Brand Your Events in 2021 With These Useful Designing Tips

Why it’s important to Brand Your Events?

What sets apart events from being it was okay to it was awesome is branding. Branding often dictates how people see your brand. Event Branding can make you more amiable, and it should be well-matched to your target audience.

These days it’s not enough to distribute flyers. These old tricks will work, yes. But it would be best if you were willing to play other cards in a way that accumulates social media attention as well.

We can’t determine your brand for you, but we can help you to market it in a way that it is making a statement. Think about these thoughts for igniting your creative mind. Maybe you can come up with something similar to brand your events.

Digital brand website

Your website will be ground zero for your attendees to brand your events. All the elements will come together on your website. The quick and easy way is to make a WordPress Events website.

WordPress provides you with a ton of plugins, such as the brilliant WP Event Manager, to brand your events. It is highly developer-friendly with built-in customizable templates. All in one place, it also gives you fully responsive pages, front-end forms, and event dashboards. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s always good to have a head start.

Brand Your Events in 2021 with WP Event Manager

Fundamental Elements To Brand Your Events

Color Scheme: Quick and easy way to brand your events is by using the right colors. Use the color scheme that embodies your brand and company logo.

Fonts: Typography strongly represents your brand; it can be formal, factual, or straightforward. Just think past default fonts. You can even associate a unique font style with branding your events.

Logos: The most recognizable graphic on your brand is your logo. That’s the first thing that anyone will view. So, make sure it’s unique and of high resolution.

Images: Your images should be of high resolution. They should be responsive to different screen sizes. If the idea you’re going to use is not enough resolution, it is better not to use it.

Don’t complicate your overall view. Use the navbars, sidebars, graphics efficiently; do not overuse them. Important information won’t stand out in crowded graphics.

On the spot branding

Brand Your Events in 2021 with WP Event Manager

Decor plays a crucial part in creating a location experience for your attendees. Focus on tones, colors, furniture, and styles that compliment your branding. Because your attendees have seen it virtually, and this is the best opportunity to bring their ideal image into reality.

Giveaways will create an everlasting experience for your attendees. It will be the last opportunity to market. Make sure your giveaway swag embodies your brand.

Social Media

Targeting social media marketing is most helpful shortly before the event. With the right marketing, you can achieve almost anything to brand your events. You can use different platforms to highlight your event. Having your event hashtag will help to feature your event easily. It can also help people talk about your event, and your attendee interaction will come into a single place.

Different social media platforms to brand your events will have different modes of engagement; make okay use of it. You can put Facebook polls to get people’s opinions and vote for certain event elements. Track results on what kind of visuals impact poll response.

You can put Instagram stories regularly and advertise different activities of your events. Make use of different background colors, header images, and themes for your stories. You can also start countdowns to create a sense of urgency to brand your events.

Start a trend by announcing free tickets, free drinks on sharing your posts. These trends will get you the reach. Establishing an online presence to brand your events is fundamental but make sure your visuals go with your event’s flow.


In short, branding is something that your events will look and feel. To brand your events is to infuse the heart of your company through a visual medium. Think of your event as a person; will it be positive, funny, inspiring? When you look at it this way, you can be sure of how to design your event so it will connect with your attendees.

The event organizers should cover all the bases of branding. Both online and offline modes should have branding incorporated into them to make your event a success. If you follow these tips, you’ll make a dedicated and long-lasting fanbase for your brand in the years to come.