9 Excellent Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for Remote Work Teams

Christmas this year is going to be different for many reasons, but for remote work teams, this can be a chance to come together and enjoy as one. We will enlist 10 of the best Christmas Party ideas for you and your remote work to benefit from.

We understand that it is a tricky ask to incorporate creativity and fun in such a testing time. That is exactly why are introducing creative virtual Christmas party ideas that your remote teams can use. You will find these Christmas party ideas entertaining, productive, and yet homely.

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

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1. Virtual Christmas Party

The first of the Christmas Party ideas that we are talking about is the virtual party itself. To have a Virtual Christmas party is simple and enjoyable. What you can do to make it happen is use software or a plugin that invites all the people you want to invite and starts a zoom meeting or any other medium that you would like to use.

Our choice for that matter is the WP Event Manager and its add-ons. The add-ons include Zoom, Calendar, and a ton of others that are useful for this purpose. You can use it on your events website to start that awesome Christmas Party for your remote teams.

2. Exchanging recipes and tasting food

One of the most enjoyable Christmas party ideas includes exchanging recipes with all the team members. This is a healthy and productive activity that a lot of people like. These recipes can then be used to cook the corresponding food and you can all share that too, by eating during the meeting and sharing your opinions.

3. Exchanging gifts and bonuses

Let’s give you the Christmas party idea that will make all your employees happy. Exchange Christmas bonuses virtually to make for an awesome Christmas for all your employees.

4. Virtual party games

Party games are the life and soul of Christmas eve. Now that you can’t play cards or other games that require you to physically be with each other, you can use virtual party games as an excellent substitute. Not only that, there are so many games that you are going to love it.

One of the best Christmas party ideas, you can use virtual bingo, virtual tours, and other games to play with each other and have lots of fun.

5. Group video calls and well wishes

The most basic yet the most heartwarming of the Christmas party ideas is the group video calls. Simply arrange a Zoom meeting using the WP Event Manager’s Zoom add-on and invite all your remote workers. Allow each other to speak and share wishes, prayers, and goals.

Christmas Party Ideas Offer

6. A Christmas playlist with everyone included

One of the most creative Christmas party ideas, you can create a playlist recording voice of all the team members and whatever they want to say. And then play it together on a virtual meeting to make for a wholesome experience.

7. Christmas cards

Share Christmas cards that you can get online on all sorts of shopping platforms. Get them delivered to your people who do remote work.

8. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is one of the most fun Christmas party ideas, whether virtual or not. For virtual Secret Santa, you can set a budget of gifts for everyone and get gifts delivered to each other’s houses.

Christmas Party Ideas

9. Virtual drinking

Get that favorite wine out. Arrange a virtual zoom meeting using the WP Event Manager’s Zoom. And have a glass of wine together. You can make it more fun by choosing a single wine that is available for everyone and taste it at the same time. Then start by sharing your opinion about it.


So there you have 9 of the best virtual Christmas party ideas that you can use to have fun with your remote teams, increase morale, and happiness. In such times, we require relief and happiness as much as we can. As a team manager or as a team member, you must make the most out of it by using the best Christmas party ideas and have a blast.

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