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How To Amp up Event Planning To Sell Your Event Cleverly

If you want to sell your event, an integral part has an event plan. Event Planning means you guide your company to have an event timeline, and you’re on the right track to sell tickets. Without the plan to sell your event, you will find yourself lacking focus, confused, and potentially in the spot to miss important deadlines.

Having the top hand in the big run-up is held by proper event planning with the primary focus to increase ticket sales. Event planning to sell your event is simply an overview of what needs to happen before or after your event. It is something every event manager should keep in their back pocket.

When you start your event planning to sell your event, it is essential to outline the weeks and days leading up to the main event. This way will surely help you manage and achieve deadlines quickly and increase ticket sales.

The next time you’re doing your event planning to sell your event, here are seven things you need to consider.

If you want to make your event a sellout, Event planning is a great way to be on top of things, so if you're looking for tips on making your event a sellout and increase ticket sales, then read this article. Share on X

Sell Your Event

Timeline Planning

Before you start an event planning to sell your event, sit back and work out your event’s expected timeline. How far you should begin, your event planning depends upon the size and complexity of the event. For small-size events, you might only need some weeks, while larger conferences require extensive event planning beforehand.

Start by making out a checklist; it will be the basis of your event planning.

Set up the budget

To sell your event, you first need to sort out your budget well ahead. Without being clear of the estimated budget, there is a risk of something terrible happening. It would help if you had a clear budget plan to start allocating funds. Your budget will help you understand where you want to cut out your budget.

Set up location

Venues need to be book far ahead of the event. When you start the event planning to sell your event, the first thing after allocating your budget is to find a suitable spot for your event. The location should be feasible for your target attendees. It shouldn’t be far from the city.

Sell Your Event

Also, keep in view that the event location should have a parking area. Not all your attendees would have their car, so you need to make sure that the site is accessible using public transport.

Anchor points

In the event planning process to sell your event, anchor points are the event management deadline set and cannot be moved. Other milestones are linked to those anchor points. Examples of anchor points are the deposit money deadline you need to submit the dues.

For advertisement purposes, the print publications like ads, flyers should have set dates. Having these rigid timelines makes you well on track.

Define Marketing strategies

Promotion and marketing go hand-in-hand in event planning to sell your event. Your marketing strategy needs to be stable to get a proper advertisement for your event and eventually sell more tickets.

If you don’t know where to start, think of your target audience and where they browse, either on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform. You can send them reminder emails as well.

Overcome the peculiar

Create emergency plans beforehand so you don’t panic when that moment comes. One thing 2020 taught us was, anything is possible in this world. The ever-glooming world came to a close due to the pandemic.

So, no matter how perfect your event planning is to sell your event may be, something uncontrollable could happen. Check-in with the venue, confirm delivery status, call vendors.

Collaboration tools

Event Managers can always stick with the old school sheet of paper to visualize their plans. But in today’s world, it is more effective to use collaboration tools. There are several project management tools available for managing events.

You can add duties, assign tasks to a particular person, and notify if the job is completed or not for everyone to see. It is an excellent idea for managing events.

Sell Your Event Amazingly with WP Event Manager

If you’re an Event Managers, and you need to sell your event, you need a reliable website for managing events and increase ticket sales. For that purpose, WordPress has got you covered. WP Event Manager is an event management plugin offered by WordPress.

Sell Your Event

It offers built-in customizable templates, themes for the users to customize the interface according to their needs. Also, it provides technical functionality like multiple views, an add-on calendar to manage schedules, easy event classification, and front-end forms.


Having an event timeline to sell your event makes you be on top of managing events. If you’re an event manager, you’ll like things to run smoothly, so having a helpful managing event strategy and getting you started to sell your event more effectively.

How To Amp Up Event Planning To Sell Your Event Cleverly
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