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Enhance the Visibility of Your Events with Event Tags

If you are managing your events online through your WordPress site, then it is essential for you to ensure that it gains maximum visibility on the internet so that you can reach your target audiences with ease.

Event tags play a great role in adding visibility to your WordPress events. So what are event tags? How do they work? How to add event tags to your events in WordPress? You will get the answers to all these queries in this article.

Enhance The Searchability Of Your Events Using The Event Tags Add-on

What are event tags?

Events tags help your attendees or website visitors identify the type of event you are organizing. A single event can have multiple event tags. For example: you can tag an event as a meeting or a networking event and more. It is one of the most advantageous features of WordPress that lets you manage your events in an organized way especially when you have multiple events to post on your events site.

WordPress taxonomy, event tags and categories

When we are talking about event tags, it is important for our readers to know about the concept of WordPress taxonomy and how event tags and categories are related to it.

The term taxonomy refers to the way of managing data systematically in WordPress. In simple words it lets you organize your WordPress site content.

Event tags are also a part of taxonomy when it comes to a WordPress events website. Event tags are added based on the type of events you are posting.

Event categories are also considered as a WordPress taxonomy. Event categories have a broader aspect than event tags. A single might have various tags but it can only have one category.

Taxonomies enhance your user experience by making it easy for them to filter and search for their preferred events on your WordPress site.

How do event tags work?

Event tags simply describe the nature of your events that event visitors can utilize while searching for a specific event on your WordPress site. For instance, if an event visitor has come to your website to find the details about your next concert and if you have already tagged that musical event based on its genre then the website visitor can easily find its details using the genre in his or her search. This is how it works.

How to add tags to events in WordPress?

To add WordPress event tags and categories to your events you need the help of a feature rich WordPress plugin like WP Event Manager. It is a renowned WordPress event management plugin that empowers your WordPress events website with several event management functionalities including the facility to add event tags to your events.

WP Event Manager is a free plugin with a long list of paid premium plugins that include Event Tags.

Event Tags is a premium plugin of WP Event Manager that lets you add tags to your listed event to increase its visibility on your website.

Before sharing the details of the Event Tags addon, let us first tell you how you can display your event listing with WP Event Manager.

How to show events in WordPress?

How To Show Events In Wordpress

Using the core plugin you can show your events on your WordPress site and with the Event Tags addon you can add tags to your events. You can follow the guide to add your events to your website with WP Event Manager.

Introduction to the Event Tags addon

Event tags are usually added during the time of filling up your event forms. To get the event tagging option in the form you need to have the Core plugin and purchase the Event Tags addon.

The key features of the plugin include the following:
  • It lets your website visitors filter and search events through tags. 
  • It allows you to tag events without being dependent on a developer as it does not require any coding skills. 
  • You can manage your tags through the frontend and backend. 
  • Offers better user experience. 
  • Lets you add multiple tags to each of your events using shortcodes.

To explore all of its features in detail, discover the plugin now!

How to get the Event Tags addon

You can buy the addon separately or in a bundle. Click here to get the pricing details of the plugin.

After purchasing the plugin, you need to install it following this guide. Once the plugin is installed you are ready to work with it.

How to add event tags with the Event Tags addon?

Add Event Tags

As mentioned above, you can add event tags from both frontend and backend with WP Event Manager.

An event organizer can add Event Tags from the frontend through the event submission form only. He or she will get the “Event Tags(optional)” field on the Frontend event submission form. It is recommended using commas to separate the event tags from each other.

When you have both WP Event Manager and the Event Tags plugin, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to add event tags:

How to create a new page and enable/disable filters by tags?

  1. Go to WP-admin >> Pages >> Add New.
  2. Add a suitable title to it. 
  3. Add the below-mentioned shortcode in the content area to disable the “filter by tags” option:
  4.  [events_tags=false]

  5. To enable the “filter by tags”  option, paste the below mentioned shortcode:


You can also organize your events into different categories using WP Event Manager. The part about the plugin is that you can do it for free with the core plugin.

Follow this guide to add categories to your listed events.

Wrapping up

As mentioned above, event tags and categories are part of WordPress taxonomy which helps you arrange your website content in a systematic manner and also simplifies the process of searching for specific events for your website visitors. This gives better exposure to your events which is essential for your business if you are managing your events through a WordPress website.

All you need is the WP Event Manager plugin and one of its premium extensions Event Tags and you are ready to go.

Enhance The Visibility Of Your Events With Event Tags
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