Authentic Events Guide to Organize Spectacular Virtual Events

Despite not being able to enjoy “live” networking with the spontaneous exchange of ideas during events, it is possible to keep the company in the minds of our clients and generate new leads with the help of this authentic events guide.

Organizing a virtual event is an excellent opportunity to expand the geographic reach of business marketing.

We will not be able to enjoy direct contact with customers, so sharing some sensory experiences that accompany the event can help bring attendees closer. Here is a brief events guide to let you know how things work:

Keys of our events guide that will allow the virtual event to be a success

Keys Of Our Events Guide

Virtual event strategy

Set the objectives and the strategy of the virtual event and make sure that the entire organization is aligned with them at the start when you prepare for virtual events. You have to consider how to hook the audience, lead generation, the benefit to obtain, brand image, etc. These considerations must be taken into account in the design of the content, the budget, the technology to be used, the sponsorship, etc.

Definition of the audience

Look in your database and study which segments would be interested in your company’s approaches to expand your business reach. This is a great opportunity to consider new audiences from new sectors, industries, or professions that your company has yet to target.

Dedicate part of the budget to get attendees from other sectors or other geographical areas. Consider this one as the most technical point of the virtual events guide.

Management of the necessary tools

To create a virtual event, the necessary tools for the campaign should not be forgotten: the strategic approach, the creative concept, the communication platform, and the resources to be used.

For the event to be a success, all team members must be committed. For having all in one solution concerning the technology, if you have a WordPress website, then WP Event Manager Plugin is the one you should try once.

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Differences concerning face-to-face events

It is important to bear in mind that when calling virtual events, it is necessary to compress the contents and achieve shorter durations than in face-to-face events. Capacity is no longer a limitation, and the rate of registrants who do not attend is higher than usual in face-to-face events. A good claim or a creative idea can encourage attendance with this events guide

An attractive website or landing page is essential

One of the keys to convincing attendees is creating an attractive website or landing page. Moreover, with WP Event Manager Plugin, you can have a pre-customized, engaging, and interactive landing page design and event listing pages. Consider this one as the most technical point of the virtual events guide.

When developing the content, keep this following points of Events Guide in mind

  • Start by specifying the objectives and keep them in mind when developing the content and the call strategy and when involving your partners. If possible, share the Events Guide with your attendees.
  • Study all aspects of the campaign so that the virtual event is a success: propose the contents, the target customer, and the method of convocation.

    When Developing The Content, Keep This Following Points Of Events Guide In Mind

  • The website is the most important exponent of the campaign. Collect the objectives of the event, ensure simple usability, with good understanding.
  • Finally, design simple forms that can feed your CRM and direct interested people to content and materials that are available on your company’s website. Consider this one as the most important point of the virtual events guide.

Design and calculate the traffic to the event website

It starts with estimating how many visits to the web are necessary to get the right number of attendees. Based on this estimate of organic traffic, the presence in different media or social networks will be designed.

Find allies to promote the event

Partners, speakers, and other event ambassadors can help spread the word. Generate easy and customizable content so that ambassadors can promote the event on social networks and any other means.

Preview some content

Advancing part of the content is positive. Publishing on social networks and other media such as short videos, which encourage participation and advance content, will increase the number of registrations.

Ask for help

If your company does not have enough resources to summon attendees that are not in your database or you need to create a website or other digital resources, a specialized company can provide you with help. Furthermore, if you have a website and are looking for an event management system, then the WP Event Manager Plugin is the right choice to make.

The right choice can help a lot

Virtual events are totally dependent on technology. Therefore, you must be a very critical thinker when it comes to choosing a platform for your virtual events.

You can choose from multiple options available, like Zoom of WP Event Manager, which are quite popular. Well, the first thing comes first that you need a website.

Wp Event Manager

Download Zoom For Your Virtual Events

If you do not have one, then you can host your event on any other website too. However, the recommendation is to get your own online identity. Consider this one as the most important point of the virtual events guide.

WordPress is highly recommended for building professional websites and with WordPress, you can get a WP Event Manager Plugin which offers a bundle of features including:

  • Registration Add-on
  • Event Calendar
  • Sell Ticket Module
  • Event Listing Feature
  • Google Maps
  • Recurring Events
  • Event Tags

And many more to list here. To get started with your virtual events, the primary thing is to get all the necessary functionalities to your website before announcing and launching the virtual events.

Marketing Plan

Last but not least, another key point that needs to be part of the events guide is to have a pre-planned strategy for the promotion of your virtual event. You can use social networks to promote and engage the audience to convert them into your attendees.

Moving one step ahead, you can also get the services of paid promotion. Using engaging content and audiovisual promotion schemes can become very beneficial when it comes to generating interest in the public.

The pro tip is to announce your event before it actually happens so that a massive audience can get your advertisement. By this, the conversion rate can be drastically increased.