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#1 Best Sell Ticket Add-on To Boost Your Event’s Sale

Each event comes with a particular arrangement of complications. You’re most likely to struggle the same way to sell tickets for a conference or a food tasting. Anyways you can sell tickets for your event if you play your cards the right way because selling is not just art; it’s science as well.

So, in case you’re hoping to increase your ticket sales this year, you’ve come to the right place.

Choose the Right Event Website

One of the best methods to sell tickets is to provide a modern looking, easy to use website. If you have a WordPress website, WP Event Manager is the way to go. WP Event Manager has built-in capabilities of search and filter tools, front-end forms, multiple views, event widgets, and an easy-to-use interface. This error-free functionality enables your users to get a welcoming experience. On top of that, there’s an amazing list of add-ons that you can add to the Event Manager’s already capable features.

#1 Best Sell Ticket Add-On

A referral program for sell ticket

If your sales are not good, then your salespersons are not reaching the right people to sell tickets. Recommendations from friends and family are the most credible ones. So, providing ticket holders the opportunity for referral incentives on tickets will increase ticket sales. They will reach the right audience and maybe convert them too. Think about it, if each person bought along with one person, it’ll double your sales. Many big companies like Uber, Food panda have done it in the past. They provide their users with a voucher discount if they invite another user to their apps.

Share on social media

Social media campaigns are run to target more and unconverted audience. Create your event pages on every social media app to sell tickets. You’ll be losing a big audience if you don’t. Doing so means you’re giving people the option to share it with their network, hence getting you numbers to sell tickets. Even giving sharing rewards to people is not a bad idea. A free drink on a Facebook share. There are a lot of influencers out there who can give you a shoutout for a better reach. It even works better than ads. You have to find the right influencers with a mutual audience to sell tickets.

Run contests and share attendees’ photos on different platforms

Holding contests to promote your event on different sharing platforms like Facebook, Instagram can get you numbers and reach. A straightforward setup and easy to enter. You can give winners free vouchers, free tickets, or even exclusive VIP tickets with backstage tours. By making these VIP backstage tour tickets unattainable, their value and desirability will increase. These contests can not even help with tickets, but they also can help with popularity and creating a buzz for the event. It can be a picture contest, even a unique belonging contest, or an event-related contest. These exciting contests can even convert some non-audience as well.

Sell Next Event’s Tickets During Current Event

If you’re a regular event organizer, utilize the current event to sell tickets for the following one. Make the declaration of the next event before the start of the current one. Create buzz, create hype; that’s the best time to start advertising your next show to sell tickets. If people are enjoying your recent event, they’ll think they’ll enjoy your next show as well. Early bird discounts can be a major attraction as well. You can even let some staff of yours roam in the crowd and offer attendees personally to buy the tickets. You can have a member of the panel or some VIP person to hand over tickets to people who want to buy them.

Best Sell Ticket Add-On

Marketing with ads

It’s a challenging task to gain an audience, but not in today’s world. With the right marketing, you can achieve almost anything. The most effective ads are the ones that create a sense of urgency. So, targeting people shortly before the event is most helpful. You can set up your ads on social media, or you can use Google services for setting up ads for you.


Now you know, selling tickets is not just about getting salespeople and a website running. There are a bunch of approaches to pull in the mix. Take advantage of these strategies to increase ticket sales. Just keep in mind, these strategies should be revised regularly. Not every method works on all types of events. Always a mix of it blends well with your audience.

#1 Best Sell Ticket Add-On To Boost Your Event'S Sale
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