How to Automatically Backup WordPress Site?

Being careful to back up WordPress periodically, it can get you out of more trouble. If your hosting provider does not offer you the Backup WordPress Site service or if you prefer to control yourself when they are done, we explain a very simple process in this article.

What is a Backup?

Well, as its name implies, making a WordPress backup consists of duplicating certain files of your WordPress, packaging them, compressing them and saving them, so that if your installation presents any error or loss, you can restore that copy that you have saved and get to restore your blog at the exact moment the copy was made.

Why Backup WordPress Site?

It is always convenient and advisable to have backups, at least daily, of your installation. The main reason for making backup copies is as a precaution against the following unforeseen events:

  • Hacker access to our WordPress, through some security system that may exist for not having the necessary security measure.
  • Sabotage or fall of servers. It is likely that if you have hired a very cheap or free hosting service, it does not offer you the necessary security measures or reliability against vulnerabilities, hacks, firewalls, etc.
  • Loss of information or accidental deletion of files from our WordPress as a result of some improperly installed plugin, modification of the WordPress source code (.htaccess files, functions.php, etc.).

What Files to include in a Backup WordPress Site?

Although each specific case may vary, it is normal to make backup copies of:

  • Databases: where entries, comments, pages, plugin configuration data, etc. are stored.
  • Files: where the media gallery files are located, etc.
  • Themes: which will contain the themes that you have installed on your blog (both active and inactive).
  • Plugins: which will include the files of the plugins that you have installed in your WordPress (but not the configuration data).

How often to make a Backup of WordPress Site?

The time that must elapse between each copy will depend on two things: the frequency with which your hosting provider does it and the one with which you update your blog.

At the beginning, while you are creating your blog or web page, it is logical that you are modifying things almost daily, until you end up completely defining the entire structure and design (the skeleton) of your blog. Subsequently, it is normal that you only modify it every week or every few days to publish the entries that feed the content of your blog.

If in your case your hosting provider also performs them at least daily, with you doing it once a week (usually the same day you publish, at night) would be more than enough. If you do not have this service in your hosting, it would be convenient if you could make a daily backup or at least every three days.

Where to Save the Created Backup WordPress Site?

My recommendation is that the backup you make of your WordPress Site, save it outside your server since if there is precisely a problem on your servers that forces you to restore the saved copy and you have it on the same server, it will be of no use because you will not be able to access it.

In this case, and so that it doesn’t cost you money, you can use the virtual hard disk services provided by Google Drive (which offers you 15 Gb of free storage) or Dropbox (which gives you 3 Gb of the virtual hard disk), One Drive, among others.

8 WordPress Backup Plugins & Restore Your Site

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin to help you backup or restore your website, then you are in the right place. The list of add-ons we offer is composed of 8 WordPress add-ons that will help you perform the different tasks related to these different processes.

1. Backup and Restoration

Backup And Restore is a WordPress plugin that will help you schedule backups of your website on a local server or in different clouds such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3.

You will have the option to restore your entire site, including the database of existing restore points, with just one click.

It will also be possible to upload your site, database, and all your backup copies. This add-on will help you manage backup and restore processes in a simple, safe and reliable way.

Feature Summary:
  • Full site backup
  • Amazon S3 Backup, Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Disk Space Manager
  • Automatically delete old backups
  • Complete restoration of your site.
  • multiple support sites
  • Etc …
 Price: $ 29

2. Ether Backup

The Ether Backup plug-in is a powerful tool that allows you to manage all aspects related to data management on your WordPress site.

Feature Summary:
  • Full customization of backups
  • Schedule automatic backups
  • Download easy backups
  • Automatic update of the URL
  • Migrate the site to different servers/domains in a few clicks
  • Simple user interface
  • Etc …
Price: $ 23

3. Backup and Clone Master

Backup & Clone Master is a WordPress plugin or an all-in-one solution dedicated to backing up, restoring, cloning and migrating your website.

This add-on will help you manage the processes listed above in a safe, simple, regular or on-demand manner.

Feature Summary:
  • Full site backup
  • Planning different backups
  • Backup in Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Backup to your inbox
  • Migration of the BD to a new host
  • multiple support sites
  • restoration and cloning sites
  • Etc …
Price: $ 33

4. Super Security

Super Security is a WordPress add-on, which will help you protect your site against viruses and malicious attacks, through the game of access authorization, automatic update settings, file analysis, database and registry backup, traffic verification, etc.

Feature Summary:
  • Administration Notifications
  • Spam protection
  • Backup of your site
  • Backup files
  • Analyze the parameters of your site
  • Cleaning after removing an add-on
  • Weekly analysis with email notification
  • And much more…
Price: $ 21

5. Woo Commerce Backup and Migration Settings

When you create an online store, all settings are stored in the database. The Woo Commerce configuration backup and migration plug-in are responsible for extracting all these configurations and exporting them to a CSV file.

