5+ Engaging Email Copy Templates To Increase Sell Ticket

People receive emails all the time about what you need to do to make them understand you’re not just another spam. For an email to stand out in an inbox, it needs to be concise, engaging, persuading, and compelling-all at the same time to be able to sell tickets and get you more business.

Unless you are promoting a reunion tour of the Beatles, you will want to proofread the emails carefully you’re sending out. The marketing material you put forward will, in turn, mean how successful you are going to be with your event.

So, don’t stress out. No pressure. Just take a look at 8 of these most engaging templates to sell tickets.

Tickets launch

This template should be used when you have launched your event’s website, and you’re ready to sell tickets.

“Today, we’re excited to open sales for our [Event Name]. So, registrations are open now-register Today for the most fun and entertaining event of the [Season].

And guess what, you can avail of our early bird discount if you sign up for the tickets till [Friday]. Early birds receive a discount of 10% on the ticket price.”

Even if you’re not offering an early bird discount, you can still maintain a sense of urgency by writing something like, Hurry up! Last year tickets sold out in a week. So, don’t miss out.

The announcements

You’re a week away from your anticipated event, and you have a new update or announcement that can be of location, guests. Use this template to share it.

“[Event name] is only a week away. We’re excited to introduce a new guest to our event. Along with that, [new activities] are added to the event as well.”

You can also enter the social media profile of the new guest. Or different descriptions about the activities as well, if they’re not familiar. You can also highlight the promotional stuff in the upcoming emails as well.

Engaging Email Copy Templates

Urgency emails with special offers

If you are close to your event or your early bird discount is going to end. That is the time to use this template to create a sense of urgency. It is the best way to trigger people to sell your tickets.

“You have got only three days left to grab a spot at a 10% discount at [Event Name]. So, don’t miss out on that chance.”

Even if your discount is not ending and you’re not able to sell tickets. You can still create a sense of urgency by offering a discount to the first 50 users.

Get personal with Targeted emails

You can encourage previous participants to sell tickets using this template. You can refer to them as VIPs, Loyal fans.

“Thanks for being a part of [Event name] community. This year we’re awaiting your confirmation for our event. There’s also a VIP offer for you; it is for the most loyal fans like you. [VIP package details].”

Instead of sending this email to your entire community, send this to your valuable customers.


When you’re less than 2-3 days from your event, send these reminder emails to sell tickets.

“We’re excited to see you at our [Event name] at [time] on [date]. Here are a few things to keep in mind to have an extraordinary experience. Best hour to arrive [time]. [Parking information]. [Security information]. See you soon.”

Post-event thanks

This email is to give your attendees a sense of appreciation. Make sure you send this email within a week of your event.

“Thank you for attending and giving light to our event. We are hopeful that you had a great experience with us, and we can see you at our future events as well.”

Post-event Survey

This email is to get feedback from your attendees. This data will help you in organizing future events. Make sure the survey is to the point and short. Only collect data where you need improvements. The template goes like this.

“Thank you for being a part of our [Event name]. We appreciated you being there to make the experience better for you in the future. Please submit the following survey. [Survey Link].”

Event postponement or cancellation

This email is used for the unfortunate cancellation or postponement of your event.

Following a [turn of events], [company] has made the unfortunate decision of canceling this [event]. After careful consideration, this decision is taken. Please bear with us in this tragic event. We appreciate your support. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by us. We’ll be issuing a refund from next week. Thank you for understanding.

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Final say

Event marketing takes a lot of effort. But when you get the base settled out. Event email templates are just the icing on the cake. The automation of hard stuff will make you reach the right people in a breeze. Just remember to keep it concise and highlight the main points. Now go on to sell tickets.