4 Ways To Boost Your Traffic Using An Authentic Event Calendar

Using your event calendar to increase your website traffic and public awareness might seem to you like a strange instance, but we kid you not when we say it is more common and useful than you might think. Normally, people think of event calendars as calendars for events, and that’s it. There’s the general perception in this specific field where people think of it as nothing more.

But you will be surprised. On WordPress sites where you are hosting your event calendar, it can be used to increase the traffic that comes to your pages. You can use it in several ways by following our 4 awesome tips to increase traffic to your WordPress Events sites. Now that would be killing two birds with a single stone and getting a great value for your money and efforts.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and find out what more is your event calendar capable of.

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1. Choose the right event calendar

Now, before we guide you on how exactly you can get the most out of your online calendar, let’s cover the most important bit first because without choosing the right event calendar, everything else that you do will be useless.

One of the best event calendars on the market right now for your event’s site that you can use to increase traffic is the WP Event Manager. To drive the audience to your site, the plugin must be SEO friendly and must be optimized. The WP Event Manager covers both of those conditions and provides you with some amazing options such as the add-ons, minimal cost, and ease of use.

Boost Your Traffic Using Event Calendar

The add-ons include a complete event calendar, Google Maps, Registrations, sell tickets, attendee information, zoom, and so much more. The WP Event Manager itself is free, so you are completely covered. The best part is that no technical knowledge is necessary. Any person can use it without any coding required.

2. Keep up a consistent niche

First of all, this may be a specific or a general tip depending on who you are and how you use your WordPress site. If your target audience is based upon a specific niche, an online calendar can provide you with the opportunity to increase traffic to your website. Confused? Let us explain.

For example, if you hold a weekly or even a monthly event for a pet meeting or a virtual event about shoes or any specific niche for that matter, add a calendar to your site if you haven’t already. Use WP Event Manager to add their calendar add-on. Hell, it can be a mechanics meetup for all that it matters.

Whatever it is, you can start putting it on the calendar and link it with social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other networks. That is if your audience and attendees are from these networks. Even LinkedIn works really well if you have a relevant network, especially in the virtual world right now.

That will not only increase your traffic but also increase the quality of the interactions you have with your audience. Use a nice community calendar and crowdsource events to drive more and more audience to your page.

3. Make use of your listings to nurture SEO

SEO doesn’t come better than event listings on your event calendar. For any event site, SEO is vital to attracting people towards your events, and a great calendar with appropriate listings would make for a fantastic option to improve optimization.

It opens a whole box of new opportunities when you install the right online calendar. Boost your traffic using these optimization opportunities, which come with an event calendar that offers you a lot of functionality, such as the one you get with the WP Event Manager.

Boost Traffic Using Event Calendar

If you already have an SEO strategy set in place, you can use it on your event listings and increase the effect two-fold or even three-fold. Optimize everything and every field. Boost your traffic using these simple tips. Make sure of the right keywords.

4. Make use of your calendar by crowdsourcing

If you have an event calendar, don’t limit yourself to hosting and listing just your own events. Take it one step further and allow people to host their events on your calendar. It will not only allow other events to be on your website calendar but also multiply your traffic as it will come from different sources. On top of all that, you can get paid for every ticket you sell for somebody else.

The advantages don’t end. Because of crowdsourcing your calendar, you can create new relationships with new people who want to use your platform to increase awareness of their events and sell tickets. You can provide them with the service and charge them a decent fee.

It’s a win-win situation since their events will bring additional traffic to your website, and you will get a portion of their revenue as well while building new relationships with them. We don’t think it comes much better than this.


Using an event calendar on your website is a no-brainer if you have a WordPress events site. You must use it for the endless list of benefits that you get. From great search engine optimization to creating a new source of income by allowing crowdsourced events on your calendar on top of boosting your traffic, you can sit back, relax, and reap the benefits.

By using a calendar like the one provided by WP Event Manager, you can ensure that your traffic is multiplied, and you can make the most of it all.