This file can be used as a backup and can be imported later if you have problems or can be imported to another Woo Commerce store to get started quickly.

Feature Summary:

  • Full back-up or restore of your store settings
  • Migrate your store configuration to another
  • Export configuration settings in CSV format
  • Etc …
Price: $ 36

6. Super Backup & Clone – Migrate

We present here the WordPress Super Backup & Clone – Migrate plugin that will allow you to make a backup of your WordPress site.

In fact, working on your site is always a long and cumbersome process, and it would be a shame if you lost your job due to an incorrect configuration or handling error.

Therefore, this add-on is a reliable backup solution that will help you avoid losing your data.

Feature Summary:

  • Ability to retain multiple instances of backups
  • Migration to an alternate server
  • restore backups
  • auto diagnosis
  • Excellent customer service
  • multiple support sites
  • Etc…
Price: $ 34

7. WP anti-Hack File Monitor

In order to perform malicious activities or to take access to the webserver, hackers mostly generate the attacks. That is why they often want to make changes in the website files so that these malicious activates can easily be executed in the background.

If the attacker is efficient in making attacks, you won’t know or judge by any activity that your website has been hacked as the whole working mechanism goes perfectly normal according to the observer. For this purpose, a file monitor can be very helpful for your website: a script that can detect any modification/creation/deletion of files on your site.

We recommend that just a file monitor is not enough for your website protection. You should also be able to backup, restore and monitor your files. That is why this complement was designed.

Feature Summary:
  • Excellent file monitoring
  • Backup and recovery available
  • SMS notification of any change in files
  • Etc …
 Price: $ 10

8. Support

Here is a backup and migration add-on for the purpose of securing and managing the backups of a WordPress website. As compared to most of the add-ons in the market, this one seems to be very simple and fast in creating and restoring the WordPress website backups. 

Feature Summary:
  • Unlimited backup
  • Unlimited restoration
  • Migrate a site from one hosting/domain to another
  • Download backup copies to the local PC
  • Programming backups
  • Download and import from FTP / SFTP
  • Download to and from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3
  • Etc…
Price: $ 45


Making a backup of your WordPress should become an obligation for every blogger. These plugins can also save you a lot of time and headaches if for any of the reasons we have mentioned above you will need to restore a backup and you would not have done it yet. Did you already make regular backups of your WordPress? What plugin do you use? What do you think of this one, easier or more complex than yours? Leave a comment to us. 

wp event manager

There are so many events are going on all around the world. Some of the events win the hearts of the people and get super success and some of them fail to get the attention and fail to achieve their goals. It all depends upon how effectively you Promote events.

So why the events get failed? Why the event manager(s) unable to achieve their goals? Why do other events become more successful than others? 

There could be so many reasons behind this but the one reason which acts as the main pillar of the events is none other than “the promotion of the events”. Yes, that’s right, for the success of an event you need a flawless promotion. 

As I’ve already mentioned above that “event promotions are the main pillar of the eventso here we focus on what kind of promotion can lead an event high up in the sky. As we are living in the digital world so the best way to Promote events is online promotion. This is the best way to promote the event without knocking the doors or moving around the city under the melting sun. Just comfort yourself in your best setting and get online promotions done. 

The following are some ways that will help you to promote your events online effectively and more easily.


  • Create a Captivated Page
  • First create an eye-catching page on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on. The captivating page includes the graphics and color theme of the page it actually captures the attention of people. Therefore, it’s important to take care of what kind of graphics you are using and what color theme supports your topic or event or not. Use attractive colors to get the attention but not so bright they can divert the attention. The content of the post must be readable.

  • Provide Proper Details 
  • If you want to promote events and make your event page more effective you should provide the complete details of the event i.e. what is the event all about, when is It going to happen, where it will happen, what facilities do you provide to the people, what are the distinctive features of your event. To make your promotions more productive you can add your venue on google map and then add the direction on your page so it would be beneficial for the people that cannot face any difficulty and get the venue easily. For that, you have to adopt the renowned plugin that will help you in completing the task. For the well productive plugin WP event manager plugin is the best recommendation for you. It has google maps add on which you can purchase easily from the website. All you need is to visit the website and with the affordable price install add on and get the fruitful results. 

  • Manage Your Page Smartly
  • Online event promotion is quite difficult and a continuously engage task for a manager. Therefore here we cannot delay anything or if we delay or unable to manage the page properly the chances of having an unsuccessful event are getting more. Besides creating an attractive page, it is important to know how to manage your page smartly and properly. First make a mind map that can help you in deciding what to post, when to post and how to post. Posting and creating hype is the core of the promotion. So it should be well managed. And this can only happen when you choose the best plugin for your page and nowadays WP Event Manager Plugin is the smartest plugin to manage all the jobs in the polish manner. 

