how we can impress our attendees?

Moreover, we also want to take full advantage of our actions, and by that we mean, we are going to impress the guests and as well as boost our digital presence.

Yes! It can be possible, and for that, we have introduced five-event check-in ideas with which we can attract more audience out there. So, let’s dive in.

Why is Check-In a crucial thing to consider?

Okay! Now that is a valid question that you should have asked before going to spend time generating ideas about it.

We have already heard, the first impression is the last! Therefore, we need to try our best to present ourselves warmly in front of our guests right after they step in.

How can you present yourselves when we are concerned about virtual events? For that, as soon as you notice new attendees just joined the session, ask them to check-in. By doing that, more people are going to be aware of your event, and there is a good chance of having a higher conversion rate.

But, you know this all can be done only if you allow your attendees to use check-in features effortlessly and creatively.

People do remember what's the event and how it went. Still, the critical thing they remember about the brand or organizers is how they got treated and facilitated at the entrance and then throughout the sessions. Share on X

How WP Event Manager can assist?

There are hundreds of ways by which you can ask and let your attendees check-in after they joined the session. We are going to talk about such five simple ideas. However, above all, we need to mention the WP Event Manager Application.

Now, if you are working as an event management agency or you are just holding your company events, you are probably looking for a one-stop-shop. For WordPress users, we presenting soon WP Event Manager Application that has a built-in feature that lets the users to check-in in a simple and yet effective way.

You got these 5 Event Check-in Ideas

  • Arrival and registration

    Make sure you have let attendees know the timings of an event, and as they start joining the session, proceed with the automatic registration and obtain their accreditations. This process has to be fast and fluid to avoid confusion and disorder.

    If there is a physical event, the registration point must be well marked so that guests can find it quickly and can carry out the process in an agile and organized way.

    While for online events, each step should be automated and must be very simple and creative.

    One way to facilitate the registration and access of participants is the use of online registration tools like WP Event Manager Plugin. Apart from keeping a record of all subscribers, it allows users to have the entry on their smartphone (without having to print it).

    Amazing Event Check-In

  • QR Code for Check-in Ease

    People always look for shortcuts, and you have to utilize their habits and get fruitful results. Luckily the technology is a sole platform that can be utilized to make things practical and simple at the same time. Allow your attendees to scan a QR Code that automatically checks-in for your current event.

    Now, by that, the attendees can check-in on different social networks through one single QR code. People like to do check-ins; however, they might not have much time or lack of effort to sign in different social networks to do check-in. So, a single QR code can solve this problem.

    Qr Code For Check-In Ease

  • Mobile Apps can be a good idea

    The use of apps for events has increased rapidly in recent years, especially since 2017. People are fond of using apps, and they don’t feel it’s laborious work.

    However, apps are meant to make the thing smoother and more accessible, so check-in apps can be a perfect idea to ask the attendees to use it.

    Well, talking about mobile applications, we can also integrate this feature on our website or our agency’s mobile application if we are not going to create a dedicated app.

  • Do you know about facial recognition?

    Well, if you want to make a process more automated and simpler while keeping a modern trend and impress your guests. You can adopt an idea of facial recognition. How does it work?

    You got a front desk and a few cameras there, which are continuously capturing the images of attendees and speakers especially. Once the keynote speaker is detected on the camera it will recognize the speaker and make an announcement. That’s incredible. Do you want to make a little fancier?

    You can allow the backend system to make an announcement and as well as send notifications to the attendees that a particular keynote speaker just arrived so buckle up for the session.

  • Let Front Desk Take the Lead

    Now, this is a standard routine idea for event managers. Well, still we have included it, and we are going to tell you a few tips that can make the working of front desk staff efficient.

    The first thing is to incorporate technology and avoid challenging work. Use cards with RFIDs or QR Codes for a quick entrance and exit.

    Ask you, guests, for a thumbprint for quick attendance and confirmation of other credentials instead of asking them to wait in the queues until you check the credentials.

    Qr Code For Check-In Ease 1

    Last but not the least, incorporate a system that can send a notification to the attendees’ cell phones about the schedule of the event. This thing helps them not to miss the favorite session, and on the other hand, it’s an excellent way to impress your guests.

Last Verdict

Check-in ideas must be creative and unique to attract the attention of your guests.

5 Amazing Event Check-In Ideas To Improve Guest Experience
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