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4 Easy Steps To Add an Events Calendar to WordPress Website

An Events Calendar is one of the very important needs while running an organization. Anyone can add an events calendar and thus is also known as an events calendar for beginners.

There are several events scheduled, and thus it is extremely hectic to keep every event in mind. An organization runs on the count of days, as with every day, there is something important to do or schedule. Following a proper way to add an events calendar can save you from a lot of hassle.

With an Events Calendar comes many features and plugins that make work and life easier. Now, if you add an Events Calendar, you can easily schedule events and set reminders as it is extremely feasible to do that.

Why must there be an events calendar?

Surfing from one website to another, the events calendar has started to be an initial need for an organization or a firm. An event is coming up? Want to let your customers know? But we believe that letting people know through emails or other means can make them forget.

Yes, customers do forget about the event launches from their favorite brand or of the leading organization. This is where the events calendar becomes handy.

The organization can mark the date of the event on their events calendar and all the customers will get the notification about it. They will not just know the date of the event but also know the place and the time of it.

There is no point in forgetting about the event as the events calendar itself gives reminders to the people who are going to attend the event. All you have to do is add an events calendar to your add-ons list.

The events calendar is the number one calendar on the WP Event Manager which is scalable and fully featured. Share on X

Events Calendar for beginners

The WP Events Calendar is surely a professional plugin but we believe that anyone can use it. Thus it is also known as the events calendar for beginners. It goes from the basics to the most advanced level, depending on how the user wants to use it. Just by following simple steps, you can add an events calendar on your website. As soon as you have it, you are good to go.

Events Calendar For Beginners

Events calendar WP Event Manager Plugin

The WP Events Calendar plugin is extremely useful for people who tend to develop an event management website. It is not just handy to use but also comes with multiple ways of keeping a user at ease.

Once you add an events calendar plugin on your website you can view all the events that are scheduled. Users can even get to know if there is more than one event on the same day.

While if you keep your pointer on a specific date, a window will pop out and let you know about the rest of the information about the day. Making it more convenient for you, the events calendar plugin can be moved to the widgets. Through the widgets panel, you can always keep the calendar in front of your eyes.

The WP Event Manager is truly known for its plugins as they let the user make things easier and convenient. Add an events calendar now on your website.

How to Add an Events Calendar on WordPress?

To add an events calendar on your WordPress, all you have to do is enter the plugin and get to the plugin of Events Calendar. Carry on with this plugin, and you are surely going to get a sigh of relief as the Events Calendar helps you out when you try to add an events calendar.

To help you out with the management and organization of any event, add an events calendar instructions are here for you. You can easily set and give out reminders of a particular event.

Also, as you add an events calendar in your site, you can even keep track of the events that have passed. If you have to notify something from the past events, it is all managed in the Events Calendar. All you have to do is get the plugin from the Dashboard and add it to WordPress.

There are four simple steps of adding on the WordPress all you have to do is follow them and know the event organization tips. Through these, you are good to go and manage your event.

Easy Steps to add an Events Calendar on WordPress

As we all know, Events Calendar is one of the handiest features on WordPress that enables the organizations to stay on track. Also, there are quite a very few steps from where you can add an Events Calendar on your WordPress list and then start using it.

People have reviewed it to be one of the plugins that have made them keep track of their schedules easily.

Some people say that these steps are hard to understand and follow, while we believe that once you add them, there is no going back to old ways of scheduling. Let us start with our four steps of adding an Events Calendar on WordPress

1. Installation of WP event Manager Plugin and its Event Calendar Add-on

Starting with the installation either firstly you have to install the WP Event Manager plugin and if you want the events calendar add-on you should have the zip files of both. If you do not have the zip files, you can search for the events calendar plugin from the Dashboard of WP Event Manager and then add the events calendar.

From there you can easily purchase the zip file and add an events calendar plugin. Once you have purchased it, the events calendar plugin will be available for you.

You can then click on the install button and then wait. Once it is installed you can run the events calendar. After installing and activating the plugin you can upload it on the Dashboard. This will make the plugin appear on the list of add-ons on the WP Event Manager.

2. Plugin Activation and Event Listing Settings

Once you are done with the installation of the plugin, the second step is to choose the right layout for your events calendar WP Event Manager. The layout is all about how appealing it is.

One should always know how the audience would like the layout. For such a measure, the layout would be designed with ideas that are attractive to the people who look up to the calendar.

Do not keep any loose ends while designing the layout of the events calendar. It is because the layout renews the look of how the audience sees your upcoming event.

Plugin Activation To Add An Events Calendar

3. General Settings About Calendar Frontend Layout

After getting done with choosing the most appealing layout, the third step is to integrate the events on the events calendar. Pick up the date you want to set the event on. Integrate the details through IDs on a particular date.

General Settings To Add An Events Calendar

In this way, the event would be on the calendar and the customers will be able to know about it. They won’t just know the date but other information about the event too.

You can set all the data of the event according to how you want it to be. It should have complete information that the audience would require.

4. Publish the calendar

The last and the final step is to publish the calendar. After following the above three steps you surely are going to have the final product of your calendar. If you are satisfied with how your events calendar looks, and if it has complete information, you should publish it.

Now after publishing the events calendar will be up for your audience to have a look at. They can now jot down the dates and the required information about the event. After your published events calendar, no one from the audience is going to forget about your upcoming event.

How To Publish The Calendar

We believe that after the event organization tips an events calendar is a must to look up to.

Once you add an events calendar on your list of add-ons you surely can attract your audience. This events calendar is not just any other calendar but it is the one that not just gives you the date but has the complete information about the event.

You can add an events calendar in your widgets and shortcuts and you won’t ever be able to miss any event. With the reminders, you are going to schedule your week accordingly as you do have the event of the year to attend.

4 Easy Steps To Add An Events Calendar To Wordpress Website
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