Craft An Incredible Blog About An Event You’ve Attended

Blogs are a great way to speak about the experience about an event. Creating blogs, vlogs, social media posts, and event multimedia, are fantastic ways to gain traction about the event and your profile as well. More people will view your profile and read the blog you are posting about an event you attended.

But the main question is, how do you write a great post-event blog about an event you attended? What should be the word count? What are the best tips to write it in a way that attracts more readers and makes them stay till the end?

Read below about how you can give it your best shot to write a blog about An Event You’ve Attended

Blog About An Event You'Ve Attended

1. Great planning

Great content starts with great planning. When you know what you are going to do, you have half of your work already done and it makes it so much simpler and easier. The best way to start writing a blog post about an event you attended is to see some examples of different blogs/vlogs.

While looking them up, think about the ones you like and why you like them. That’s the way you are going to go. Something that attracted you in those event blog posts is something that would attract other people too. Whether it’s a visual quality or something else, write it down and embed that into your blog post.

One of the vital steps at the very start is to decide if you are going to make a blog or a vlog, if you are going to make video content or mixed. If you are going to write or not. And don’t worry, there are no hard and fast rules that you must follow. Get creative and create your own unique content. If you are going for written content, a 1000 word blog is great for SEO.

2. Attain everything you require in equipment

Now since we already talked about the content you want in the blog post about an event you attended. Once you have decided on the type of content you are going to produce, you will know the kind of equipment you require. In most cases, a smartphone with a nice working camera would be more than enough.

If you do have a professional camera you already own or easily available, you can use that too, but that becomes a hectic task since you will have to transfer the footage to the computer and then edit it out before posting. We recommend using a smartphone with some custom accessories such as an external mic or lens to incorporate creativity.

3. Create the multimedia and material you require

After equipment, you require actual content. Using your smartphone or your camera or any other equipment you have decided upon, start creating the multimedia including photos, videos, and other things. Attend an event and start capturing the details (photos and videos) you can use later on such as the following:

  • Event organizers
  • Event sponsors
  • Event attendance
  • Event goodie bags
  • Inside and outside of the venues
  • Event banners and posters
  • Any artwork present at the event

Blog About An Event You'Ve Attended

What you have to do is possibly capture every catchy and attractive detail about an event you are attending. That way, you can post about it and recreate the virtual experience for your readers and viewers. During the event, you can post on social media as well and keep track of everything happening about the event.

4. Create a schedule of your posts

When you attend a live event, you live and breathe it. If you enjoyed the event, you will probably remember everything in your fresh memory. With the motivation all ready at the back of your brain oozing to tell the world about the event, create a schedule of your posts.

The best practice is to create the event blog posts immediately as soon as possible because everything will be fresh at the top of your head ready to be spilled onto the virtual drawing board.

5. Start sharing

In the virtual modern world, more traffic means more success. Without an organic audience, nothing really matters and nothing is worth it. We cannot stress this enough. Once you have posted the blog post about an event you attended, the next step is to attract hype by sharing it.

A lot of people feel hesitant when sharing about their own achievements, blog posts, and other things they did on their profiles but that’s the beauty of social media. When it comes to an event blog post, you are unlocking maximum potential by sharing it on every platform you have. Share the blog post as much as you can to milk every last ounce of attention you can get.

In the modern world, podcasts or YouTube channels are a great way to create blogs/vlogs. Facebook also provides a very decent platform as does TikTok. Because the event organizers will also be posting about their event, you can share your reach with them and take advantage of theirs.

6. Use WP Event Manager

If you are planning to create an event website, where everyone can list their events, you need all the useful tools that you could need at your hand. When creating an events website, the best tool that you have at your disposal is the WP Event Manager that you can use as a plugin for your WordPress site. It has all the features required to make a great blog post about an event you attended.

Blog About An Event You'Ve Attended


Now that you know how to write a fantastic blog post about an event you attended, you start immediately if you already attended the event or you can wait till the next event to make the most out of it. Either way, make the most out of it by using our ways to create some great content.

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