  • Use Different Languages
  • Since we are leaving in a multilingual society so it is necessary to take care of the values and importance of every language. It is good if you create a post in different basic languages of your country. It will create bonding between the write-up/post and a reader. They feel more engaged and feel a part of it. As every individual loves his/her language. But again it is not a cup of tea for everyone to know every language.  For this, all you need is a good translator. So if you are using the WP Event Manager Plugin then you don’t have to worry at all. WP Event Manager Plugin is the complete package for each and everything. Just install its multilingual-translator add on easy downloadable and easy to translate thousands of languages within the blink of an eye. So don’t miss this wonderful chance to get your event successfully promoted. 

  • Active Posting
  • On the above few headings about page development we have already learned how to post, what kind of posting would be attractive i.e. their color theme and graphics. Here I will highlight the active posting. Yes, it is an essential part of the promotion. You should be active on social media every now and then. So your event always remains on the top. Once a week or twice a week you should post an attractive post of your event.


Don’t provide all the details of your distinctive features on one go, mark all the features separately and provide their details with a new post on a new day. This will create curiosity among the people and it would be easy to comprehend each and every feature’s detail easily. So you have a new post every day or every week

  • Notify the Event
  • You should manage to provide the event alerts or notify the event to those who are going to participate and the registered users on time. There are many plugins that will help you in managing the event alerts every time they send text messages or emails that remind the registered users about the events with details. WP Event Manager Plugin actively helps you in this, it carries an event alert add on just install it.

  • Mark the Calendar 
  • If you are also going to arrange two or more events simultaneously then don’t start to panic this will be mixed up your mind or can become the reason behind an unsuccessful event. So give this responsibility to a remarkable plugin such as WP Event Manager Plugin by using the add on a calendar just purchase it. It will dispose of the imminent events and their dates. That would be the easiest way to remember all the ongoing and upcoming events. So you won’t miss any of the events and manage it accordingly. 

  • Online Registrations 
  • An event can never be successful if the registrations are not trouble-free because, in today’s era, nobody wants to stand in the long queue. Everyone wants to get the work done as fast as possible without waiting for it. So the most undemanding way to get the trouble-free registrations is online registrations make a google form or provide a link where they get themselves registered and you get all the details quietly.

    With the help of online registration, you will get registration in a wide range. You just need a good registration form or plugin that should be user-friendly so attendees comprehend every step easily. As the WP event manager is the most compelling plugin that also provides you with the registration add on, so you would never face any difficulty again and can manage the registrations effortlessly. 

  • Send Emails
  • It is necessary to make sure that every individual who has marked the registration should get the email on time and oncoming time. So they won’t forget or miss any of the details of the event. But it is not an easy task to send the email to everyone. For making this job effortless you need a plugin just like WP event manager that provides you a productive email add on that will keep the balance between all the works. 

  • Bookmark the Event
  • Some times and might be most of the time you are surrounded by numbers of events side by side and you have to manage all of them equally, yes it will take a lot of effort and time so the effortless way is to bookmark your event accordingly. Recommendation for the plugin is WP event manager plugin that not only bookmarks your event but also bookmarks your organizers. The bookmark adds on of the WP event manager plugin is the most responsive and easy to buy at an affordable price and also a user-friendly add on. 

  • List the Organizers
  • For a make an event fruitful it is important to list down all the organizers properly. Again to align the name and events accurately the most recommended plugin is WP event manager plugin where it facilities you with its most responsive organizers’ addon that helps you in keeping all the organizers align in grouped and in alphabetical order.

  • Hashtags
  • Hashtags make the post more prominent and anyone can approach the post through its hashtags. So many hashtags lead to so many approaches that help you to Promote events. So make the post in a way that you can use the relevant and most emerging hashtags on social media, therefore in just one click, anyone can become a part of your event. 

Woo Commerce Paid Listings

WP-Events is taking over the event functionality ability of websites. Dozens of websites are utilizing the plugin to intuitively transform their websites into event management portals with just simple tweaks. Simple UX design and lightweight features makes the WP events envy for many.

One of the most prominent WP-Event Manager add on is the Woo commerce paid listings. A basic understanding of website fundamentals is the only requirement behind implementing these two technologies into your website.

Woo Commerce Paid Listings

Woo Commerce enables you to sell tickets. Besides selling tickets, the add on will also help you keep track of sales. You can create multiple tickets can either be redeemed or bought when someone subscribes to the event.

Woo Commerce paid listing is a PRO add-on and is usually purchased under the ACADP – Woo Commerce Plans. After you have purchased your subscription to the add-on service, you can now easily create purchase listings and have users pay for them through Woo Commerce.

Below are the criteria for creating a paid listings plan;

  • Featured Listings – These are the listings that are graded as featured. And will always be displayed above normal listings.
  • Listings duration – This is the lifetime of each listings that you submit using the plan. To keep listings in this category permanent, ensure that you add a ‘0’.
  • Images Limit – Includes the number of images that the plan allows you to use.
  • Categories- Determines the category of plans that you create. This ensures that you only create a plan depending with its type and list it under its category.

However, it is must that you have the WooCommerce plug in so that you can use its paid listings add on. The setup is pretty easy and less technical. You should make that you enable the appropriate WooCommerce plans to avoid conflicts. The plans are found in the WordPress admin section, Monetize settings.

Creating Plans:

WooCommerce services can be added under the “Products” tab.

  • Click Products and navigate to Add New” from the WordPress admin panel.
  • Include a “Title” plus a “Short Description” for the Plan/Product you are creating.
  • Navigate downwards to the “Product data” section and click “Listing Package” from the dropdown menu.
  • From the General Tab, you will find the following details and you should fill them.
    1. Regular price
    2. Listings Limit
    3. Listings Duration
    4. Images Limit
    5. Featured
    6. Categories
  • Finally, after following all the above steps and reviewing that everything is okay, click the publish button.

At the frontend when clients want to choose a subscription, they will choose any of the plans you have created. The payment gateway is handled by WooCommerce. Take note that orders made by users are never logged under the WP-Events manager plugin history. To find the payment logs, navigate to the WooCommerce Orders menu and you will definitely find them.

Compared to other add-ons, we rated WooCommerce paid listings as the most popular one due to its usability, frequency of use by many website owners and its lightweight design. Actually it drives the monetary storms of your website and ensures that your events earn revenue.

Other notable add-ons include Google add-ons, events tag, and Embeddable Events Widget, Calendar and Google maps. All of these add-ons are meant to transform your events website into a full-fledged event management portal.

Prominent Add-Ons Available

Plugins are one of the integral elements of the WordPress ecosystem, and play a crucial role in building websites through the portal. A plugin can basically be defined as a piece of software that contains a group of functions that can easily be added to any WordPress website. By adding the relevant plugins, people can ideally add new functions to their WordPress websites, as well as extend its overall functionality. WordPress plugins are typically written in the PHP programming language and therefore tend to seamlessly integrate with websites. 

Prominent Add-Ons Available

WP Event Manager is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress.  This scalable, lightweight and full-featured event management plugin is incredibly useful for adding event listing functionality on any WordPress website.   With the help of this plugin people can ideally transform their WordPress website into an event management portal with just a few clicks.  This plug-in additionally quite easily to use, and hence people creating their website for the very first time would not face any problems in understanding the various elements of WP Event Manager.

WP Event Manager provides people with a host of incredibly useful add-ons which can ultimately augment the performance of their event portal to a great extent.

Here are some of the prominent add-ons for WordPress websites available on WP Event Manager:

  • Calendar:  With this people can display an calendar, as well as list upcoming events on their website
  • Google Maps: This enables proximity search on a website by integrating the feature of search through locations and maps
  • Colors: People can select a color for each of their event, as well as for the category of the event listing. They can even set the background color for every event type and its relevant category.
  • WooCommerce Sell Tickets: People can sell tickets for their events and also keep a track of them with WooCommerce and WP Event Manager. Multiple tickets can be easily created through this, which subsequently can either be redeemed or purchased during event submission.
  • Registrations: With the help of WP Event Manager, people can ideally allow interested attends to register for events on their WordPress website. These registrations can ideally be managed easily from the relevant event dashboard.
  • Embeddable Event Widget: The owner of the event listing (event organizer) can ideally generate an embed code which would display their listings wherever they use the code
  • Sliders: Through WP Event Manager, people can use owl carousel any other types of sliders for their event listings at a WordPress website.  All the sliders available here are fully responsive.
  • Contact Organizer: Even organizers can easily create a contact the organizer segment on their WordPress website via the contact form. They can even create their distinct email template for sending emails to the organizers.
  • Event Tags: With the help of short codes of WP Event Manager, people can easily add new event tags field to the submit process, as well as show events filtered by tag.
  • Google Analytics: WP Event Manager enables people to track their WordPress website using the latest Google Analytics tracking code. This would ideally allow them to view the important reports on their Google Analytics account.

To know more about WP Event Manager or to gain a better insight about how it can be advantageous for a website, click here: